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[Material Moms] How To Get Your Child To Drink More Water – Beverly Burgess

Getting their child to meet their daily requirement of H2O is a struggle many mums are familiar with. Our Material Mom Beverly Burgess has found a way around the problem, and she shares her tips here.


Most adults don’t drink their recommendated daily intake of water, and neither do many children. Considering water makesup 75 percent of our bodies, it’s important that we replenish our fluids regularly – especially in Singapore’s hot weather.

USDA recommends that toddlers drink 1.3 liters and young children up to eight years drink 1.7 liters daily. Do you worry whether your child is drinking enough water every day? Here are a few tips to encourage them to get their daily requirement of H2O:

1) Get your child to drink from a cup. Drinking directly from a cup naturally dispenses more water into your child’s mouth and also facilitates faster drinking. Try to wean your child off non-leak straws – those are notorious for making it hard work sucking any water out and the child often drinks less due to the greater effort required.

2) Flavour your water naturally. Does your child turn their nose up at plain ‘ol water? Boost it with some flavour like a squeeze of orange juice, or steep some cucumber in there. Water flavoured naturally with fruit and vegetables have the added bonus of giving their immune system a boost.

3) Chill your water. Few children will reject a glass of refreshing, chilled water. Pop a cube of ice into their cup to add interest (they can rattle it around) and icy coldness that is a hit with kids.

4) Use an insulated water bottle. When you’re on the go, invest in an insulated water bottle that you can fill with plain water and add an ice cube to. It will cool the water down and your child will have cool water whilst out – especially welcome if they are running around outdoors.

5) Serve more fruit and soups. Not all their recommended daily intake of water needs to come from plain water. Fruit, soups, and milk are also excellent sources of fluid and make a great snack for kids. Just remember, it is better for a child to consume plain cut fruit rather than fruit juice, which tends to have more sugar and lower fibre content.

Of course, I don’t need to tell you that dehydration has many unpleasant side effects such dizziness and sluggishness so be sure to practise what you preach and ensure that you, too, get your eight glasses a day.

BevChrisCloseupAbout the author: Having blogged for the past two decades spanning life in Australia, China and Singapore, Beverly Burgess entered an alternate universe at warp speed when she went from career-driven shopaholic and social butterfly … to juggling being a wife and a mother of two kids. All within three years. The career is now replaced with the privilege of being a full-time mum, but the urge to shop and socialize still remains (albeit with two obliging children in tow). And, she wouldn’t have it any other way. She blogs at Beverly’s Adventures.


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MW Top 5 List: Skincare Products You’ve Probably Not Bought Yet

You’ve probably heard about them, read about them … and wondered if you should buy them. Well, as September makes its exit, we know the wet, cold and humid weather of the monsoon months would soon be upon us. Time to add a little more help to your skincare regime! We’re sure you don’t want to greet 2015 looking less than fabulous.

This month, we introduced you the game-changing prowess of Sulwhasoo Luminature Essential Finisher, explained the efficacy of Hada Labo Lotion‘s 4 interlocking hyaluronic acid, and demonstrated the anti-ageing effects Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Complete Rejuvenating Cream. Besides these, the Material World team have also tried some incredible beauty products that we simply have to share with you. So, if you’re still in two minds whether to snap up a particular skincare product, the 5 below certainly have our stamps of approval.


Skincare Products You’ve Probably Not Bought Yet 

#5 Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Lotion SPF 20 PA+++
Coming in at No. 5, we have the heavenly scented Fresh Black Tea moisturizer-sunscreen. The packaging scores points by surprising us with a little twist, literally! Twist its cap and the dispenser pump rises from the center. Clean, no-mess, so fun to use.

WE LOVE: The comforting cream disappears into nothing on your skin, great for those who think sunscreens make their skins even oilier! Combination of black tea ferment, lychee seed extract and blackberry leaf extract provides an anti-ageing boost by sweeping away free radicals and improving skin elasticity.


#4 Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence [Light] 
A 6-in-1 skin lotion, this watery product promises to be a multi-functioning skin elixir for those with oily and combination complexions. This essence contains 94 percent fermented soybean extract obtained through 300 days of natural fermentation in a volcanic claypot atop Mount Halla in Jeju Island.

WE LOVE: That it’s free of parabens, animal ingredients, minerals, colorants and artificial fragrance. The essence feels incredibly refreshing on the skin. What blew us away was the video the brand shared at its launch. To show how it strengthens the barrier function, the researchers soaked an eye yolk in the essence for 24 hours. After a day, they picked up the egg yolk and dropped it onto a plate. The yolk did not break up, proving this essence is indeed capable of strengthening your skin.


#3 Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate 
As explained before, hydration is extremely important when it comes to maintaining healthy, younger-looking skin. This potent hydrating serum from Kiehl’s penetrates 10 layers of skin and awakens channels of moisture transportation that have grown weak due to age. Using a combination of plant-based glycerin and shiso leaf extract, this serum anchors water in skin to turn dry, papery-thin, ageing skin into youthful, plump skin again!

WE LOVE: That it gets absorbed by the skin so easily. Founder Debs, who is obsessed with keeping that youthful bounce in her skin, can testify to the effectiveness of this serum. Her testimonial can even be found in the September issue of Kiehl’s Times!


#2 Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate 
There’s been a lot of talk about strengthening the skin from within as a way of truly protecting it from the ravages of Time. This September, Shiseido launches a concentrate that enhances skin’s inherent defences against stress and environmental pollution. The concentrate gives skin’s immunity a boost by activating the Langerhans cells, which may have been compromised by age and stress. Backed by some 20 years’ of research, this ground-breaking product also boosts the efficacy of your other skincare products.

WE LOVE: That it made our skins softer and smoother to the touch within just one day of use. And, unlike most anti-ageing products that focus on erasing wrinkles or improving lift, Ultimune talks about strong skin being good skin. This is definitely a refreshing way to look at preserving your beauty through the years.


#1 Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum In Oil 
Ringing in at No. 1 is Biotherm’s newest Blue Therapy Serum In Oil. A micro-algae oil rich in omega-3 fatty acid is fused with a serum for a non-greasy, non-sticky anti-ageing night treatment. The Blue Therapy range is most definitely one of the brand’s more successful lines and the night serum is truly an innovative product for those who have come to believe in the efficacy of Blue Therapy.

