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6 Things Soccer Widows Can Do Over The World Cup Period – Matthew Fam

Don’t bother checking his phone messages to find out what he’s been up to- your man’s probably glued in front of the television all this while! Yes, we’re talking about the World Cup. Taking place from 12 June – 13 July 2014, the much-hyped tournament sees ladies suddenly “widowed” from their partner’s absence. So here are 6 ways to get him out of the house, or even a chance to rope in a girlfriend for that much needed catchup sesh.

1. A Miraculous Transformation
You’re battling for his attention, so a mere dye job or change in hairstyle will not be enough to steer him away from the TV screen. What you need to capture his fancy with is a showstopping transformation in the form of a Qi Mantra Miracle Facial treatment that uses stem cells and Variable Pulse Light (VPL) to firm up and soften skin.

The 90-minute non-invasive treatment, $350, includes a luxurious stem cell lifting mask, containing plant-based placental extract to stimulate the production of collagen and plump skin for a youthful complexion.

Available at #03-19 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road. Tel: 6737 3463. Opening hours: Mondays – Sundays, 10.30am – 10pm.

singapore-restaurant-melt-the-world-cafe-hero2. A Worldly Cuisine
Sate his international frenzy at MELT – The World Café, that offers a buffet spread of cuisine around the globe.

Located at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore, take him out for a one-day-only Father’s Day promotion on 15 June. Enjoy a glorious spread of fresh seafood and gourmet pastas at the Champagne Brunch, priced at $128+ per person. Or for a feast that will fill him through the night matches (3 will be taking place later on!), try the Barbeque Dinner at $88+ per person.

Better yet if he samples the cuisine of his favourite World Cup team- allowing you to score a conversation while enjoying precious quality time away from the telly!

Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square. Tel: 6885 3500.

Grassy_Tote_Front_1024x10243. Wear His Team Colours at a Fashion Party 
You may not sit through those arduous matches with him, but you can show your support by wearing his team’s colours.’s 2nd anniversary party at Outpost Bar & Bistro is the perfect opportunity to wear his colours with pride. The first 150 party-goers will receive party bags filled with deals and merchandise sponsored from brands like Spa Espirit and Browhaus.

Plus, with the fashion retailer’s launch of edgy bag brand, GLUSH from Hong Kong, you can take home a piece of the soccer pitch in the brand’s line of quirky, AstroTurf-lined bags!

Party on 22 June 2014, 12 – 6pm. Outpost Bar & Bistro, 3 Sentosa Gateway, St. James Power Station #01-11. Tel: 9069 1109.

4. Catch Euro Fever 
If you can’t beat them, join them! The French may have won the World Cup back in 1998, but if there’s another thing they totally get right, it’s their artisan pastries and baked creations! Bécasse has launched its full format dining concept with classic European and French inspired dishes, giving diners a wider selection of culinary treats apart from its in-house prepared pastries.

Bécasse (Dempsey Hill), Block 10, Dempsey Road #01-21. Tel: 6479 8119. Opening hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm.

For moisture and coverage in a single pump, try Sephora CC Care & Colour Creme SPF 20, $30.

For moisture and coverage in a single pump, try Sephora CC Care & Colour Creme SPF 20, $30.

5. Faking A Good Night’s Rest
Staying up for a late-night soccer match with your partner can give you a dull, sallow complexion the next day. So feign your beauty sleep with a selection of BB and CC Creams from Sephora.

From 10 – 31 July, enjoy a 10% discount on selected products from: Boscia, PureHeal, Tarte, Sephora’s house brand, Peter Thomas Roth, and Kate Somerville. On top of that, White Card members get another 5% off.

2 Orchard Turn #01-05/06, ION Orchard.  Tel: 6509 8255.

6. Visit A Pop- Up Restaurant
What better way to soak up the festivities of the World Cup than to spend an evening in a pop-up restaurant, held at a historic landmark which was once the crossroads of travellers all across the globe?

My Private Chef introduces its first leg of pop-up dining, Stories, held at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. At $188 – $248 per ticket, enjoy a fresh interpretation of local cuisine by Chef Stephan Zoisl, who has worked in Michelin starred restaurants around Austria, Portugal and the United States of America (coincidentally teams of the tournament!)

22 – 26 June 2014. Tickets can be purchased on Advanced reservations can be made at


So, how would you be spending time during the World Cup period? Share with us in the comments section below!

