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The Challenge I Did Not Want To Do – Deborah Tan

Founder Deborah Tan is usually game for most things but when she was given a foundation-free challenge to do, she was not the happiest person in the room. Here’s her account on how she survived it. 

1. Sunscreen 2. CC cream 3. Liquid foundation 4. Powder 5. Shading powder 6. Blusher

How much makeup do you put on your face every day just to look like you? For me, I don’t leave the house until I’ve got on all 6 layers! Just imagine the amount of time I spend in front of the mirror every day! Could I imagine going out without foundation? Hell, no.

So when a challenge to go foundation-free for 2 weeks was issued to us by the folks at Porcelain, The Face Spa (PFS), I became the unwilling volunteer.  No one else on the Material World team wears as much base makeup as I do so it wouldn’t be much of a “challenge” for them to go foundation-free. Needless to say, I took it on with the enthusiasm of a primary six kid going for his PSLE.

Confident that their facials will change complexions for the better, the people at PFS want their customers to ditch their foundations and concealers and BB creams, and use just sunscreen and prickly heat powder as their base makeup. ARE THEY CRAZY?!?!? Then my therapist told me that no one is allowed to wear foundation while they are working for PFS … yes … that was when I decided that they must all be mad.

In order to “prepare” me for the challenge, I had to go for a series of facials at PFS over a three-week period.

Having sworn off extractions – in fact, most facials – some 10 years ago, I have to admit that I went for my PSF facials with a fair bit of trepidation. I was really not looking forward to the angry red bumps and the raw-looking skin that I get whenever I went for a facial with extraction.

The extraction that came with my second facial – the Quintessential – took close to an hour to complete. I know there are women who get a kick out of having their pores squeezed and cleaned out but I am not one of them. I couldn’t be happier when the process was over.

The next few days after the facial were a torture. I endured the recovering scabs and had to hold myself back from slathering concealer all over my face whenever I went out. My skin needed time to recover from the facial but patience was not a virtue of mine. I really didn’t think I could survive on just sunscreen and powder …

Week 1, Day 2: Looking defeated

Looking tired and definitely missing my makeup ...

Looking tired and definitely missing my makeup …

Hello! Does anyone notice just how tired and “old” I look without the makeup? Vanessa tells me my skin actually looks fine. The redness has subsided and the scabs aren’t so obvious. But I can’t help but feel a bit “under made up”.

Week 1, Day 4: Trying to put on a brave face

Trying to put my brave face forward ...

Trying to put my brave face forward …

Taken just before our bootcamp. The redness is not crazy but it’s there on the cheeks and on the chin … if you look carefully.

Week 2, Day 1: Chinese New Year  


Luckily … red was a good colour for Chinese New Year

I don’t know what on earth possessed me to make the Chinese New Year week part of the two-week challenge. No makeup, just sunscreen, blusher, eyebrow powder and eyeliner. I am beginning to miss how my liquid foundation controls the reddish undertone of my skin. My face flushes up waaaaay too easily!

Week 2, Day 4: Challenge coming to an end

ffphoto 4

Taken in bright daylight …

Taken just before I head out to Lili’s place for CNY karaoke. Despite the flushing, my skin does appear to be finer and “cleaner”.

Cons of going foundation-free
I’m not going to say I found the entire experience enjoyable. I found myself extremely conscious about my bare skin. Whenever I was driving, I would look at my reflection in the rearview mirror and groan at how “unrefined” my skin looked. Without foundation, I found that my makeup needed retouching more often too. My blush didn’t look as vibrant as it would had been with foundation. There were days when my boyfriend would asked, “What happened? Your skin looks blotchy.”

Pros of going foundation-free
The one thing I appreciated most about going foundation-free was how I didn’t have to spend so much time removing my makeup at the end of the day. I found I was able to stumble out of bed much later because I didn’t have to worry about setting aside time to do my makeup.

I guess the point of this entire exercise is to show that the facials by Porcelain, The Face Spa can help you get skin you won’t mind showing sans foundation. Admittedly, I did not suffer from any confidence crisis, but I still felt my makeup could look more “polished” if I had used a BB cream or a foundation as a base.

photo 5

How I look with foundation, CC cream and the works!