WE LOVE: How easily absorbed this serum in oil is. It’s not even a “if you sleep in air-conditioned room” product. This serum in oil works beautifully in air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms. It gets first on our list this month because one night was all it took to see a significant improvement in the texture and glow of our skins. Bumps on foreheads disappeared after just one night. Definitely a gem to have if you feel your skin is in need of a good dose of ultra pampering.


Have you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts about them? Share them with us in the Comments section below – we would most definitely love to hear from you, fellow beauty junkies! 


Material World was given the aforementioned products to review. All opinions are our own. These reviews were not advised nor paid for by any of the brands above.

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Why I Changed My Mind About Sentosa – Vanessa Tai

If you think Sentosa is just a tourist trap, you probably haven’t checked out all the exciting attractions the island has to offer. Vanessa Tai tells you which ones to zoom in on.

As a child, going to Sentosa was such a treat for my brother and I. We would constantly bug our parents to take us to the beach, to Fantasy Island, to the wax museum, and so on. Even as a teenager, my friends and I were there almost every other weekend to perfect our tans. However, as I got older and busier, somehow going to Sentosa didn’t seem as appealing anymore. There always seemed to be another more entertaining option elsewhere.

However, I completely changed my view of Sentosa during a recent visit with fellow co-founders Deborah and Lili. As you may know, the island recently underwent a marketing campaign where they’ve branded themselves as “The State of Fun.” And truly, there are so many different attractions and entertainment options available on the island now, one day doesn’t seem like enough. From high-octane activities like the Megazip or iFly to something more sedate like unwinding with a piña colada at Coastes, you’ll surely find something that hits that sweet spot.

Here are 4 activities you should check out:

If you’re with a date, Megazip

Picture this: You’re strapped to a harness and hoisted to a zip-line, 75m above ground. Within seconds, you’re whizzing along at 60km/h for 450m, feeling the wind in your face and hair as the scenery races past you. How thrilling is that!? This is why I highly recommend doing this with a date. It’s fun and exciting, and gives you a heady rush of adrenaline. Studies have shown that during the attraction phase of love, adrenaline is one of those powerful neurotransmitters that contribute to that lovey-dovey feeling. So, no harm having an additional shot of adrenaline to keep those feel-good feelings alive, eh?

Still need convincing? Check out this video of Deborah, Lili and I going on the “flight of our lives!”

If you’re with friends, Luge

material world_luge

A luge is sort of a hybrid of a sled and a go-kart, and comes with three wheels. It’s pretty simple to maneuver – you push the handlebars forward to accelerate and backwards to slow down. However, I’m actually a bit of a coward when it comes to operating any form of vehicle (my dismal go-karting performance is a running family joke) so I felt a familiar nervousness when I entered the luge.

My fears were unfounded once I actually started my descent down the hill. While you can control how fast you can go, the maximum speed is nothing too scary, even when you’re going downhill, and I soon found myself enjoying this leisurely ride down. In fact, I wished there were more people around me so I could race them! This is why I reckon it’ll be plenty of fun to go with a group of friends so you can race each other down the hill.

If you’re with your family, Sentosa 4D Adventure + Wings of Time 

photo 1

Have plenty of young cousins or nephews and nieces? Round them up and surprise them with a trip to the Sentosa 4D Adventure. There are four different simulator rides available here. Rock, bounce, and bump your way through various scenarios – from being a part of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island to the climactic fight scene between Green Lantern and an evil alien force.

material world_green lantern 4d

The younger ones  will also be enthralled by the Wings of Time, which is a mesmerising display of water, fire, and laser effects. Personally, I found the first part of the show – where real-life actors were singing and rallying the crowd – a little too overwhelming. But when the lights dimmed and the multimedia effects kicked in, I soon found myself enjoying the multi-sensorial experience, especially the (spoiler alert) fireworks at the end.

If you’re with your gal pals, Stand Up Paddleboarding

Having had so much fun at Sentosa the previous weekend, the three of us decided to return the following week to try our hand at Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Prior to this first lesson, I’ve never tried SUP before but soon discovered it’s like a combination of rowing and surfing. Our instructor Isabelle, who’s also the owner of Stand Up Paddling School, was friendly and patient, offering helpful tips throughout the lesson. I was nursing a hangover on the day of the lesson so I was admittedly not the best student, but Deborah thoroughly enjoyed herself.

If you and your girlfriends are tired of your gym or yoga routine and are looking for a new way to keep fit together, I reckon SUP is great for building overall balance and strength. Plus, you’re sure to get a gorgeous sun-kissed glow!

photo 3

These are just several suggestions of what The State Of Fun has to offer; there are so many other little nooks and crannies yet to be explored. I’m sure we’ll be back soon!

While we were there, we saw a banner that said “The land of eternal sunshine”. Of course, cynics may dismiss this by saying, “But it rains all the time in Singapore!” However, I choose to believe this is actually referring to the sunshine in your heart, because after each exhilarating visit to the island, you leave feeling lighter and more carefree.

Material World was invited by Sentosa to review some of its attractions. This post was neither paid for nor advised by Sentosa. All opinions are the author’s own. 

About The Author: Vanessa Tai is a founder of Material World who has previously worked on magazines Simply Her and Cosmopolitan Singapore. Now a freelance writer and a full-time contributor to this website, the 27-year-old dreams of attending every single major music festival before she turns 30. Follow her on Twitter @VannTaiTweets.

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I’m Sorry! But I WANT TO WORK For My Money! – Deborah Tan

Deborah Tan does not agree with ads that promise you a 5-figure salary while working from home selling “nothing”.

Busy as a bee but happy!

Busy as a bee but happy!

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on Facebook. Ads that go, and I quote them verbatim: “Ever thought it is possible you can make money online without selling anything?”; “Learn how a struggling Singaporean employee makes $20k/month from home in his spare time”; and, “Thousands of people are quitting their jobs and joining our popular online work program.”

Were you tempted to find out more? At the very least, I’m sure you went, “What?!? For real?” For me, after the curiosity, I just went, “Sorry. Not for me.”

