According to the folks at Biotherm, you can look 80 percent younger. Or at least this would be the logic behind the brand’s new serum, Blue Therapy, $99. Introduced as more of an “age management” serum, it belongs to the school of thought that you are going to suffer at the hands of ageing as long as you (1) are exposed to the sun; (2) suffer from stress; and (3) smoke or are exposed to some form of pollution where you live. As we age, 20 percent of the signs we see on our faces are really the “ravages of Time”. This we can’t do anything about. The other 80 percent are actually acquired. So by using Blue Therapy Serum, you are trying to “wipe off” this 80 percent. Once you’ve done that, you could potentially be looking at a “younger you”.

The infographic below should help you understand how this product works. Click on it to read it better:


Information presented in the infographic above was extracted from the press release provided by Biotherm and rewritten to provide readers with a clearer understanding of the product. All views and opinions expressed about the product’s efficacy (other than those reported in the press release) are our own. Biotherm did not pay for this blog post.

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[Infographic] Get To Know Biotherm’s New Power Serum – Deborah Tan