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[A Sweet Pair] Savour This Amazing Tiramisu from Da Paolo Gastronomia

If you’ve not been for a mammogram before, just the thought can be a little daunting, especially if you’ve heard people say that it hurts. While some women might suffer discomfort for that few moments that the breast is compressed and the X-ray is taken, those few uncomfortable moments can save your life in the long run, as it can detect the cancer early.

Women who find out that they have breast cancer through mammograms are more likely to benefit from breast-conserving therapies (as opposed to having to go for a masectomy), and are less likely to die from the disease. In fact, the survival rate of Stage 1 breast cancer is 99% at five years, as opposed to Stage III, where the survival rate drops to 57%.

To find out more about the subsidies available for breast screening here, click on this link.

Win “A Sweet Pair” of Tiramisu from Da Paolo Gastronomia today!

Da Paolo Gastronomia - Paragon LR

Da Paolo Gastronomia is one of Singapore’s best known Italian delicatessens, and offers a scrumptious range of both sweet and savoury foods for dine-in and takeaway. No time to sit down for a proper meal? Then be sure to grab a tasty yet nutritious spinach lasagna, beef lasagna, or choose from one of their many assortments of salads. Heard about the “cronut”, the latest food craze that’s taking the US by storm? You have to try Da Paolo’s rendition of it. Known as the “Crodos”, it comes in three flavours – cream, chocolate, and salted caramel. Yum!

Tiramisu at Da Paolo Gastronomia

Tiramisu at Da Paolo Gastronomia

Of course, what’s an Italian deli that doesn’t have tiramisu? The one at Da Paolo, $12.30, is light in texture and punchy in flavour – it’s as authentic as it gets!

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Good luck and may the best pair win!