Perhaps, in 10 years’ time, all the people who have signed up to these programs would look at me and laugh at me for being a cynical fool. Perhaps, in 10 years’ time, I will still be slogging my ass off working as a freelance writer. Perhaps, in 10 years’ time, I will be the poorest person in Singapore … but, I will not regret not signing up for these “courses”, “seminars” and “workshops”.


1. If it sounds too good to be true …
… it probably is.  Out of curiosity, I clicked on one of these Facebook ads just to check out their website to see if I can find more information about these programs. I was brought to a page asking me to enter my email address. No. Just no. You see, if I wanted to sign up for an MBA program, the school’s website will tell me details about the coursework, tell me what I can expect, etc. But this website doesn’t want to tell me anything until I give them my contact detail. Are you selling my email address? Are you just another layer in a massive multilevel marketing scheme in the business of collecting email addresses? WHAT ARE YOU? WHY DON’T YOU WANT TO TELL ME MORE UPFRONT?

2. There is no shame in work
What I hate most about these ads is this picture they paint: that you can just do jack-shit, just click on your mouse all day long … and wait for money to roll in. If you set up a hawker stall and sell prawn mee, you know that $5 you earn comes from something tangible. If you set up an ecommerce website selling headphones, you know what exactly is earning you a living. For me, my product is Material World, a content agency and a website. Every piece of writing I put out for my clients, I know how I’m being paid. I am proud of my work and I really don’t agree with this whole “sell nothing, do very little” way of making money.

3. There is an inherent integrity problem
A few days ago, a friend posted up on Facebook how his picture has been used by one of these work-from-home programs for its Facebook ad. The picture of him standing next to a car is a great image of a young Singaporean who has achieved the trappings of success. Hey! But guess what? He didn’t sign up for this program. They had simply pluck his picture from somewhere and used it without his permission! This incident further cemented my belief that there is more than meets the eye here. If people are really becoming rich beyond their wildest dreams with your program, why don’t you just use their photos and stories instead?

I know that in order to be a successful businessperson, I have to find a business model that’ll eventually allow me to make passive income, something that will keep earning me money even if I go on a holiday or when I’m asleep. But I want to be able to grow my business using a product I have built, that will add ACTUAL VALUE to other people’s lives. Just blindly signing up for a program takes away that pride, that ownership that make up the core of entrepreneurship!

If you have no choice but to work from home, if you have no choice but to really consider one of these programs, I urge you to do your homework. It shouldn’t have to demand for an upfront payment of a large sum of money. It shouldn’t demand a percentage of your earnings to be channeled up towards your “supervisor” or “mentor”. You should be able to see if the business allows you to be different and unique from the 678 other people who have also signed up to do it – and we don’t mean just by changing the name of your company.

Like I’ve said before … call me a fool, call me stubborn, call me stupid … but I really rather become rich by working hard, really hard.

I want to get my hands dirty.

I want to get my hands dirty.

About The Author: Deborah Tan is a founder of Material World. After 10 years of working in magazines Cleo and Cosmopolitan Singapore, she is now a freelance writer/editor who works on this website full-time. She doesn’t respect anyone whose wealth came to them easy. Follow her on Twitter @DebTanTweets.


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[Love In Lines] When You’re In Love With Your Best Friend – Tan Lili

Do you jump headfirst into a relationship or do you take time to build your friendship first? Tan Lili opts for the latter, but she reckons it shouldn’t matter either way.

As a writer and a reader, one of my biggest pet peeves is presumptuous writing. Very rarely do articles like “10 Signs She’s Wifey Material”, “30 Things You MUST Do By 30” and “Why You Should NEVER Date An Ex” paint an objective picture as they tend to be self-indulgent and filled with one-sided drivel. It’s one thing to motivate readers to better their lives, but quite another to unnecessarily plant a seed of doubt in their minds – and those articles have an inclination to veer towards the latter.

The most befuddling part to me, though, is that they often go viral and are well-received by majority of their readers.


A friend recently showed me one such article. It listed down 10 reasons why it’s a terrible idea to marry your best friend. One of the reasons: You’d likely just be settling for a safe option, secure in the assurance that he would never let you down. (It was written by a relationship counsellor, mind you.) And for reasons I would probably never be able to comprehend, my friend actually agreed with everything the writer said.

“Do you think you settled down too early?” she began. “When things get too comfortable between two lovers, the passion will fade and, eventually, all that’s left is friendship. And hey, weren’t you and Terry friends for nearly two years before you got together? Do you think that makes you guys even more susceptible to falling back into old patterns and seeing each other as just friends?”

To my friend’s defense, her intentions were non-malicious because she’s always been an inquisitive character. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly miffed by her line of questioning.

Because what’s wrong with taking time to invest in the friendship first? Call me old-fashioned, but for me, I’d rather have that rock-solid foundation upon which you build your relationship. As Vanessa very sagely added last night, the alternative would be to dive headfirst into the fiery romance then work on the friendship later – but when you take away the passion, what’s left?

In the same vein, I chanced upon a Reddit thread about a guy who went around the world to interview couples about love, and one of the biggest takeaways he gained was this: that the most madly-in-love long-term relationships are those built on friendship.

material world_best friend love

My boyfriend and I did start out as platonic friends, but somewhere along our friendship, the line blurred. Granted, it took us nearly two years of mindfuckery to decide that our feelings are mutual, but it was also during those two years that we got to know and genuinely like each other as buddies. And that – realising that he’s your perfect partner – is the best thing about falling in love with your best friend. Throw in romance and passion and, yes, definitely sex, it becomes a whole new level of amazing.

Of course, the world is not black and white. I know of so many friends who were lovers first before they became friends, and they sure aren’t any less committed to each other than any other couple who started out otherwise. When there are so many variables involved – your personality, your beliefs, your present psyche – what works for one couple may not work for another. My personal preferences may change in the future, but for now, I honestly do not see anything wrong with being in love with my best friend.

I suppose that’s what makes love so beautiful, isn’t it? There’s no one mould into which every couple fits; the way you start your relationship is irrelevant because, to quote Neil Gaiman, sometimes when you fall, you fly.

