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7 Lies You’ll Hear About Millennials – Matthew Fam

Millennials are not as bad as they’re made out to be. Seriously! Contributing writer Matthew Fam debunks the  7 negative traits commonly associated with this generation, and insists that this misunderstood bunch has much to be celebrated for.

#Justsaying, whenever I read articles of why Millennials are lazy, selfish, entitled, or [fill in negative trait], I’m like:

But on the inside:
There are major misconceptions out there about us, okay? And I think it’s easy for people to discount the capability, passion, drive and resilience that we have within us. It’s just expressed in different ways from generations past. Here are the 7 lies you’ll hear about Millennials:

1. We want to be mutli-hyphenated everything because we’re fickle.
We are the generation most prone to job hopping. Forbes listed that 91% of Millennials expect to stay within a job for less than three years, which translates to over 15 jobs in our entire career! Unfortunately, this gets misinterpreted as us being fickle for not being grounded in our ambitions. However, with a plethora of transferrable skills learnt, job hopping is hardly career suicide or disadvantageous, as this article will tell you.

2. We MUST have our sacrosanct weekends. (Don’t touch them!)
We’re said to demand work flexibility and leave at 6pm on the dot every day. In fact, the statistics from a study by Cisco backs this up: with 69% of Millennials believing that office attendance is unnecessary on a regular basis, heaven forbid that you touch our weekends!

Sure, we value free time and a work-life balance. But we also know how to manage our expectations to find a compromise, and don’t shy from hard work- even if it means clocking in overtime. We make those hours at the office count and work. It. Out.

Why? Because we are…

3. We expect to climb the corporate ladder at an abnormally fast pace.
Entry-level position today, CEO tomorrow. Truth be told, detractors tend to view us as entitled little brats.

This suggests that we lack the patience to gain adequate experience in a job before being handed bigger responsibilities. Yes, sometimes our inflated ambition gets the better of us, but if there’s one thing this generation must be lauded for, it’s our undying idealism. We don’t settle for mediocrity.

4. We’re selfish because we take gap years and spend our first paychecks on holidays.
Q: When does taking gap years and travelling the world become a bad thing?
A: When delaying a salaried income and not providing for your family unfairly labels you as selfish.

YOLO (you only live once), people! Besides, often times, Millennials make use of their gap year to take up internships, part-time work, or volunteer for a cause. The extra income earned from these ventures go into our vacation funds. So we’re not leeching off from parents, mm-kay? #Independence


Sorry, we do not all behave like Miley.

5. We’re reckless, and we pride bad behavior above anything else.
“Oh, that’s how the youngsters these days behave.” (While commenting on Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball music video.)

First of all, it’s funny how people make assumptions on our generation’s behaviour solely based on Miley’s bare bum. Secondly, NOBODY twerks in the streets for fun or enjoys public nudity! Miley Cyrus is not our spirit animal!

6. We speak in nothing but hashtags, emojis and tumblr gifs.
Okay, fine. So we can get a weeee bit overdramatic with the way we communicate. But seriously, just because we pepper our speech with these humorous titbits doesn’t mean we have forgotten how to speak eloquently! The English Language has not been butchered, RELAX. #Itiswhatisits #Sorrynotsorry

7. We are all experts in technology.
According to a study by PayScale and Millennial Branding, online marketing and social media are reportedly the most common job skills among Millennials. However, that doesn’t mean we’re complete whizzes with technology. It’s one thing to be able to update our Twitter accounts, or make credit card payments on ASOS. But no- if you expect us to programme a phone application from scratch, then this is what we have to say:



What other misconceptions of Millennials do you know of? Share with us in the comments section below!

About the Author: Matthew Fam is a contributing writer of Material World, and has worked at Cosmopolitan Singapore as an intern and Contributing Beauty Assistant. He writes, teaches, and performs for the stage. Matthew enjoys museum visits, Singaporean Theatre, and spends too much of his undergraduate allowance on magazines. He is also a proud Millennial! Follow him on Instagram @mattjfam.