About the Author: Matthew Fam is a contributing writer of Material World, and has worked at Cosmopolitan Singapore as an intern and Contributing Beauty Assistant. He writes, teaches, and performs for the stage. Matthew enjoys museum visits, Singaporean Theatre, and spends too much of his undergraduate allowance on magazines.

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Beauty Review: Striplac Starter Kit – Deborah Tan

Deborah Tan loves her pedicures but has always steered clear of manicures. Her reason? They just don’t last on someone who types away furiously on a keyboard 8 hours a day. So, what’s her verdict on Striplac, the world’s first UV peel-off nail polish?

My friends always ask me why I don’t get manicures. Although I splurge out on the occasional pedicure, paying someone to do my fingernails isn’t something I’d do. Why? Well, manicures – at least the conventional ones – simply don’t last on me. More often than not, they chip within the first hour of me leaving the salon. If typing away on the keyboard doesn’t chip them, handling kettlebells and sandbells at bootcamp will.

Some have asked me to try Gelish but I honestly find the thought of having to return to the salon a few weeks later to remove it too bothersome.

So when the press release for Striplac found its way into my mailbox, my curiosity was piqued. A Gelish-like manicure that you can do yourself at home. What’s more? You can peel it off without using any solvent or acetone. How’s that for convenient!

At $219, the Striplac Starter Kit is a bit pricey. So I wanted to know if it is really a worthwhile beauty investment. The wonderful folks at Touch Communications PR arranged for a tester to be sent to me so I could put it to the test.


The Striplac Starter Kit contains an LED device, a bottle of twin coat, a bottle of nail colour, a jar of cleansing pads, a multi-function nail file and a cuticle pusher. The steps, illustrated on the box, provide clear instructions on how to go about doing your nails.

Paint, cure, paint, cure.

Paint, cure, paint, cure.

Step 1: Apply a layer of the twin coat

Step 2: Cure it in the LED device for 60 seconds

Step 3: Apple a layer of the nail colour

Step 4: Cure it in the LED device for 60 seconds

If you apply another coat of nail colour, cure it in the LED device for another 60 seconds. Basically, every layer of colour you paint on, you need to cure it in the LED device for 60 seconds.

Step 5: Apply a layer of the twin coat as the top coat

Step 6: Cure it in the LED device for 60 seconds one last time

The twin coat and the nail colour went on smoothly. I liked that – unlike conventional nail varnishes – they neither bubbled nor streaked. After “curing” my nails, I remained hesitant about touching them. I really wondered how curing the twin coat and the nail colour was going to “dry” them. In the name of research, I touched my nails.

What happened next disappointed me. The entire coat was still soft! My finger left an obvious fingerprint on top. The whole thing was sticky and tacky. When I ran my hand against my dress, my nails got coated in a layer of flint. It was a disaster! While the colour didn’t chip, my nails had become like “Blu Tac”! I went to the toilet to try to wash the flint and gunk off and what happened? When I dried my hands on the paper towels, pieces of towel got stuck again to my nails! WHAT WAS HAPPENING?

Resigned to the fate that I was never going to find a way to give myself beautiful nails, I went back to typing, opening canned drinks … treating my hands roughly and badly like I would usually. By the time I went to bed, I had forgotten about this disaster of an experiment and told myself I would peel those darn varnish off the next day.

Nails have not been air-brushed or Photoshopped.

Nails have not been air-brushed or Photoshopped.

The Striplac Fairy, however, visited me in the night. The next day, I woke up and … my nails were perfect (as perfect as home manicures can be). The gunk was gone … and, most amazingly, the fingerprints had VANISHED. The surface of my nails had smoothened themselves out over the course of the night. I can’t explain what happened except that they were no longer sticky, no longer tacky and glossy as Gelish nails.

I’m not bluffing. It’s been 3 days and my nails have not chipped despite me having directed a photoshoot, done my laundry, cooked dinner, and ate with my hands! They are still beautiful, perfect and chip-free!

How much does a manicure usually cost? $40? If you purchased this Striplac Starter Kit, you “make back” the price in about 6 uses. Each nail job takes less than 10 minutes to do and lasts you about 10 days. It makes perfect sense to invest in one of these if you are a regular manicure-goer. Though I had to return the tester set, I am pretty sure I’d be buying one for myself as a birthday present. It would come in handy for the wedding too.

Striplac Starter Kit gets my two thumbs up.

Striplac Starter Kit is now retailing at Sephora stores islandwide. The starter kit was loaned to Material World for review purpose and returned after the trial. This review was neither paid for nor advised by Striplac or Sephora. All opinions are the author’s own. You may read our advertising policy here.