Love In Lines is a special under the Relationship section of Material World. The four founders each takes a week in a month to talk about dealing with love from different perspectives. Founder Tan Lili talks about building long-term relationships and the highs and lows of being in one. Stay tuned for more!

About The Author: A founder of Material World, Tan Lili has previously worked in magazines The Singapore Women’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Singapore, as well as (now, the online counterpart of Her World). She is now a freelance writer who works on this website full-time. Lili hopes to travel the world, work with wild animals, and discover more awesome Twilight fan-fiction. 

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[Material World x For Beloved One] Get Drunk On THIS Red Wine – Tan Lili

The new Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly from For Beloved One may not give you a buzz, but it will give you supple, glowing skin the morning after, says Tan Lili.

red wine antioxidant night jelly woman

You’ve probably read about the numerous benefits of drinking red wine (in moderation), thanks to the presence of powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols. In particular, resveratrol has been proven to reduce the risk of heart-related diseases. And when you hear the word “antioxidants”, you know red wine can be somewhat beneficial to the skin.

That’s exactly what Taiwanese beauty brand For Beloved One’s latest skincare product is about. Formulated with red wine polyphenols from France, the Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly is chock-full of antioxidative goodness whose benefits include restoring skin suppleness and elasticity.

IMG_7880Besides the red wine polyphenols, each 50ml jar is packed with several other patented formulas, such as Prodizia Anti-Glycation Patent (cranks up skin metabolism and fights fatigue); Phytessence Kudzu (slows down the breakdown of collagen and elastin); Chronodyn Cell Energizer (defends the skin against environmental irritants in the day, as well as strengthens the skin’s natural ability to repair itself at night); Lactobacillus Ferment (brightens and evens out skin tone); and Vitis vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract (protects the skin from free radical damage). Working together with the red wine polyphenols, the Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly is said to help improve your overall skin conditions.

The CSI That Speeds Up Skin Ageing Process

The science behind this overnight mask is an interesting one. According to For Beloved One’s R&D team, common skin concerns like blemishes, enlarged pores and fine lines are actually the result of the often-neglected Chronic Silent Inflammation (CSI), which is the combined action of oxidation (external) and glycation (internal) of the skin.

While oxidation is a natural process in which the body produces antioxidants to counter a small percentage of free radicals emitted from normal cellular functions, external toxins such as air pollution can sometimes trigger an overproduction of free radicals, which may lead to a whole host of problems, including premature skin ageing. Glycation is also a natural process in which glucose attaches to proteins, causing the skin to be more susceptible to damage and premature ageing.

This is where the Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly steps in. By combining the abovementioned patented formulas, the mask targets the root cause of CSI to slow down the ageing process of the skin while restoring radiance and brightening it.

FullSizeRenderFirst Impressions

As far as first impressions go, the Night Jelly was … fascinating. Barring the taste (for obvious reasons), it looks, feels and even smells like strawberry jam. No, really; go to the For Beloved One section at Sephora and try it out for yourself if you don’t believe me. This is my first time using a For Beloved One product, but I’m guessing the brand is big on never judging a book by its cover.

But since its appearance, texture and scent are comparable to those of my favourite breakfast spread, I didn’t hesitate slathering the product on my face. Yes, apparently I have no fear of allergic reactions. (Don’t try this at home, kids. If you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin, always do a patch when trying out a new product.) Because of its jelly-like texture, the product doesn’t immediately sink into the skin, leaving behind a slight stickiness.

So, The Verdict?

There’s a claim on the packaging that says the Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly is able to “relieve all skin problems overnight”. A pretty bold claim – and one that I have to shoot down, understandably, because my fine lines and enlarged pores didn’t miraculously disappear after seven hours of sleep. Having said that, my skin did look visibly brighter and feel softer and smoother in the morning. Since I started using it a couple of weeks ago, I also noticed my complexion isn’t as tired-looking as before.

With the impressive myriad of skin-lovin’ patented formulas crammed into one jar, I reckon the Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly brings a whole new meaning to the term “nightcap”. Cheers to younger-looking skin!

For Beloved One Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly, $78 per 50ml jar, is available exclusively at Sephora outlets islandwide. For Beloved One worked with Material World for this post to review the Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly. All opinions are the author’s own and have not been vetted by the client. Read our advertising policy here.

3 For Beloved One Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly (worth $78 each) are up for grabs!

 Red Wine Anti-Oxidant Night Jelly medium

Material World has 3 full-sized jars of For Beloved One Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly for our readers. To win one for yourself, simply follow the steps below:

  1. LIKE Material World’s and For Beloved One‘s Facebook Pages.
  2. ANSWER this question in the Comments section below: “Name one of the patented formulas found in the Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly.”
  3. SHARE this post with your friends on Facebook and TAG “Material World” and “For Beloved One”. Remember to set your post on Public so we can verify that this step has been completed.

Once you’ve done all 3 steps, drop us an email with your details (Name, Age, NRIC No/Passport No, Email Add) to Closing date: 26 September 2014, Friday.

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The One Way You Could Be Using Hada Labo Lotion Wrong – Deborah Tan

What exactly does skin need in order to be healthy? That’s right, it’s hydration. And one of the best ways to get it is by using a product containing hyaluronic acid. Deborah Tan interviews Hada Labo’s general manager, R&D, Mentholatum, Dr Naelong Wang, to find out more about this ingredient. We also discover the one wrong way we could be using our Hada Labo lotion wrong. 


A bottle of Hada Labo is sold every 2 seconds in Japan, and in Singapore, it is the No. 1 selling lotion. This month, the brand relaunches its bestseller with a new generation of 4 interlocking hyaluronic acid that promises to restore moisture in skin, layer after layer. Each bottle of Hada Labo lotion has 4 types of hyaluronic acid (HA). What does each do? Read below:

1. Large-sized HA
To fight against trans-epidermal water loss by forming an “umbrella” on the skin’s surface to create a thick moisture layer that also continuously diffuses huge amount of water to skin’s top layer.

2. Medium-sized HA
Possessing the water-binding power of typical HA but is smaller in size, it works with large-sized HA to create a double-layered moisture lock within the skin.