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What You Need To Know About iPhone 5S – Vanessa Tai

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

Yes, Apple has launched yet another iPhone. To be accurate, they’ve launched two new iPhones. iPhone 5C marks Apple’s foray into the lower-end of the smartphone market, and its key differentiating factor lies in its polycarbonate body that comes in five varying shades of bubblegum. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same as the current iPhone 5.

The one to look out for would be the iPhone 5S. Like previous incarnations of the iPhone, this version has created fevered excitement among diehard Apple loyalists and a sense of underwhelm among well, everyone else. No matter which camp you belong to, there’s no doubt that the iPhone will still attract throngs of people when it launches. Here are three features to look forward to:

Fingerprint Recognition
Instead of having to key in a four-digit password each time your want to unlock your phone, the Touch ID sensor recognises you through your fingerprint. You can also use your fingerprint to authenticate App store purchases. Worried about Apple being privy to such sensitive information? The company has said it won’t store fingerprint data on its servers – only on the devices themselves – but if you’re still concerned, you could always forgo this function.

Enhanced Processing and Performance
The iPhone 5S comes with the A7 processor; Apple claims it’s twice as fast as the current A6 processor. What this means is you’re now able to enjoy detailed graphics and visual effects that were previously only possible on desktop or gaming consoles. The smartphone also comes with a new motion processor, the M7, which enables the device to track motion more intelligently … great for those of you who love your health and fitness apps. Other advantages of the M7? It senses when you’re walking, running or even driving. So, if you’ve turned on Maps to figure out how to get someplace, M7 will be able to tell when you’ve parked and are continuing on foot. It will then switch the Maps navigation from driving to walking. Amazing, huh?

Improved Camera Function

Nifty functions on the new iSight

New functions on iSight

The iPhone camera is already one of the most popular in the world (check out the nifty tricks your iPhone 5 camera can do) but the iPhone 5S takes image capturing to dizzy new heights. Some of these new features include the Continuous Burst Mode, which lets you capture multiple action shots by snapping 10 images per second, and the Live Video Zoom, where you can zoom in up to three times while recording. Instagram addicts will appreciate the Square Photo function and multiple photo filters available.


The new iPhone 5S and 5C will be available at all three local telcos from 20 September.

About The Author: Vanessa Tai is a founder of Material World who has previously worked on magazines Simply Her and Cosmopolitan Singapore. Now a freelance writer and a full-time contributor to this website, the 26-year-old dreams of attending every single major music festival before she turns 30. She’s endlessly tickled by Siri on her iPhone 5. Follow her on Twitter @VannTaiTweets.

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A New Sex Toy For Those In LDRs – Vanessa Tai

Whoever said Singapore isn’t a sexy country? Two Singapore-based entrepreneurs have created an ingenious new sex toy, slated for launch in October 2013. Vibease is the world’s first hands-free vibrator that taps on the body’s biggest sex organ – the brain.


Well, the Vibease vibrator connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Fire up the Fantasy App, and download an audio fantasy of your choice. Then just lie back, relax and enjoy the waves of pleasure that are sure to ensue (the vibrator is designed in a way where you can tuck it discreetly into your underpants.) The vibrator and the Fantasy app work hand-in-hand – when the narrator in the fantasy app says something like, “Your skin feels so soft,” the vibrator pulsates gently. But as the plot heats up and the narrator says something like, “I miss you badly,” the intensity of vibrations increases. Basically, the vibrations are personalised to each storyline! Even better, you can even upload your own personal fantasy to the Fantasy Library and let other people listen (and get off) to your fantasy.

material world singapore-vibease

Choose from a wide variety of fantasies … or create your own!

Isn’t technology mind-bogglingly fantastic???

material world singapore-vibease-2

Sexting has just been taken to a whole new level

But wait, there’s more. Vibease isn’t just for DIY fun; couples living on separate continents can also get in on the steamy action. The Vibease Intimate app allows your partner to send you sexy private messages while controlling the vibrations from anywhere in the world (just make sure you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection!)