About The Author: Deborah Tan is a founder of Material World. After 10 years of working in magazines Cleo and Cosmopolitan Singapore, she is now a freelance writer/editor who works on this website full-time. She likes liquid eyeliners, bright red lipsticks, tattoos, rock & roll, Mad Men, and Suits. She has promised herself she’ll try Striplac on her toenails if the LED device can fit her foot in. Follow her on Twitter @DebTanTweets.

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26 Things To Put on Your Watchlist For January 2014 – Deborah Tan

Kicking off the first month of the new year, here is an A – Z list of awesome stuff we would like to bring your attention to.

Foie Gras Terrine

Absinthe – great food, great ambiance, good-looking chef!

A is for Absinthe
French food in a beautiful shophouse by the river … the perfect setting for a romantic date. By award-winning (and the very good-looking) chef Francois Mermilliod, this restaurant isn’t one of your uppity, too-chic-for-anyone types. The convivial ambiance coupled with friendly, knowledgeable staff makes Absinthe a great place for dates, gatherings and business dos. My favourite is the Foie Gras Terrine served with fresh, warm, pillowy brioche.

Absinthe is located at 71 Boat Quay. Tel: 6222 9068. You can also make your reservations online at .

B is for Bliss That’s Incredi-‘Peel’!
Like they say, “New year, new skin!” What better stuff to use to achieve that than with these “spa-strength glycolic resurfacing pads”. Claiming to give you an “overnight facial”, these pads don’t just contain exfoliating glycolic acid, they also have soothing witch hazel, licorice extract and glycerin to keep your skin from looking angry.

Bliss is available at Sephora stores islandwide. 

C is for Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 bags
The sight of a Chanel bag is enough to cause shortness of breath in any woman. And when we spotted one in two of our favourite colours, we really thought we’d died and gone to Handbag Heaven! This plexiglass clutch in pink and orange will be inhabiting our dreams this season. Would you give up ice cream and candy to own this? I know I would.

What dreams are made of ...

What technicolor dreams are made of …

D is for Din Tai Fung
Hot on the heels of Christmas and New Year is the Lunar New Year! The feasting continues at Din Tai Fung where fans of “tang yuan” (glutinous rice balls) can enjoy a bowl of six tang yuans stuffed with peanuts. Spend a minimum of $90 and you receive a complimentary bowl of these warm, sweet and comforting dessert. OCBC members need only spend $80.

Din Tai Fung is now open at Bedok Mall.

E is for Eyeliner (sleek, dramatic and intense!)
Touted as Shu Uemura’s blackest, most intense and glossiest liquid eyeliner, the Calligraph:ink Liquid Eye Liner is inspired by the Japanese calligraphy pen. With firm bristles, it promises to deliver black, liquid lines with an artistic flourish. If you – like me – love your eyes finished with a wing tip, this eyeliner is a dream to work with.

Shu Uemura can be found at TANGS, Robinsons and ION Orchard. 

Kickstart your 2014 by reading this inspiring book!

Kickstart your 2014 by reading this inspiring book!

F is for Fit To Win
Want to do something about the excess pounds after the festive season? Sign up for Fit To Win where participants each put $20 into a pot and try to lose at least 5% of their starting weight. You’ll also be treated to 8 weeks of a variety of fitness classes to help you get moving. The biggest “loser” stands to win about $3,000 in prizes too. For more details or to register, click here now.

G is for Malcolm Gladwell 
When I first began reading Gladwell’s books, my first thought was, “Wow. This guy really makes these boring stats and facts so easy to understand.” My fondness for Gladwell’s work is also the same thing that has seen critics dissing his books as “over-simplified” and “simple minded”. Well, you can’t win them all. For fans of Gladwell, you don’t want to miss his latest book “David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants”. Employing the same method of illustrating academic findings with engaging narratives of real people, Gladwell’s book explains how – if we play our cards right – our “weaknesses” can become our strengths and help us overcome the odds to win the proverbial “Goliaths” in our lives and careers.

H is for Hand Cream  
From the brand that brings you some of the best hand creams comes a new collection using honey and peach blossom. Crabtree & Evelyn’s new English Honey & Peach Blossom range of lip, bath and body products uses an extract of wild flower honey to hydrate and soothe extremely dry and parched skin. My favourite size is the handy (pun intended) 25g tube – perfect for carrying around in a bag and best for leaving around inside the car.