3. Super HA
These reach the middle skin layer and is twice as powerful as normal HA – capable of binding 12 litres of water with every gram. The Super HA keeps skin well moisturized from within, not just on the surface.

4. Nano-HA
1/20th the size of regular HA, nano-HA has the capability to penetrate to the deepest layer of the skin, beyond the epidermis. It stores a tremendous amount of water deep in the skin so your skin stays plumped and healthy, inside and out.

But why is hyaluronic acid so important and is there a recommended way to use the Hada Labo lotion correctly? Dr Naelong Wang of Hada Labo further explains:

Material World (MW): What is so special about Hada Labo’s hyaluronic acid compared to the ones used in other brands?

Dr Naelong Wang (NL): Hada Labo is the originator of putting hyaluronic acid in a solution. Just how much water can hyaluronic acid absorb? One gram of hyaluronic acid is capable of absorbing 6 litres of water and is very expensive. Once, in the laboratory, a colleague accidentally spilled a gram of hyaluronic acid on the floor and I told him, “That’s 3 months of your salary gone!” The Super Hyaluronic acid that we use at Hada Labo has been modified to double the capacity of normal hyaluronic acid. Currently only 2 companies in the world use Super Hyaluronic Acid.

MW: What is the best way to apply Hada Labo Lotion? Should your skin be damp or dry? Can you put it over your makeup before touch ups?

NL: The recommended way to apply the Hada Labo Lotion is after cleansing when your pores are “open” so the lotion can be better absorbed by the skin. I do not recommend applying the lotion over your makeup as that can cause your skin to absorb powders and colorants.

MW: Does age have an impact on how our skin absorbs products?

NL: Definitely! Different age requires a different skincare strategy. When you are young, protecting your skin from UV exposure should be your priority because any damage sustained by your skin will only show up after 20 years. As you get older, dehydration becomes a concern and you need to use products that can replenish the moisture in your skin. It is never too late to take care of your skin but the earlier you begin, the less you’ll have to worry about.


Material World was invited to interview Dr Naelong Wang at a Hada Labo event recently. This interview does not represent a review of the product. All opinions are the author’s own and this post was neither paid for nor advised by Hada Labo. 



We have 3 hampers each worth $50 to give away!

We have 3 hampers each worth $50 to give away!

Each hamper contains 1 Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Facial Wash, 1 Hada Labo Lotion, and 1 Hada Labo Air Aqua UV Day Emulsion SPF 50/PA+++. To win, simply follow these steps:

1. LIKE Material World’s Facebook Page – only our fans can qualify for the prize. 

2. Answer this question in the Comments section below: “How many litres of water can 1gm of Super Hyaluronic bind to it?” 

3. SHARE this post with your friends on Facebook and tag Material World’s Facebook Page in your post. Remember to set your post on PUBLIC so we can verify that this step has been completed. 

Once you are done, email us your details (name, age, NRIC, email add) to with “Hada Labo” in the Subject Field. Contest ends 29 September 2014.

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4 Food and Drinks You’re Consuming Wrongly – Denise Li

Probably the most eye-opening article you will read today. By Denise Li

Having visited Japan and Europe this year, I learnt quite a few things about eating and drinking the following things and quite frankly, I was #mindblown.

1. Belgian beer … or any other kind of craft beer, really


You can live your entire life drinking a different Belgian beer every day (starting from when you turn a legal age to do so, of course) without sampling all the beers that Belgium has to offer. That’s cos they have at least 90,000 breweries in the country alone, and most brands produce more than one type of beer. Having just spent a lot of my time on my recent trip to Belgium in bars, I learnt a lot about how to pour the perfect beer and, as it turns out, a lot of us (even bartenders here in Singapore) have been doing it wrong all along. As it’s a rather complicated process (who knew?), it’d be easier to break it down in point form.

(i) The glass: You’ll notice that there is a variety of glassware for beers in Belgium. Some are shaped like goblets, others are shaped like chalices, and yet others are tulip-shaped. These serve more than just an aesthetic or branding purposes; they’re actually the result of careful research and experimentation by the beer brewers to find out which shape best brings out the taste of the beer. So the next time you’re having a Belgian craft beer at a bar, be sure to reject any glass that’s not the same brand as the beer you’re drinking.

(ii) The pour: Bartenders in Belgium would wet the glass with cold water before tapping or pouring beer into it. Not only is this practice in the best interests of hygiene (it gets rid of any dust or dishwasher residue), it also ensures a better pour. Pouring beer into a dry glass causes more carbon dioxide to come out of the beer and create unnecessary foam.

(iii) The head: Don’t complain if you see Belgian bartenders serving you beer with a large head. That, too, serves a useful purpose. Not only does a large head mean that your beer will continue to release its aromatics as you sip your beer, it also prevents your beer from oxidising too quickly and changing its taste.

2. Xiao long bao


From a food tasting at Din Tai Fung some time back, I learnt that there is a “right” way to eat xiao long bao as well. Before that day, I tended to just dip it in vinegar. But for a more balanced flavour, the management actually recommended that the dipping sauce be mixed in a 60/40 vinegar to soya sauce ratio. Since I started mixing soya sauce in my vinegar, I found that I could better taste the meaty broth in the XLB. Also, for many of us, eating XLB is a messy affair because when we first bite into it, the soup spurts out onto the spoon and we often find ourselves just shoving the whole thing into our mouths. The right way to eat it, apparently, is to first bite off the top of the XLB and slurping up the broth before proceeding to eat the rest of it.

2. Sushi


Every time you mix the wasabi into the soya sauce, then proceed to drunk the rice part of the sushi into the mix, rest assured that there is a Japanese person observing you and cringing on the inside. When you eat sushi at higher end Japanese restaurants, the sushi chef would have already placed some wasabi in between the fish and the rice so it’s unnecessary to pile more on top of it (it’s akin to smothering an expensive, well-prepared steak in ketchup). And you’re not supposed to dip the sushi rice side down into the soya sauce because it will absorb too much of the sauce, resulting in the sushi being too salty and soggy. Instead, dip the sushi fish side down in the soy sauce, and put the whole thing in your mouth – don’t bite off half the sushi. Also, the ginger slices are NOT to be eaten with sushi but between different pieces of sushi to function as a palate cleanser.