The idea for Vibease came about when co-founder Dema Tio was in a long-distance relationship with his then-girlfriend, now-wife. In an interview, he shared that despite having tools like Skype and instant messaging, the lack of a physical relationship was challenging. In fact, his girlfriend was one of the first few game enough to try the earlier prototypes of Vibease!

Whatever your take on sex toys is, this marks yet another exciting new frontier for Singapore’s tech start-ups and I can’t wait to see what else we’ll dream up.

Would you be interested to try out the Vibease? Tell us in the Comments section below!

About The Author: Vanessa Tai is a founder of Material World who has previously worked on magazines Simply Her and Cosmopolitan Singapore. Now a freelance writer and a full-time contributor to this website, the 26-year-old dreams of attending every single major music festival before she turns 30. She believes women should take charge of their own orgasms. Follow her on Twitter @VannTaiTweets.

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iWatch Features: A Wish List – Vanessa Tai

"Wow, the iWatch is a total game changer!"

“Wow, the iWatch is a total game changer!”

Rumours of Apple launching an iWatch have been spreading like wildfire, and it seems like these rumours aren’t unfounded. According to legit news sources like Forbes and CNET, Apple has been going on a trademarking spree with the term “iWatch,” leaving speculators to conclude this gadget is likely to be launched within the next year.

I know what you’re thinking … who still wears wristwatches these days? The only people I know who still wear watches are either into sports or are collectors of luxury timepieces. Then again, the iPad had its detractors too, and look where it is now. So what sort of features would make the iWatch as ubiquitous as its smartphone and tablet counterparts? Here’s a personal wish list:

1. Appointment Scheduler
Yes, I know I can do this with the Calendar app on my iPhone or iPad, but what I have in mind is a program where I can record my appointments with a single spoken sentence. Plus, the program will give me a daily rundown of scheduled appointments so I don’t ever double-book or worse, forget an appointment.

2. One Ticket Fits All
Movie tickets? Concert tickets? Boarding passes? Who needs all that when you’ve got your iWatch? Here’s how it works: buy your tickets online, and your purchase information will be stored in your iWatch. Just flash your watch and enjoy your movie/concert/trip!

3. Information on the Go
This is kind of like a combination of Google and Shazam (the app that recognises music playing around you.) Say you’re on a camping trip and you chance upon an unfamiliar plant … wave your watch over it and ta-dah, you find out it’s a Dionaea muscipula (commonly known as the venus flytrap.) Or you’re meeting somebody whose name you can’t seem to place. Discreetly wave your watch over them and watch their LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media profiles flash across your iWatch screen.

And since we’re dreaming, we might as well dream big, right?

4. Time Travel
C’mon, it’s 2014. Somebody should have come up with the technology by now!

What are some of the features you hope the iWatch will have? Tell us in the Comments section below!

About The Author: Vanessa Tai is a founder of Material World who has previously worked on magazines Simply Her and Cosmopolitan Singapore. Now a freelance writer and a full-time contributor to this website, the 26-year-old dreams of attending every single major music festival before she turns 30. She yearns for time travel so that she can fulfill a lifelong dream of walking among dinosaurs. Follow her on Twitter @VannTaiTweets.

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PC Questions … Answered! – Vanessa Tai

The PC Show is back! It’s that time of the year once again where hordes of tech-hungry folks throng the halls of Singapore Expo hunting for fab deals on the latest gadgets. Even as we rush to get our hands on the latest thingamajigs, I wonder if there are certain basic PC questions that we still have (but may be too embarrassed to ask.) I know I do.

1. Should I shut down my computer or can I just put it on Hibernate mode?

Here’s what I learned: It all depends on your needs. If you don’t need your computer to power up quickly in the mornings and aren’t running any software updates through the night, by all means shut down your computer. By shutting down your computer regularly, you’ll use less energy, which means savings on your utility bills. However, it can be a drag waiting for your computer to re-boot the next morning.

Contrary to popular belief, a computer will not wear out quickly if it’s left on for long hours. As long as you are shutting it down/putting it in Hibernate mode the proper way and keeping it relatively clean and well-maintained, your computer should be able to last a long time.