Crabtree & Evelyn can be found at Vivocity, Takashimaya, Paragon, Centrepoint and Raffles City.

Hands up if you love the scent of honey!

Hands up if you love the scent of honey!

I is for IKEA
Limited edition homeware at IKEA? Yep! And the first of its kind, Trendig, is now available here! Sporting design aesthetics inspired by the Chinese culture, the pieces in this series have a cool Oriental chic about them that makes them such irresistible additions to the home this Lunar New Year.

New furniture, anyone?

New furniture, anyone?

Check them out at IKEA Alexandra or IKEA Tampines today!

J is for St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 
You cannot call yourself a music lover if you have not gotten your tickets to St Jerome’s Laneway Festival on 25 January at The Meadows at Gardens By The Bay. Okay … fine … we’ll take back what we said about you not being a music-lover if you go to Sistic to get your tickets now. For details on the line-up, click here.

K is for Keep A Child Alive
This January, Kiehl’s Singapore will donate $5 to AfA (Action For AIDS) when you purchase a bottle of its award-winning Midnight Recovery Concentrate with a limited edition key charm! This is in support of Alicia Key’s “Keep A Child Alive” initiative where funds will go towards advocacy and in helping children living with HIV and AIDS seek treatment asap. Plus, upload a photo of your smiling child onto Instagram and tag #smileKiehlsSG so Kiehl’s will donate $0.50 to Afa.

Visit for more information. The Limited Edition Midnight Recovery Concentrate is available at Kiehl’s stores islandwide.

Help children affected by the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Every bottle purchased gives $5 to AfA (Action For AIDS).

Help children affected by the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Every bottle purchased gives $5 to AfA (Action For AIDS).

L is for Longchamp
Uber-cool style icon Alexa Chung is the face of Longchamp’s Spring 2014 campaign! That’s reason enough for us all to grab ourselves a Longchamp bag! But if you need another reason, the Le Pliage Cuir in brilliant orange, lemon, vermillion and platinum is a must-get. An iconic tote in on-trend colours? Who could say No?

Longchamp boutiques can be found at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Ion Orchard and Paragon.

Make my VDay present a Le Pliage Cuir in Lemon!

Make my VDay present a Le Pliage Cuir in Lemon!

M is for Maybelline Color Show
Nail lacquers and eyeliners in eye-catching shades at pocket-friendly prices? Yep! The good folks at Maybelline will be launching Color Show this January and those who love to experiment with crazy colours will love that they can do just that without upsetting their wallets. These nail lacquers are formaldehyde, toulene, and DBP free too. Awesome!

Maybelline Color Show is available at Watsons.


We are sensing vibrant colours are going to be hot?

N is for Nail Trends 
Still on the topic of nails, this season, we are loving the whole embellished white nails trend. In particular, the nails Deborah Lippmann created for Kate Spade’s Spring show. Other ways to decorate your white nails? Polka dots (for a hipster look), crystals (for something more glamorous), and with a metallic strip across (for an edgy, statement making effect).

Cuteness overload

Cuteness overload

O is for Orbis Cleansing Liquid 
For those who want a fresher alternative to cleansing oil, try Orbis Cleansing Liquid – a water-based makeup remover that contains three types of amino acids and hyaluronic acid. It removes foundation, lipstick, waterproof mascara without stressing the skin, and washes easily upon contact with water. This January, Orbis Cleansing Liquid will bear a limited edition design featuring Moomin, a creation of Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Janssen.

Orbis can be found at Robinsons Orchard.

P is for Pore-care
It’s NOT possible to get rid of the pores of your skin but you can definitely try to improve their appearance by putting in some effort when it comes to cleaning off your makeup. Dirt and grime trapped inside your pores can lead to the formation of blackheads, making them look even more obvious. Laneige’s brand new Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil claims it can remove toxins deep within pores, with ingredients like lemon verbena and chamomile to “shrink” and purify pores.

Laneige can be found in Sephora and at TANGS Vivocity, Isetan, Suntec and Plaza Singapura.

Q is for Quizboard 
A game available for both iOs and Android phone. The aim is to finish the board with a higher score than your opponent. The game finishes when someone reaches the Star. You have to answer questions from across a variety of categories. Be warned: it is pretty darn addictive. Download it here.

Shiseido's award-winning serum has a new formulation!

Shiseido’s award-winning serum has a new formulation!

