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The Breast Study That Will Shock Every Woman – Tan Lili


It’s only a matter of time, hon.

Sagging breasts – we all know we’ll get them someday. They’re part of a cruel process known as ageing. Of course, just as there are other factors that can speed up the rate at which our twins cave in to gravity, we can take certain measures to delay the inevitable. Wearing a bra is a popular one. The rationale: breasts are composed of soft, glandular tissue; if you let your girls hang loose most of the time, the tissue will stretch because of the lack of proper support. So, by constantly wearing a bra, you’ll be able to stave off sagging.

But what if I told you your whole life has been a lie? That all these years of wearing boob constraints – in the hope that your breasts remain perky for longer – are for naught? Even worse, that bras actually discourage the growth of supporting breast tissue, leaving your breasts to sag more quickly?

Pardon my theatrics, but this piece of news is pretty appalling to me. According to French sports medicine specialist Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, who’s just spent the last 16 years getting up close and personal with the breasts of 330 volunteers, bras are “a false necessity”.

In his very thorough research, the participants who didn’t wear a bra reported a 7mm lift in the nipples each year. That’s not all; they also noticed a significant reduction in stretchmarks. “There are multiple benefits: I breathe more easily, I carry myself better and I have less back pain,” says one of the participants.

Not surprisingly, the professor adds that not every woman should go braless. As he so eloquently puts it: “It all depends on the structure of each breast. An overweight, 45-year-old woman with three kids has no business not wearing a bra.”


Regardless, I think practicality trumps vanity in this part of the world (read: hot weather = light clothing = thin material = yes-we-need-to-wear-a-bra).

Would you go braless? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

About The Author: A founder of Material World, Tan Lili has previously worked in magazines The Singapore Women’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Singapore, as well as (now, the online counterpart of Her World). She is now a freelance writer who works on this website full-time. Lili hopes to travel the world, work with wild animals, and discover more awesome Twilight fan-fiction.