2. Why is the default troubleshooting method always to restart my computer?

Here’s what I learned: The reason why most IT helpdesks ask you to restart your gadget whenever you’re experiencing a bug is because rebooting the system gives whatever is in a mess a chance to sort itself out. Restarting your computer is also part of the maintenance process for your computer after you’ve installed a new program or security update. Your computer needs to be re-started in order to process the new data and information. Sometimes, when you’re having trouble connecting to the WiFi network, restarting your computer can help too (I can vouch for this.)


3. Do mobile gadgets need anti-virus software?

Here’s what I learned: With mobile usage on the surge, the number of tablet-specific viruses also look to rise. However, Apple stands by its claims that as long as your gadget isn’t jailbroken, you will enjoy the layers of protection built into its sophisticated iOS. It’s the same for Android users. As long as you only install software from trustworthy market places (i.e Google Play), you should still be relatively safe. Of course, the PC credo of not downloading untrusted software or clicking on dubious links ring true for mobile tablets and smartphones as well.

About The Author: Vanessa Tai is a founder of Material World who has previously worked on magazines Simply Her and Cosmopolitan Singapore. Now a freelance writer and a full-time contributor to this website, the 26-year-old dreams of attending every single major music festival before she turns 30. She uses a Macbook, an iPhone, an iPad and a Kindle … sometimes simultaneously. Follow her on Twitter @VannTaiTweets

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On Our Want List: Wireless Speakers – Tan Lili

If you’re obsessed with music and gadgets, you’ll want to get your hands on these shiny newish things.

AudioBulb by GiiNii

Ding ding ding! What a great idea!

Ding ding ding! What a great idea!

This wireless music and lighting system allows you to use the device as a light bulb and a speaker, through which music transmits wirelessly from your iPod, iPhone, or any other auxiliary input. Plus, you can create your preferred lighting environment with the four-stage dimmer, as well as listen wirelessly with up to eight bulbs and one sound device (read: it’s your turn  to host the next house party!). AudioBulb by GiiNii, US$299.99, is available at Amazon.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead+Wireless Speaker

What's missing now is a soundproof bathroom wall.

What’s missing now is a soundproof bathroom wall.

Hands up, those of you who sing in the shower. Now, what if we told you there’s a rechargeable, wireless Bluetooth speaker that comes equipped with 60 angled nozzles to deliver a unique in-shower experience? Sing “hello” to the Moxie, a Kohler showerhead with a magnetic wireless speaker that delivers up to seven hours of music. All you need to do is sync your Bluetooth-enabled device with the Moxie (up to 10m away), and you can do a Demi Lovato in the confines of your bathroom – with excellent acoustics to boot! Kohler Moxie Showerhead+Wireless Speaker, from US$149.25, is available at Amazon.

material-world-singapore-wireless-speakers-sony-srsbtv5-black material-world-singapore-wireless-speakers-sony-srsbtv5-blue material-world-singapore-wireless-speakers-sony-srsbtv5-pink

A cutting-edge design that’s small in size but big on performance – that’s what these balls of (audio) fire claim to deliver. With Sony’s 360-degree Circle Sound audio diffusion technology, the SRS-BTV5 is able to transmit music wirelessly to every corner of a room for up to five hours. You can stream music from your Bluetooth- or NFC-enabled device (NFC, short for near-field communication, is a type of contactless communication from one device to another). What’s cool: If you stream music from your phone and a call comes in, press the answering key and the music will fade, and you can take the call hands-free. Available in black, pink, blue and white. From now until April 21, 2013, the SRS-BTV5 will be sold at $99 at all Sony stores in Singapore. After this promotional period, it will be sold at a recommended retail price of $119.

About The Author: A founder of Material World, Tan Lili has previously worked in magazines The Singapore Women’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Singapore, as well as herworld.com (now herworldplus.com, the online counterpart of Her World). She is now a freelance writer who works on this website full-time. Lili hopes to travel the world, work with wild animals, and discover more awesome Twilight fan-fiction.