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[Love In Lines] Wedding Woes – Deborah Tan

Planning the big day ... how?!?!

Planning the big day … how?!?!

So planning for the wedding has kinda started.

I really don’t know how to begin talking about this … but let’s just say … I’ll probably make it to the list of Top 10 Least Enthusiastic Brides Of All Time. If I could afford it, I think I really would hire a wedding planner to settle it all for me.

It’s not that I don’t know what I want. It’s getting there that’s proving to be the ultimate test of my patience (and I don’t even have a lot to begin with!).

1. Location
I would like to hold my wedding in Bali. But I don’t want the whole fancy fairytale thing. I just want to book a villa/garden/cliff/padi field, have the people place like 80 chairs, a table for guests to sign in, and that’s it! But whenever I email a venue, I get expensive quotations that include things like, “Two Balinese girls as flower-girls”, “Balinese musicians”, “rose petal showers”, “magic show”, “priest”, “photo album with 200 pictures”, etc. I guess these “extras” are their way of justifying why it costs US$2,000 to book a garden. But can’t you just rent me the garden with chairs for like US$500?

2. Guest List
We only want to invite 80 people. Max. But currently, MY guest list alone is already over 100 people. His guest list is small … like maybe 10? I have already been very brutal with my guest list. If you haven’t Facebooked me for the last 6 days, you are out. And still I have loads of people to invite. Then again, if I’m thinking of doing this overseas, maybe not everyone would want to come. So here’s what I’m thinking …

I could set up a Facebook Event and make it voluntary. If you want to come (and preferably still give me an ang pow), just add yourself to the guest list. Cool?

3. Food
Venue doesn’t come with food, unfortunately. Simon (that’s the groom’s name, by the way) says no sharks fin, which is fine cos I’m going for a 4-course Western dinner. But price per head is the same as the original quote, which is for a buffet! Does it make more economical sense then to go with a buffet? But that’d be so troublesome for the guests, no? But less food is involved in the 4-course dinner so why aren’t they charging me less?!?!?! *headache*

4. Drinks
Drinks have to be paid for too. I read somewhere how a bride just got each of her guests to buy 2 bottles from duty-free and take them to the dinner. Would they charge corkage? Would we be thrown out? But to pay over US$200 per head for drinks sounds too ridiculous too! The non-drinkers won’t be able to drink US$200 worth of Coke! AARGH. Kill. Me. Now.

I only want these 4 things. Oh those, and a credible tattoo artist in Bali.

I don’t need fairy lights drape over trees.

I don’t need a live band.

I don’t even want a wedding photo album!

I don’t need cute cars and Vera Wang dresses (I intend to buy something from ASOS since it will be the only time I’ll wear white anyway).

But how else can I keep the cost down and to get the vendors to understand that I want “SIMPLE”?

Anyone who got married in Bali reading this? Your advice would be sooooooooooo appreciated.

Exhausted just thinking about the wedding

Exhausted just thinking about the wedding


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