4. The bread basket at French restaurants


I was in Paris recently and it didn’t matter whether I was dining at a casual bistro or a more formal restaurant, if there was one thing I could be sure of, it was that a basket of bread would appear on the table with my wine. Italian and French restaurants in Singapore do it too, and I always assumed it was a starter – why else would it arrive with my drink? When I was eating in Paris though, I noticed I was the only one munching on the bread before my food arrived. Turns out, the bread is supposed to function more as an accompaniment to your meal. For instance, you could spread your steak tartare on it and enjoy it that way or, if your dish is sauced-based, you can use the bread to mop it up you’ve finished your meal.

About the Author: Denise Li is a founder of Material World and a freelance writer-editor. Before that, she spent a few years in the Features section of CLEO and Cosmopolitan Singapore. She considers Chiang Mai her spiritual home and makes it a point to head there for a yearly pilgrimage. She’s also a fitness buff and enjoys training in MMA, and doing conditioning workouts. Follow her on Twitter @DeniseLiTweets and Instagram @smackeral83.

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[Material Moms] This Crazy Lil’ Thing Called Love – Elisa Woodward

One moment you are going, “I wish I were still single!”, the next you are going, “I love my kids to death!”. Don’t worry. You are not crazy. As Material Mom Elisa Woodward explains, these conflicting feelings are totally natural. 

elisa1Kids – one minute they are driving you up the wall with their antics, the next, they fill your heart with such intense love. Only a mother can understand that it is perfectly normal to oscillate from one to the next in the same hour.

Hands up if you have friends who openly lament the loss of freedom and personal time, and yet still continue to post up pictures of their kids coupled with public declarations of their love and adoration. Or, what about the colleague who complains how little she’s slept the previous night and proceeds to light up with joy when her kid calls her at lunch? We grumble about the mess our kids create, the toys that never get put away, and yet, the sight of them asleep in their beds makes our heart melt and all resolve to discipline them just vanish into thin air. All you want to do is hug and kiss them.

I think the love a parent has towards his/her child is indeed one of the truest loves of all, and it’s a love even my staunchest non-kids friends cannot deny.

A friend – who has made it more than clear that she doesn’t ever want kids – recently admitted that a child does give you a sense of purpose. “The child creates a purpose in life that goes beyond your career, marriage, and lifestyle. This is someone you are prepared to love unconditionally, someone you are prepared to take care of and nurture throughout his/her entire life. Even after you are gone from this world, you want to make sure they are well taken care of.”

I have no regrets about about having my kids at a young age. They bring to my life joy and completeness – although some days I need to be reminded. No matter how old they are, no matter if they are in university or are married with their own kids, your children will always be children to you.

As parents, we have such huge responsibilities because we bring children into this world not by their choice but our own. How we bring them up, how we teach them about life … everything depends on us. The years between 7 and 12 are particularly important because these years are when they formulate their thoughts and impression on love and human nature. Someone once told me that the only thing he remembers of his childhood was how it was particularly dark and unhappy, and that has somewhat coloured his views of the world and how he sees people. This is why it is crucial to make sure your kids end their day and go to bed knowing they are loved and protected.

Even when I’m miles away from my children, the thought of them brings a smile to my face. Just the thought that I have people to live for and that they are also dependent on me gives my life purpose.

And love is simply just this amazing.


About The Author: Elisa Woodward, a career-focused wife and a mom of two active boys, is a Jack of all trades, who enjoys flummoxing people. She likes getting her hands dirty (figuratively and literally), yet enjoys dressing up just enough to “look acceptable”. She embraces wholeheartedly the concept of getting older.



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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology

When it comes to pain management, there are two types of people in the world: those who grin and bear it, and those who don’t manage it well at all. And the best place to spot these two camps? At any foot reflexology centre, of course! Tan Lili speaks to two co-founders of recently opened parlours to find out why more and more young people are drawn towards this holistic therapy.

If there’s one guilty pleasure I don’t ever wish to give up, it’s gotta be my almost-weekly visit to a foot reflexology centre. I can’t even remember when or how my obsession with this treatment began, but it’s become one of my favourite ways to decompress – and probably the closest I’ve been to experiencing the delicious tension between pain and pleasure.

For the uninitiated, Chinese practitioners believe that the different nerve-rich areas on the soles of your feet correspond to specific parts of your body, so by applying pressure to targeted points, it stimulates the body’s natural healing ability. This helps rebalance the body’s Qi and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Different parts of the feet are said to correspond to different parts of the body.

Different parts of the feet are said to correspond to different parts of the body.

Interestingly, what was once deemed as an ancient 3000-year-old Chinese practice has recently gained a foothold among the younger crowd as a form of modern holistic therapy. Jumping on the bandwagon are The Good Sole at Quayside Isle, and Feet Haven at Serangoon Garden. “I guess the main reason is due to the proximity of various operators and shops,” says Nicholas Poh, co-founder of The Good Sole. “More shops are opening in shopping malls in Singapore and, naturally, they are able to reach out to a wider audience. Not to mention, it has amazing long-term benefits. I’m one who goes for foot reflexology regularly since I was young, and I absolutely love it.”

Below, Nicholas and Dennis Toh, CEO and co-founder of Feet Haven, tell us more about the different health benefits you can enjoy from foot reflexology:

Boosts blood circulation

The skilful techniques of practitioners are said to improve blood flow and circulation, carrying along oxygen and nutrients to your body’s vital organs to promote organ function and cell growth. An improved blood flow and circulation brings with it a whole host of health benefits, some of which can be found below.

reflexologyReduces pain

An experience backed up by countless studies, pressing certain points on the feet prompts the release of endorphins – a class of neurotransmitters that is often referred to as the body’s natural painkillers.

Alleviates insomnia

Because foot reflexology brings about a relaxed state of mind and relieves stress, it can help improve improve the quality of your sleep in the long run. The Good Sole’s Nicholas used to have insomnia but he swears he’s been sleeping like a baby ever since he got hooked on foot reflexology!