The facials by Porcelain, The Face Spa are thorough so if you are looking for something that clears your skin of oil clogs and blackheads, you won’t be disappointed by the detailed job the therapists do.

The two-week foundation-free challenge was suggested by Porcelain, The Face Spa, and the facials were given free-of-charge to Material World. This writer did not receive any monetary remuneration. The post was not vetted by the spa. You may read our advertising policy here.

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Beauty & Shopping, Fragrances, Makeup, Skincare

26 Things To Put On Your February Watchlist

Spring is officially upon us and besides the Lunar New Year, the month of February also brings us Valentine’s Day! For those of you who love beauty, this is the month to start shopping!

A is for Aesop
Tea Tree Leaf facial Exfoliant 30g BWIf you love scrubs, then you’ll have to check out Aesop’s new Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant. This blend of ground botanicals lets you control the exfoliating strength—you can mix your desired amount into your favourite cleanser or mask! If you desire a stronger scrub, simply add up to half a teaspoon of it to your cleanser. Contains aloe vera, tea tree leaf and walnut shell.

Aesop Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant, $51, is available at its store at Suntec City and its counter at TANGS Orchard.

B is for Beauty Cleanse

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at PM 01.39.48With a system clogged up by all that CNY pigging out, it’s no wonder your skin is in a terrible state! Worry not! Get onto this 3-day juice cleanse programme ASAP. Using organic fruit and vegetables (each bottle has 1kg!), the service includes delivery and a support system to help you ride out of these 3 days with as little trouble as possible. For more information, visit Beauty Cleanse’s website now! 

C is for Collection Cosmetics

vt-collectionWe’ve always loved the bright and zany colours from UK brand, Collection Cosmetics, and their Spring collection promises to be brighter and zanier than ever. For this look, we blended teal with lime green eyeliner, which made Vanessa’s eyes look brighter and more alive. As for her lips, we layered a few generous swipes of Colour Pro Lip Lacquer on top of the Deluxe Lipstick, for a pert and juicy pout. (L-R) French Kiss Colour Supersoft Kohl Pencil, Rebel Colour Pro Lip Lacquer, Speakeasy Deluxe Lipstick, Peacock Feather Colour Supersoft Kohl Pencil.

Collection Cosmetics is available at selected Watsons stores, and BHG. 

D is for Derma Center

material world_derma center
Derma Center is your one-stop boutique to get professional advice and personalised diagnosis for your skin and hair. Bringing together three brands — Vichy, La Roche-Posay and SkinCeuticals — this boutique is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. One thing we’re absolutely looking forward to? For the first time ever, SkinCeuticals medi-spa facials will be available in the SkinCeuticals spa cabin within the boutique!

Derma Center is located at Westgate #02-33

E is for Elizabeth Arden

velpicstitch20140128_110507The brand is best known for using cutting-edge technology in its skincare lines, but going by this road-test, we can vouch for the fact that it creates pretty damn good base makeup too. The foundation Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Makeup SPF 13 is lightweight in texture and blends easily into skin, yet it is also effective in neutralising redness, as well as blurring imperfections. The bronzer Pure Finish Summer Escape Bronzing Powder gives features a more 3D effect, while adding a healthy, sun-kissed glow. (L-R) Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Makeup SPF 15 (in Beige 13), Beautiful Color Gloss Stick in Sunrise 03, Pure Finish Cool Radiance Highlighter (in First Mate 01), and Pure Finish Summer Escape Bronzing Powder (in Warm Glow 01).

For a full listing of Elizabeth Arden stores, visit its website

F is for The Face Shop

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at AM 11.38.24Skin feeling sore and inflamed from stress? The Face Shop’s new natural skincare line Calming Seed may just be what you need. Free of synthetic preservative, fragrance, artificial coloring, ethanol, and animal-sourced ingredients, the products contain Tamanu Seed extracts—used by Polynesian women to treat their skin troubles. 100% of the testing panel reported calmer, cooler skin after 2 weeks. We love the soft, light, creamy texture of the Skin-Resting Cream, $55.90.

The Calming Seed range is available at all The Face Shop stores islandwide.

