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[Material World x Beauty Empire] The Most “Shiok” Facial and Body Treatments in Singapore – Deborah Tan

She didn’t think it was possible but Deborah Tan may have actually found a facial and an anti-cellulite treatment she actually wants do on a regular basis. Read about her recent trip to Beauty Empire at The Scarlet Hotel below. 

Beauty Empire is located at The Scarlet Hotel, just round the corner from Ann Siang Hill.

Beauty Empire is located at The Scarlet Hotel, just round the corner from Ann Siang Hill.

I’ve been struggling to find the right word to describe how I felt after my treatments at Beauty Empire. After a week of pondering, I have decided that no other word is more apt than “shiok“. It’s been a week since my visit to Beauty Empire and every cell in my body is calling out for a repeat visit!

It Sucks, Literally!
The highlight of my facial and body treatments is this machine – the SPM Vacu-Press created by German cosmeceutical company Weyergans – designed to stimulate your lymphatic circulation with a suction mechanism quite like a mini-vacuum cleaner; think cupping but the cup moves along your face and body.

The chief problem the SPM (suction pump massage) addresses is a sluggish lymph drainage. The logic behind it goes like this: (1) A sluggish lymph circulation means your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and wastes is compromised; (2) this could lead to fluid retention and the formation of cellulite; and (3) have a negative effect on your body in terms of weight-loss, energy and overall well-being.

By activating your lymph flow, the SPM does the following things:

A. Boosts the body’s ability to flush out waste matter. This will in turn encourage a healthy skin turnover and the absorption of special treatments.

B. Eliminate fat deposits by increasing cell metabolism and breaking down fat deposits.

C. Tighten up skin for a smoother, firmer appearance at the face, buttocks, thighs and breasts.

D. Strengthening the connective tissue, thickening the dermis layer, thereby improving the appearance of stretch marks too.

Images taken from the SPM Vacu-Press brochure given to Material World

How the SPM Vacu-Press works to fight cellulite. (Images taken from the SPM Vacu-Press brochure given to Material World)

The Process: Body 
The anti-cellulite treatment that uses the SPM Vacu-Press is known as DCT (Differentiated Cellulite Treatment).

To enhance the efficacy of the SPM, my therapist, Ann, also used a couple of other machines on me. These are optional treatments and you will be advised upon consultation if you need them or not. She warned me that some customers may find the SPM painful.

The SPM is done ALONG the areas where your lymph nodes are located. In areas where “blockages” exist, the massage may seem more painful. Given the severe water retention my legs tend to get, I yelped in pain and surprise when the SPM moved to massage my inner thighs. Ann was suitably amused and said, “Don’t scream so loud … you will frighten away my customers!”

After massaging one leg, Ann told me to sit up to see if I could spot the difference between my thighs. (For decency reasons, I’m not able to show you a picture of my inner thighs.) Although there was redness on the “treated” thigh, it also appeared slimmer, more defined and, when I poked it, firmer. The muscle tone of my “treated” leg definitely looked better as well. When I touched my thigh 10 minutes later, the area was still burning hot (apparently, it’s a sign that fat is being burned).

The Process: Face
The facial, known as High Care Facial, uses products also created by Weyergans.

I was initially worried about applying the SPM to my face. I had this mental image of me screaming bloody murder as the suction pump pulls mercilessly as my face. Thank god the cups used for the face area are much smaller. My post-treatment interview with Ann revealed that if a client with a skin problem – say, acne – comes to Beauty Empire, Ann would recommend she goes on the SPM first before embarking on a skin-clearing regime. “You need to clear your skin of free radicals and toxins first. When your skin is so highly sensitized, nothing is going to work! Weyergans believe you need to treat the skin from inside.”

We too have lymph nodes located near our faces. By moving the suction pumps along the lymph nodes, we are encouraging the flushing out of toxins and, at the same time, tightening and lifting our skin. Ann assured me that even though this is a detoxifying treatment, you will not get an acne breakout post-facial.

Weyergans – Who’s He?
The treatments I tried at Beauty Empire are the brainchild of Rudolph Weyergans – known as The Pope of Cellulite. It was he who first came up with the idea that cellulite is a local disturbance of lymphatic circulation. His idea of a Differentiated Cellulite Treatment (DCT) was patented in the 80s and his book on cellulite has been translated into more than 12 languages. Beauty Empire is the only place in Singapore to offer Weyergans’ Differentiated Cellulite Treatment. Ann herself travels throughout the region to train other therapists on how to use Weyergans’ products and machines.

Although I felt a little bit of pain when the SPM was applied to areas like my inner thighs and inner arms, I found the treatment, overall, bearable and, to a certain extent, relaxing. There was an immediate improvement to the firmness of my skin after one session and I felt an evident lightness in my legs – which tend to feel very heavy and lethargic at the end of each day. To see a significant reduction in cellulite, a course of treatments is recommended and Ann says you’ll have to be prepared to do the DCT at least twice weekly for the first three weeks. The next couple of days after my DCT, however, my thighs really were toned and they looked less “doughy” – especially at the knee area.

The treatments above are done by Beauty Empire located at The Scarlet Hotel 33 Erskine Road, #01-06/07. Tel: (65) 6536 6002. Beauty Empire worked with Material World to review its DCT (Differentiated Cellulite Treatment) and its facial treatment. All opinions are the author’s own and this post was not vetted by Beauty Empire in any way.


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