Improves digestive system

The digestive system is a pretty complex one; it involves a whole lot of organs and other systems (nervous and endocrine), which is why all of us experiences digestive problems at many points in our lives. There are several digestive reflexes on the feet that, when pressed, give your digestive system a real workout, relieving common problems like constipation, indigestion, flatulence and bloating.

Kicks up energy levels

If feeling sluggish after lunch is a near-daily struggle, you might want to consider getting a foot rub. Exhaustion and fatigue can be due to low blood sugar levels; by working certain points on the feet, it may help regulate the levels over time. Foot reflexology also stimulates the production of adrenaline to give you an instant perk-me-up.

Enhances memory and concentration

When pressure is applied to the brain reflexes on the feet, it helps facilitates blood circulation and the delivery of nutrients to the brain, resulting in increased mental clarity. In fact, a study conducted in China found that foot reflexology helped enhance the memory of senior patients suffering from dementia.

The Good Sole is located at #01-19 Quayside Isle Sentosa Cove, Tel: 6268 4842; Feet Haven Reflexology is located at #01-01, 136 East Coast Road, and 4A Maju Avenue, Serangoon Gardens.

About The Author: A founder of Material World, Tan Lili has previously worked in magazines The Singapore Women’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Singapore, as well as (now, the online counterpart of Her World). She is now a freelance writer who works on this website full-time. Lili hopes to travel the world, work with wild animals, and discover more awesome Twilight fan-fiction.

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Why You Need To Start Saving For a Trip to Iceland NOW – Denise Li

Iceland has more than the Northern Lights and volcanoes … although those are pretty spectacular too, says Denise Li.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say “Iceland”? I’m guessing Bjork, Sigur Ros, the Northern Lights, that volcano with an unpronounceable name (Eyjafjallajokull) that caused aviation havoc when it erupted in 2010, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. In fact, it was after watching that particular movie that my fiance Alain and I decided to look for cheap flights to Reykjavik during my recent European sojourn.

We were there for just four days … way too short to experience even a fraction of what Iceland has to offer, so I’m definitely going to start an “Iceland fund” just so I have a chance to visit it again in the future. Iceland is not exactly what you’d call budget-friendly, but the experiences are one-of-a-kind and definitely worth blowing your yearly bonus on.

Admittedly, our trip was pretty spontaneous, so we didn’t plan for it as well as we should (nor did we allocate a big enough of a budget to do some truly adventurous things), but I’ve gleaned a clearer idea of what I would like to do on my next trip. Without further ado, I present to you, what I think are truly compelling reasons to visit the land of ice and fire.

1. It has a low population density

Iceland has a population of just 320,000 (just 6 percent of Singapore’s current population!), despite being the size of Hungary and Portugal combined, and it’s also the most sparsely populated country in Europe. If, like me, you travel to get away from urban living and hordes of people, Iceland is the perfect destination. In fact, with just a 10 minute drive out of Reyjavik, you will find yourself driving for awhile without seeing another car on the road.

2. It’s a great place for self-guided tours

Driving was easy – what we did was to buy an Iceland sim card so we had access to Google Maps, planned our route the night before with all the stops we wanted to make, and off we went. For the more adventurous and experienced drivers among you, you might want to consider hiring a four-wheel drive so you can really go off-road and explore.

3. The friendly people

I once visited a beautiful country in the Asian region. Rich in history and with beautiful landscapes and destinations, my experience of it was marred by numerous encounters with rude locals and being ripped off at every turn. The people living in the country can really make or break your experience of visiting it, but all the Icelanders we spoke to were friendly and helpful, and had a dry sense of humour that Alain and I really appreciated.

4. The myriad opportunities for hiking

If you’re an avid hiker, you’ll find yourself in paradise when you set foot in Iceland. Where else would you have the opportunity to trek up volcanoes and on glaciers? For beginner hikers, there are lots of lowland trails for you to walk on as well. Mount Esja, around the Reykjavik area, is a popular hiking area. Just drive out, park your car somewhere and, well, walk. There are lots of clearly marked trails everywhere for you to follow.

5. The beautiful landscape

Iceland is, simply, a place of indescribable beauty, and since it’s indescribable, I think these pictures will better do a better job at showcasing what I saw.

Clearly marked hiking trails

Clearly marked hiking trails

The majestic Gulfoss waterfall

The majestic Gulfoss waterfall

Vik i Myrdal - a black sand beach

Vik i Myrdal – a black sand beach

Kerio Crater

Kerio Crater

What we were disappointed by …

Our whale-watching experience: This is something you can do straight from Reykjavik – all you need to do is walk to the port and sign up just before the boat sets sail. Although tour operators claim that there is a 90 percent chance you will see a whale on their tour, sadly, no whales were sighted although Alain and I went out to sea TWICE. We did, however, see a couple of dolphins during our second attempt. If whale-watching is a priority on your travel agenda, try your luck in Husavik, located in the northern region of Iceland – this is supposedly the best area to spot these magnificent creatures.

Blue Lagoon: The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa located close to Reykjavik that you can bathe in. It’s pretty, but Alain and I we were put off by the pricey entry fees and the hordes of tourists. If you really need a soak, go to the tourist information office (there are many in Reykjavik) for recommendations on less crowded/touristy ones to visit.

If you have to chance to stay longer than 4 days in Iceland as we did – and I reckon that you’ll need at least 10 days to really explore what this amazing country has to offer – here are some of the other activities you can consider doing …

1. Snorkel or dive at Silfra

Located in the Thingvellir National Park (about a 45-minute drive from Reykjavik). Silfra is known as being one of the top dive sites in the world. Not only does it have underwater visibility of 100m (with water so pristine you can even drink it!), it’s also located between the North American and Eurasian continents. You can dive IN BETWEEN the two tectonic plates!

2. Visit the Vatnajokull National Park

The park covers 13 percent of Iceland and is the largest glacier in the world outside of the Arctics. Here, you’ll have many opportunities to see seals, wild reindeer, and exotic birds with your own two eyes. You can also drive a snowmobile and learn more about the unique geographical features – volcanoes and glaciers – of the region.

For flights to Iceland from Singapore, check out Finnair or KLM.