G is for Giorgio Armani Makeup

material world_giorgio armani makeupLove your makeup light, subtle and feminine? Check out Giorgio Armani’s Spring Makeup collection. Inspired by the understated glamour of 1930’s Hollywood, this collection features plenty of pearly Nude shades and subtle shimmers. One key product to look out for is the limited edition Belladonna Highlighting Palette. It features a soft gel-to-powder, which helps brighten your complexion for a lively radiance.

Giorgio Armani Makeup is available from mid-February at DFS Scottswalk. 

H is for Hair Chalk

vt-the body shopThese limited edition hair chalks from The Body Shop are perfect if you’re still deciding whether or not to get your hair coloured, or if you just wanna try a new look for a party. Plus, it’s so easy to use. All you have to do is gather a section of your hair, place the colour pad on top (with your thumb underneath), then glide down to the tip. Available in two lively shades – Falling for Blue and Tickle Me Pink.

Available from 10 February at all The Body Shop stores. 

I is for Instagram beauty inspiration

Here are some Instagram accounts to follow if you want to be inspired to try new beauty looks every day. We love @jinsoonchoi (for manicures), @bleachlondon (for hair colour), and @michellefawn (YouTube makeup guru Michelle Phan’s Instagram account).

J is for Dr Jart+

material world_dr jartIf you work in an air-conditioned environment, you’ll want a jar of Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Multi Balm on your desk permanently. This multi-purpose balm contains ceramides (the molecules that prevent moisture from evaporating from your skin), which means no more dry, scaly skin from being in an air-conditioned office all day. Unlike other cream-based moisturising lotions, this balm doesn’t leave your hands with greasy residue — in fact, the texture is more like candle wax. It also has a soothing bergamot scent that helps calm frazzled nerves during the workday.

Dr Jart+ is now available at selected Guardian and SaSa outlets.

K is for Kiehl’s
Screen shot 2014-01-30 at AM 11.49.04
Fans of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial range of skincare will be pleased to know that the brand is launching a new cream that’ll address skin dryness. Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration keeps skin moisturised for up to 24 hours with Enriched Hyaluronic Acid. A more detailed review of this super-hydrating cream will be posted up on Material World soon. But, if you can’t wait, hop down to your nearest Kiehl’s store to a 7-day sample.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration is available at all Kiehl’s stores islandwide.

L is for Laneige
No. 2 Shiny Gold

No. 2 Shiny Gold

The Spring eyeshadow palettes of Laneige come with high-pigmented shades that promise high-color realization. With 7 palettes to choose from, you can create a natural day-look or glamorous smoky-eye look. Personal favourite of the team? No. 2 Shiny Gold. Each palette retails for $40.

Laneige boutiques can be found at ION Orchard, JCube and Plaza Singapura.

M is for Maybelline Color Tattoo

Don’t you hate it when your eye makeup smudges or cakey after a day of being out and about? Being a busy go-getter, the last thing you need is to spend time cleaning off and re-applying your makeup. Maybeline Color Tattoo is an intense cream-gel that adheres to your eyelid easily, and clings on all day. No fading, no smudging, no caking. What’s more, this versatile product can be used as base makeup for your eyes, an eyeshadow, or even an eyeliner (you just need a fine-tipped brush).

Maybelline Color Tattoo is available at Watsons.

N is for Nars

Nars new

Bright, shimmery colours make up the colour palette for Nars’ Spring 2014 makeup collection. The Kauai Duo Eye Shadow, made up of gold lamé and iridescent smoky orchid, is a must-have in your makeup pouch. The gold shadow leaves a slight shimmer on your lids, making you look bright and perky during the day. After work, simply blend in the purple shadow from the outer corners of the lids, then dab the gold shadow on the inner corners for a sexy evening look. The Bimini Larger Than Life Lip Gloss gives your lips a juicy pout, thanks to its high-shine formula that’s infused with nourishing ingredients. Apart from the ones featured in the photo above, Nars’ Spring 2014 collection also comprises pencil liners in vibrant shades like metallic aquamarine, and a lip pencil in striking mandarin red. (L-R) Kauai Duo Eye Shadow, Bimini Larger Than Life Lip Gloss.