R is for Red Bull Flying Bach
A mind-blowing performance where the music of Bach meets breakdance. With sold-out performances in Europe, Australia and Japan, Red Bull Flying Bach will appeal to both traditionalists and young hip hop fans. Tickets are available at Sistic.

Red Bull Flying Bach is on at the Esplanade Theatre from January 16 to 18, 2014.

S is for Shiseido Total Whitening Serum
The star of Shiseido’s whitening skincare line has a new formula! Hoping to help your skin achieve 5 kinds of fairness, Shiseido Total Whitening Serum contains the exclusive new ProBright 4MR and Resveratrol. So what are the five kinds of fairness? Peal White for luminosity, Silk White for smoothness, Crystal White for translucency, Snow White for radiance, and Cherry Blossom White for a healthy pink flush. 

Shiseido can be located at TANGS, Robinsons and Takashimaya.

Another do-good beauty product from The Body Shop.

Another do-good beauty product from The Body Shop.

T is for The Body Shop  
Get your hands on The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Gel come 6 January! Not only is aloe vera gel great for treating skin irritations and soothing sunburns, The Body Shop gets its organic aloe vera from a collective of farmers in Guatemala. Through this Fair Trade arrangement, money is invested to build a water pump for the community and supply educational materials in over 100 schools in the region.

The Aloe Soothing Gel is available at all The Body Shop stores from 6 January 2014.

U is for UFC Fight Night Singapore
The first-ever UFC event in Southeast Asia will be happening 4 January, Saturday. For a date night with a difference, grab your tickets for this fight between Belgium’s Saffiedine and South Korea Lim Hyun-Gyu at Sistic today.

UFC Fight Night Singapore will be held at Marina Bay Sands.

V is for Valentine’s Day Retreat
Escape to the nearby Banyan Tree Bintan for Valentine’s Day! Book your two-night getaway now and enjoy a 120-minute couple spa session and a romantic private dinner by the beach. Relax in your own villa with the lush forest as a backdrop and the ocean as your view. Don’t delay further. Visit to make your reservations now.

W is for The Wolf Of Wall Street 
I never got the “Leonardo is so cute” thing but ever since his turn as slave owner Calvin Candy in Django, I’ve decided that I rather like him in depraved, evil roles. The Wolf Of Wall Street has him as yet another rotten apple and even though I’ve not caught it yet, I think this Scorsese-DiCaprio partnership won’t disappoint.

The Wolf Of Wall Street is now showing in cinemas islandwide.

X is for recycled Xmas Cards
Click here to see how you can put your now-old Christmas cards to good use.

Y is for Yu Sheng
The best thing about Chinese New Year is that the eating goes on for 15 days. For a super-meaningful lo-hei lunch with your clients, make your bookings at Peony Jade. Its yu sheng is especially breath-taking with the shredded veggies and fish slices arranged into a horse figurine. With an auspicious name like “Instant Enormous Windfall, Good Health and Longevity” Horse-Shaped Yu Sheng, your clients will be beaming from ear to ear. The food is, by far, one of the most delicious of Chinese New Year offerings we’ve tasted so you won’t go wrong.

Peony Jade is located at Keppel Club, Bukit Chermin Road. Tel: 62769138 or 62768327



Z is for zzzzz 
Make it your resolution this year to get better quality sleep! Research has shown that your brain cleanses itself of toxins when you sleep. These toxins are the same biomarkers for brain damage. Lack of sleep has also been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. So, aim to get at least 7 hours a night. And no, making up for it over the weekends doesn’t count.

Phew! What a list! We hope this list will keep you busy for January. We’ll be back in February to give you the next 26 stuff to go ga-ga over. Meanwhile, onward to a fabulous 2014!

About The Author: Deborah Tan is a founder of Material World. After 10 years of working in magazines Cleo and Cosmopolitan Singapore, she is now a freelance writer/editor who works on this website full-time. She likes liquid eyeliners, bright red lipsticks, tattoos, rock & roll, Mad Men, and Suits. She is craving for yu sheng very, very badly. Follow her on Twitter @DebTanTweet.

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Beauty Review: For Beloved One Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly – Deborah Tan

Keeping your skin light and refreshed in the heat

Keeping your skin light and refreshed in the heat

For Beloved One is a Taiwanese beauty brand with somewhat of a cult status. Its products have been mentioned on several talkshows where celebrities swear by its stuff even if they weren’t paid for it. I have tried some of its products and have always gotten compliments on how my skin looks after.