About the Author: Denise Li is a founder of Material World and a freelance writer-editor. Before that, she spent a few years in the Features section of CLEO and Cosmopolitan Singapore. She considers Chiang Mai her spiritual home and makes it a point to head there for a yearly pilgrimage. She’s also a fitness buff and enjoys training in MMA, and doing conditioning workouts. Follow her on Twitter @DeniseLiTweets and Instagram @smackeral83.

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[Press Trip] Here’s A Beauty Story All Women Need To Read. Especially If You’re 35 Years Old – Deborah Tan

When it comes to maintaining a radiant, ageless complexion, no one does it better than the Korean ladies. Deborah Tan visits home of beloved Korean skincare brand Sulwhasoo to find out just what is it that gives the Korean ladies their beautiful skin. 

Me with the beautiful and ageless Ms Jeon Ji-soo.

Me with the beautiful and ageless Ms Jeon Ji-soo.

Korean beauty brand Sulwhasoo has a beauty fact that might just give you sleepless nights. According to its researchers, due to decreasing “yin” energy, a woman’s skin becomes dehydrated and starts to age faster once she turns 35 (cue horror music!). To counter this, the brand has launched a new product – Luminature Essential Finisher – this month. Inspired by the “mi-an”, a beauty lotion used by ancient Korean women as a last step to their skincare regime, Luminature Essential Finisher doesn’t just give your complexion a luminizing boost, it strengthens skin’s metabolism and helps seal in the effectiveness of all your other skincare products so they will work better.

This focus on traditional Korean medicinal wisdom extends to other products in the Sulwhasoo family. Inspired by the writings of a 17th century royal physician, many Sulwhasoo products contain herbs and botanicals that have long been used in traditional Korean medicine. Take the Korean ginseng, a plant renowned for its anti-aging powers, for example. The brand doesn’t just use the commercially more desirable root – it uses every part of the ginseng plant, from the root to the berry.

“We are the only brand to do that,” said Ms Jeon Ji-soo, Vice President of Sulwhasoo Marketing Division in my interview with her.

She went on to add, “In Korea, our definition of beauty is a clear, luminous complexion. This, we feel, is only possible if you achieve harmony between your mind, body and skin. Skincare isn’t just about treating the surface, it’s also about improving one’s overall health. At Sulwhasoo, we have this theory that women’s yin cycle changes every 7 years. With each cycle, she’ll need to tailor her lifestyle, diet, skincare regime and products to meet her body’s changing needs.

While it’s easy to attribute the beauty of Korean celebrities to plastic surgery, we have to admit that surgery can only go so far when it comes to getting a naturally luminous, healthy complexion. Korean women – no matter their age – are known to take such good care of their skins, their skincare regime, at the very least, an 8-step affair.

“We believe that it’s not just us Korean women who want beautiful skin,” said Ms Jeon. “Asian women want it too and Sulwhasoo hopes to bring this attitude that beauty is a combination of harmony, health and positivity, to women all over the world.”

As Sulwhasoo celebrates its second anniversary in Singapore this September, we ask the brand to recommend 5 products that can help us get Korean women’s radiant, smooth, ageless skins.

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum

1. First Care Activating Serum
It is recommended that you apply this serum WITHIN 3 SECONDS after cleansing your face. Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this serum replenishes essential moisture and nutrients in skin. It also promotes deeper penetration of your other skincare products. This product also has an aromatherapy benefit that will uplift your spirit and revitalize your energy levels.


Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

2. Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream 
Formulated with the root, berry and water of a five-year-old Korean ginseng, this cream claims to help stimulate cell regeneration and restore a youthful-looking skin. Nano-sized ginseng capsules penetrate into the deepest layers of skin to heal and strengthen it inside and out.


Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Whitening Serum

Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Whitening Serum

3. Snowise EX Whitening Serum 
Promises to rejuvenate heat-exhausted skin, the science behind this line believes that exposure to heat reduces skin’s resilience and circulation, leading to dullness and an uneven skin tone.


Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion

Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion

4. Evenfair Perfecting Cushion 
More than just a cosmetic product, this cushion foundation contains apricot seed herbal moisturizer to promote resilience and hydration. Flexible film-fixing polymer lets you apply only a thin layer of this makeup for flawlessly smooth skin.


Sulwhasoo Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream

Sulwhasoo Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream

5. Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream 
When we think of skin aging, we tend to blame factors like stress, pollution and UV ray exposure. However, Sulwhasoo has found that heat also leads to skin aging. Renodigm EX Dual Care Cream relieves internal heat in skin and prevent heat-aging in skin.

Material World was invited by Sulwhasoo to attend the launch of Luminature Essential Finisher in Seoul. All opinions are the author’s own. 


To mark its second anniversary in Singapore, Sulwhasoo will be offering fans these awesome promotions at its counters:

Essential Spa Set at $212 (worth over $260)
Includes First Care Activating Serum 60ml x 2, Overnight Vitalising Mask 30ml, Clarifying Mask 50ml.

Timetreasure Repair Set at $810 (worth over $1,110)
Includes Timetreasure Perfecting Water 125ml, Timetreasure Renovating Serum 50ml, Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream 25ml, 5-pc Timetreasure Renovating Travel Kit, Herbal Soap 70g, Gentle Cleansing Oil 50ml, Gentle Cleansing Foam 50ml, Herblinic Restorative Ampoule 5ml, Sulwhasoo Travel Cosmetics Pouch.

These promotions will be on from September 18 – 30 2014, while stocks last.



Win 1 hamper containing all five iconic Sulwhasoo products in full sizes!

Win 1 hamper containing all five iconic Sulwhasoo products in full sizes!

We have ONE hamper containing all 5 products (full-sized!) mentioned in this article up for grabs! To enter this contest, simply follow the steps below:

1. LIKE Material World’s Facebook Page – only our fans can qualify for the prize. 

2. Answer this question in the Comments section below: “Name the TWO promotional sets Sulwhasoo fans can buy as part of its 2nd anniversary celebrations.” 

3. SHARE this post with your friends on Facebook and tag Material World’s Facebook Page in your post. Remember to set your post on PUBLIC so we can verify that this step has been completed. 

Once you are done, email us your details (name, age, NRIC, email add) to Contest ends 24 September 2014.