Nars is available at TANGS Orchard and Robinsons Orchard. 

O is for Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at PM 12.31.44Gravity can be such a party-pooper sometimes. If you think your face is starting to sag then this cream by Origins may be just the thing to give your jowls a lift! Promising to give your face the enviable the “V-shape”, the cream also claims to make your chin look slimmer and sharper. Well, there’s only one way to find out …

Origins can be found at Robinsons Orchard and TANGS Vivocity.

P is for Porcelain, The Face Spa

Material World_Soothe Mist Toner
If you’re a regular reader of Material World, you’ll know that we are fans of the facial treatments at Porcelain, The Face Spa. Apart from facials, this homegrown brand also carries their own line of skincare products. Porcelain Soothe, Mist Toner is a hydrating product that can be used after cleansing your face or even as a midday perk-me-up. With ingredients like Witch Hazel extracts, and vitamins C and E, this toner is robust enough to take on free radicals caused by environmental damage, but is still gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

Soothe, Mist Toner is available at Porcelain, The Face Spa

Q is for …


R is for RMK

velpicstitch20140129_115847This season, dramatic eyes make way for healthy, radiant skin and bold lips. RMK’s S/S 2014 collection is centred around fun, flirty pink, which is best epitomised by its W Crayon & Gloss Lips. On its own, the lip crayon has gives a matte finish with impressive staying power. Top it off with the semi-transparent gloss for a glossy finish – a great way to quickly change up the look to look more glamorous for evening events. RMK Kaleidoscope Nuance Color contains six different hues and six different textured powders to help contour and sculpt your featured, while giving it an unmistakable glow. (Clockwise from left) Kaleidoscopic Eyes 01, Kaleidoscope Nuance Color 01, W Crayon & Gloss Lips 02

RMK can be found at Isetan Scotts Level 1, Isetan Serangoon Central and Takashimaya D.S.

S is for Shiseido 

shiseido newLove the summertime glow but don’t wish to get a tan? With Shiseido’s Spring 2014 makeup collection, you’ll be able to find just the products to create that sun-kissed look. Apply the shimmery soft beige cream around the eyes, then blend in the yellow cream. For lips, dab on the lip gloss in pale lavender for a hint of colour. (L-R) Lacquer Gloss Lacque Brilliance in VI708, Shimmering Cream Eye Color Ombre Creme Satinee in BE217, Shimmering Cream Eye Color Ombre Creme Satinee in YE216. 

Shiseido can be located at TANGS, Robinsons and Takashimaya.

T for Too Faced

toofaced-mascaraThis mascara by Too Faced has made some rather bold claims – the most obvious being its name, Better Than Sex. And, based on the consumer study results, there was a 1,944-percent increase in lash volume, with 100 percent of the participants reporting dramatic volume and longer lashes. Lili, who claims to be “lash-deprived” was more than excited to try out this mascara. The first thing you’ll notice is its hourglass-shaped brush. Shaped after the silhouette of a woman, the brush was designed to separate, coat and curl each lash. This mascara has also got a long-wearing, smudge-proof formula with Acia Senegal tree extract to nourish the lashes. Application was a breeze; one single coat was enough to plump up and lengthen her sparse lashes. “While I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s better than sex, it is one of the better mascaras I’ve tried,” says Lili.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is available at Sephora outlets islandwide. 

U is for uemulo munenoli for shu uemura

uemulo for shu uemura new uniformStarting this month, shu uemura’s Beauty Stylists will sport a chic new look courtesy of Tokyo fashion label uemulo munenoli. You may wonder, “But it’s just a uniform. Why put in so much attention?” But according to the brand, its late founder Mr Shu Uemura once said that beauty stylists are like actors performing on the stage, except in this case they are delivering “artful performance centering on makeup and skincare.”

Check out this new uniform at all shu uemura counters islandwide.

V is for Vera Wang Princess Pink

Dressed in hot pink glitter, this limited edition Vera Wang fragrance is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! The scent is a heady mix of pink grapefruit, dewberry and raspberry sorbet, marshmallow fluff and sandalwood—just what we would expect of a budding new romance!

Vera Wang Pink Princess EDT is available exclusively at SaSa stores islandwide.

