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8 Game Of Thrones Men You Don’t Wanna Date – Deborah Tan

Unlike the other TV series where she usually finds someone to go ga-ga over, Deborah Tan is hooked on Game Of Thrones because the characters scare the living daylights out of her.

Although I jumped onto the Game Of Thrones bandwagon relatively late, I found myself intrigued by the fictional world of George R. R. Martin the moment I saw the opening credits of the series in Season 1. I’m reading the novels right now and one of the things I cannot stop myself from doing is reading up on the characters’ biographies on a Game Of Thrones wiki. And … this is a world filled with many, many undesirable men.

First, A Taste
On yesterday’s episode of Game Of Thrones (Season 4, Episode 2), Joffrey – the sadistic boy who succeeded his father as King – finally dies. He dies of poisoning at his wedding. It is a violent death with his face turning purple and him vomitting copious amounts of blood from every visible orifice. One down … but so many more to go.

The beginning of Episode 2 also sees Ramsay Snow – another sick, perverted dude – hunting down a woman in the forest. He sets his dogs after her, and when she finally succumbs to an arrow put through her leg, he lets his dogs tear her apart alive.

It is a shockingly violent piece of TV drama … and, something you can expect with almost every episode of Game Of Thrones.

Want more? Well, just last week, a conversation between Tyrion Lannister and Oberyn Martell revealed how the latter’s sister was raped by another sick and perverted dude in the form Gregor Clegane and was then killed by being split into two by his sword. Like, WHY SO VIOLENT?!?!

The Game Of Thrones universe is littered with gruesome, horrifying deaths that’d put the ones on the Final Destination franchise to shame.  Just so you get a feel of how it sucks to live in the world of Game Of Thrones, here are 8 guys you want to avoid if you ever met them on Tinder:

[Spoilers ahead. TAKE NOTE!]


1. Joffrey Baratheon
Violent, sadistic and mental, his capacity for cruelty is matched only by his utter lack of intelligence. A product of Cersei Lannister’s incestuous relationship with her twin brother Jaime, Joffrey is the worst person to rule a kingdom. At every chance he gets, he reminds Sansa Stark (his ex-fiancee) of the deaths of her father, whom he executed, and her brother, whom his allies assassinated. Once, he even orders Sansa to be stripped in public and beaten in full view of everybody in court.


2. Ramsay Snow 
Unlike Joffrey who is incapable of intelligence, Ramsay is cunning as he is cruel. Although not portrayed in the TV series, Ramsay likes to set his dogs after women he “set free” into the forest. If they gave him “good sport”, he would rape them, kill them quickly and then flay their corpses. For the women who did not give him “good sport”, he would rape them and then flay them alive. He is so good at breaking people down that he manages to “tame” Theon Greyjoy into becoming his servant Reek – but not before torturing him and castrating him while he was in the middle of being “pleasured” by two women.


3. Drogo
Technically, he isn’t a bad guy. A major character in Season 1, Drogo is the husband of Daenerys. He is much feared for his savagery and vast army among the non-Dothrakis, however, he turns out to be a loving and protective husband. Still, you will not want to cross this guy because when Daenerys’ brother threatens to take his sister away unless Drogo fulfills his promise to supply him with an army to take back the Iron Throne, Drogo gave him a “golden crown”. He melted a gold belt and poured molten gold over the guy’s head. AAAARGH!!



Sandor Clegane – disfigured by brother Gregor.

4. Gregor Clegane
Examples of his brutal and sadistic nature happen in events before the first novel. Besides allegedly being the rapist and murderer of Oberyn Martell’s sister, Gregor also disfigured his younger brother Sandor by shoving the latter’s face into the fireplace. The most disturbing thing? This happened when they were just boys. He is bloodthirsty and has a taste for torture. If he checks into the inn you’re spending the night in, CHECK OUT immediately.




5. Craster
This master of Craster’s Keep, this man marries his daughters when they are old enough to bear his children. He keeps the girls and sacrifices the boys to the White Walkers. When Jon Snow meets him for the first time in Season 2, Craster reportedly has 19 daugher-wives.


6. Petyr Baelish
Owner of several whorehouses at King’s Landing, Petyr at first appears to be an ally of Ned Stark and Catelyn Tully. He betrays Ned eventually. Having held the torch for Sansa’s mother, Ned’s wife, Catelyn since he was a boy, Petyr transfers this affection to Sansa. As a pretext for saving Sansa from the Lannisters, Petyr takes her to Vale of Arryn to woo her aunt Lysa, sister of Catelyn. When Lysa catches Petyr kissing Sansa, she tries to kill her niece but is in turn killed by Petyr who pushes her out of the Moon Door – a trapdoor that opens to a sheer drop down a mountain.


7. The Thenns


8. Roose Bolton
Father of Ramsay Snow, this guy heads the family known for flaying the skin of their enemies. Initially appearing to be on the side of Robb Stark, Roose switches sides when the Lannisters win the Battle of Blackwater. He plots to kill Robb, his pregnant wife, and his mother Catelyn at a wedding – something that is ethically frowned upon because you are not supposed to kill your guests.

Do you watch Game Of Thrones? Which character intrigues or scares you the most?


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