This month, For Beloved One launches a new range – Delight Fresh – of skincare aimed at keeping your skin from going insane in the summer heat. As we have learnt from another beauty brand earlier, heat damages the skin. In Singapore, the heat often cause us to sport an oily, unsightly sheen on our face. If you are not prone to breakouts, a bit of blotting with a tissue paper might freshen up your complexion a bit. But if you are prone to breakouts, the heat and the oil can lead to some massive zits making your face their summer holiday destination.

The range has a total of 4 products. A cleansing gel ($42), a toner ($28), a lotion ($48), and a night jelly ($78). For this review, I’m covering the night jelly for ONE important reason:

It can be used together with your existing skincare products. There is no need to revamp your skincare regime completely, which is what I believe most girls can’t afford to do all the time.

The product's appearance is quite scary

The product’s appearance is quite scary

Appearance and Scent

The first thing I want to bring up is how horrified I felt when I opened up the jar. Honestly, I pondered for a good five minutes whether or not to put the stuff on my face at all. As you can see in this picture, it looks like chemical sludge. The bright, genie-green gel looks like something your Chemistry teacher would tell you to stay away from. Is Flubber going to jump out of the jar and start doing the Hokey Pokey?

Got past the “Is this green slime?” part? Well, let’s talk about the smell. The jelly has a medicated smell, possibly due to the fact that the range contains (1) tea tree oil, (2) an ingredient made from an Ayurvedic herb known as Brahmi, and (3) an ingredient derived from Kopara, a marine matter found in the French Polynesia atolls known for its anti-microbial properties. I described it to my friends as a “Tiger Balm” kind of scent.

Upon Application

Nonetheless, I took a big leap of faith and proceeded to apply the jelly onto my skin. It goes on as the FINAL STEP of your night skincare regime. After applying it, I thought I’d have to sit around the house to wait for the thing to sink in. Surprisingly, the jelly was fully absorbed before 5 minutes were up. No sticky residue, no shiny layer.


This jelly is supposed to control your skin’s sebum activity, helping rebalance its oil-water levels. For acne-sufferers, it is important to control the sebum levels without compromising on the hydration. You need to reduce the oil because that is what “feeds” the P. Acnes bacteria. You need to still keep your skin moisturised because, if not, your dead skin cells become stuck to your skin and end up clogging your pores.

This jelly controls all that and help soothe inflammation. If you have a particularly big zit, you can put a thicker layer of the jelly on the offensive spot for a more intense treatment.

DAY 1: I did my usual skincare regime and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up and blotted my face. The blotter ended up quite oily and that’s FIRST THING in the morning, without having done anything yet. That’s how inherently oily my skin is.

DAY 2: On top of my usual skincare, I applied a layer of the jelly and went to bed. The next morning, I blotted my face. The picture shows it all. There was an immediate and significant reduction in the amount of sebum my skin had produced that night. And throughout a good half of the day, my skin stayed matte and my makeup did not “melt off” as easily. My friends also commented on how my skin actually looked quite good.

Where did the oil all go?

Where did the oil all go? (Pictures are not digitally altered in any way)


For Beloved One Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly, $78, at all Sephora stores

For Beloved One Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly, $78, at all Sephora stores

At $78 a jar, the price is prohibitive. Unless my skin is embarrassingly oily or my acne situation is out of control, I would not consider buying this product. BUT if you are sick and tired of waking up to crazy angry skin (I used to and it was the worst way to start a morning), you won’t regret giving this a shot. The immediate coolness you feel, the way it calms your skin … that’s really what acne-sufferers just want to experience from their skincare. And for all you know, this could be the game-changer in your acne-treatment regime, and help you win that war against your zits once and for all.

The product was given to Material World for review, all opinions are the author’s own. Please read our advertising policy here.

For Beloved One is exclusively sold at Sephora (Ngee Ann City, ION, Great World City, Marina Bay Sands, Suntec, and other locations).

About The Author: Deborah Tan is a founder of Material World. After 10 years of working in magazines Cleo and Cosmopolitan Singapore, she is now a freelance writer/editor who works on this website full-time. She likes liquid eyeliners, bright red lipsticks, tattoos, rock & roll, Mad Men, Suits, and only uses blotters for beauty experiments. She does not recommend using blotters regularly. Follow her on Twitter @DebTanTweets.

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Share the beauty review of For Beloved One's new product on Facebook for a chance to win this eye cream!

Share the beauty review of For Beloved One’s new product on Facebook for a chance to win this eye cream!