W is for … Water Transfer Nail Decals

material world_gummi nails
Always loved those cute and delicate nail art but find it too expensive to get a manicurist to paint it on for you? Well, now you can easily do it at home with Water Transfer Nail Decals from Gummi Nails. Available in assorted designs, these nail decals are super easy to apply. Check out the tutorial here.

X is for …


Y is for Yves Rocher
Not only is it Yves Rocher’s best-selling range, every product you buy from the Elixir 7.9 line will help plant a tree in the world. The brand hopes to plant 50 million trees by 2015 so every bit of help you can give this initiative will benefit our planet tremendously. Made from 7 active botanical ingredients, the Elixir 7.9 serum promises to intensify the rejuvenating effects of your current anti-ageing skincare. Read our review of the serum and the eye roll-on here.

Yves Rocher is located at Westgate #02-16.

Z is for Za 

velpicstitch20140127_153348Never again will you have to make the tough decision between lipstick and gloss with Za Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge. This lip product promises to give the rich, pigmented look of a lipstick and the high-shine finish of a gloss. What we like about this is its applicator — it dispenses just the right amount of colour, and is spoon-shaped to fit the curve of your lips for fuss-free application. The shade shown here is RS481.

Za is available at all Watsons stores.

There you go! You can’t call yourself a beauty junkie until you go through everything on this list! Yes, yes, we know there are 24 instead of 26. Pictures of the looks on Denise, Vanessa and Lili were taken with the Sony QX100.

Entrepreneurship, Self-Improvement

Learn The Ropes From Pauline Ng Of Porcelain, The Face Spa – Deborah Tan

Pauline (far right) on one of Porcelain's dedicated social service day.

Pauline (far right) on one of Porcelain’s dedicated social service day.

Pauline Ng is the 27-year-old Managing Director of Porcelain Pte Ltd, which is most well-known for its spa outfit Porcelain, The Face Spa. Having set up this venture at the tender age of 23, Pauline is one of the rising number of young women who have chosen entrepreneurship as their career path, eschewing the tried-and-tested route of a 9-to-5 job.

The first thing that struck me most when I met Pauline was how excited she gets whenever she talks about being an entrepreneur. She reached out to us at Material World when she learned about us leaving our jobs to start a business of our own, and took the initiative to find out if we needed any help or support from her. We definitely benefited from her generosity and enthusiasm. She has a can-do attitude that is infectious and her positivity is indeed inspiring.

This week, I speak to her to learn more about the challenges she met trying to set up her own business and how she deals with the competition in the Singapore’s bustling spa industry. If you are looking to venture into the world of beauty, this is one interview you have to read:

1. What inspired you to start Porcelain, The Face Spa?
Porcelain started only as a pet project and to help my mom. I recall one day a few weeks into starting Porcelain, one of my mom’s long time client from her asked me, ‘Pauline, do you know I used to look really ugly. I was ugly, but your mom made me beautiful.’

That was the moment I became convinced about starting Porcelain, and the Porcelain you know now started to take shape – the philosophies, the training, the products etc.

The Noisettes paid Porcelain, The Face Spa a visit when they were in Singapore.

The Noisettes paid Porcelain, The Face Spa a visit when they were in Singapore.

2. When starting a business, the paperwork and the admin matters are always the most daunting. For a spa business, what kind of licenses did you have to apply?
That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The paperwork never ends! I still dedicate 3 to 4 full days a month just for paperwork and that’s only because we have an admin assistant now. It’s unbelievable. But it’s good to have good protocols and systems to ensure checks and balances.

We are not registered as a spa business because right from the start my strategy was to specialize and focus purely on skincare – facial treatments and products. For a spa business in Singapore, you will need a Massage Establishment (ME) license from the Police Licensing Division. Prior to that you’ll need to get your Fire Safety Plans (FSSD) approved by the Fire Department and any changes to the space usage endorse and approved by the landlord and Urban Redevelopment Authority. After the ME license, you can proceed to apply for Casetrust License for Spa.

3. Did you enlist help from any experts when starting the business? Like lawyer, real estate agent, a mentor … Who were they and how did each of them help you?
When I started, I did not engage any professional help. However, along the way, and it’s still happening now, I will talk to my family and a close circle of friends as and when situations arise and I have difficulty fixing.

For example some close consultants are my uncle -who is a successful SME owner, my father-in-law (a business veteran), there are friends who have given me advice, who are CEOs and fellow entrepreneurs, friends who are lawyers and tax managers etc.

These advice range from GST tax issues, Employment Contracts, expansion strategies, hiring issues etc.

Then there are people like my husband and some close friends whom I can throw fresh ideas out at and they will tell me honestly if it’s foolish or great, without coating their words.

I am thankful each day for great people like them, without whom I could never have come so far.

4. What was the initial capital you had to start Porcelain? How did you go about finding it?
Our startup capital was from bootstrapping, goodwill from my family and bank loans.

We drew a meager salary for 2 years because I reinvested almost all the profits we have made into growing the firm. We have been doing so for the past 4 years. Whenever Porcelain makes money and we’d put more into buying equipment, into hiring, training and product R&D.

5. Did you apply for any funding? If so what was it? Was it difficult getting funding?
We didn’t apply for funding at the start. We are in the midst of applying a grant for a small project right now, but we can’t disclose yet. I would say the report writing skills from my college days paid off when applying for funding. The process is long, so for anyone who would want to consider getting government grants, apply 9-12 months ahead.

6. How do you work out the finances – like how much you need to make, how to go about meeting those targets?
You’ll definitely need to work out your cash flow projection when doing up your business plan. Even though things will never quite go according as planned, you’ll still need these two things done.

After 4 years of working on the accounts, I know where exactly each dime goes. Excel is my best friend, using that I have created multiple models projecting my hiring (including attrition) costs, inventory projection, high-cost purchases and payment terms, investment projections, marketing plans and ROI, Per Employee ROI etc. These models allow me to more accurately forecast my spending (on top of our monthly operational costs) and understand how much I need to be making to be black.

I am rather obsessive, I track all rates and numbers you can think of. Lead conversion rates, retention rates, channel effectiveness, cost per lead, ROI on all investments, cost per room, rate of utilization of our resources, cancellation rate and things like daily capacity etc. If something doesn’t seem to meet my expectations, I will come up with solutions to make it work better. That’s my job.

7. Was the business profitable from the very start? When did Porcelain started becoming profitable?
We were profitable within months of operation and have been since due very tight cost control and a steady, growing base of clients who believe in us. We are extravagant only on product development, equipment, and people. You cannot cut corners on things that matter, the fancy ‘good to haves’ can wait. For example, I learned how to do basic computer networking, and did the entire setup of our office myself! I still carry furniture back from IKEA and put them together for our office. My staff had to bring their own laptops to work during our first 2 years.

8. What advice do you have for new spa owners who are struggling to get their businesses off the ground?
Pay attention to the quality of your treatments and service levels of your staff. It needs to be consistently delivering above expectations.

Plan ahead but allow yourself some flexibility to make adjustments to your plans when some things don’t work. Don’t be afraid to sound stupid. To all fellow entrepreneurs, ask questions, throw ideas around, be fearless, you’ll never know what answers and inspiration you’ll get.

9. How do you deal with competition in the spa industry? How do you guard your business against competitors?
It’s my personal philosophy that the market is big enough, for as many quality competition as it can be. I view competition with respect (some with awe for their achievements) and love to meet entrepreneurs from my industry. Each business simply needs to find a space within the market to compete in, the pie is big enough for everyone to get a hearty slice.

To guard our business against competitors, we simply have to outdo ourselves and outdo them. If you are not good enough, if your product sucks, no amount of ‘guarding’ that could save you from failing.

10. How would you describe yourself as a businesswoman?
I am still very new in the industry and as an entrepreneur, and I am still finding my style of leadership and learning how to make better decisions faster.

I guess I am very hungry for knowledge and am quite a perfectionist when it comes to my work. Some may also say I am too optimistic but I think that’s a good trait to have.

Pauline makes sure her company does its part in giving back to society too.

Pauline makes sure her company does its part in giving back to society too.

Pocelain, The Face Spa is located at 15 Cantonment Road. You can learn more about its services from our review here! Visit for more information too.

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