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A Bootylicious Start To A Sunday

Every couple received a pair of Paco Rabanne fragrance miniatures!

Every couple received a pair of Paco Rabanne fragrance miniatures!

Having an exercise buddy brings a wealth of benefits to the two of you. Besides increasing your chances of sticking to your fitness plan, you spend quality time with each other and work towards a positive change together. Just ask all 18 participants of our first-ever Sunday Sizzle, an event jointly organised with Paco Rabanne.

Despite it being a Sunday morning, nine pairs – a mix of couples and friends – showed up at Evans Road Stadium before 9am in jolly spirit. Once attendance was marked, personal trainer Simon Pink wasted no time getting everyone warmed up. “Simon says, go run two laps on the track now!” he barked good-naturedly.

After the run, the pairs were assigned to their respective circuit training stations. Each station consisted of two exercises. Upon completion of both exercises, the pair moved on to the next station for another set of exercises, and so on. The exercises included burpees, skipping, and Russian twist; there were nine stations in total.

No, that little boy in front wasn't one of the participants of Sunday Sizzle!

No, that little boy in front wasn’t one of the participants of Sunday Sizzle!

Nine stations, nine couples, 18 ways to work up a sweat

Nine stations, nine couples, 18 ways to work up a sweat

Coupled with the merciless sun glaring down on the participants, completing all nine stations was no mean feat. But thanks to the encouragement and positive vibes all around, they finished the challenging part of this hour-long session, and were left with one final task: the tug-of-war.

"1, 2, 3, PULL!!!!!!!!"

“1, 2, 3, PULL!!!!!!!!”

Introducing the champions of tug-of-war! Check out those intense looks of determination!

Introducing the champions of tug-of-war! Check out those intense looks of determination!

Divided into four different teams, the winning groups from the first two rounds would challenge each other to decide the overall champion, while the remaining groups would challenge each other for the third and fourth places. If they were exhausted from the circuit training before, they sure didn’t show it during the tug-of-war!

One of the participants, Debra

One of the participants, Debra

After 10 minutes of cheers and laughter, the bootcamp session came to an end. It left such an impression on the participants that some of them are already thinking of signing up with Simon for future classes! “I went with zero expectations, so this provided me a great opportunity to find out more about bootcamp. I enjoyed the class, and I’m probably going to sign up for more,” says Shermaine, 29. Debra, 20, agrees. “It was tough but fun at the same time, especially when you do it with your partner!”

Sunday Sizzle was far from over, of course. The participants had some time to freshen up before heading to Tiong Bahru Bar for the much-anticipated brunch. Thanks to Paco Rabanne, they didn’t have to worry about stinking up the gastrobar – all guys were given a Paco Rabanne Invictus miniature, and women received a Paco Rabanne Lady Million miniature.

Jimmy will be spritzing on Paco Rabanne Invictus on his next night out.

Jimmy will be spritzing on Paco Rabanne Invictus on his next night out.

Contained in a bottle the shape of a trophy, Invictus is a fresh, sporty fragrance that represents power and energy – perfect for a post-workout freshen-me-up for the lads. “I like its citrusy scent, and that it’s fresh yet masculine at the same time,” says Jay, 32. For Jimmy, 23, Invictus is more than just a post-workout spritz. “I’ll use this for a night out as well. It smells great!”

Speaking of smelling great, the participants were treated to a well-deserved brunch at Tiong Bahru Bar. For the starter, they had a choice of either Cream of Mushroom Soup or House Salad. The rich-flavoured soup was a hot favourite. “It tastes so good, I almost wanted another bowl!” says Choon Sze, 21.

For the main course, participants had a choice of either Fish & Chips or Prawn Aglio Olio. Banana Fritters were served to complete the meal.

The very sizeable Fish & Chips from Tiong Bahru Bar.

The very sizeable Fish & Chips from Tiong Bahru Bar.

Lovely ambience, delicious  food, great company - how every Sunday should be spent!

Lovely ambience, delicious food, great company – how every Sunday should be spent!

The scrumptious brunch proved to be the ultimate reward for the participants, as they tucked in and chatted over great food and free-flow soft drinks. “The portions are great,” says Pan, 20. “I will definitely come back for brunch soon.”

Thank you Paco Rabanne, Simon Pink, Tiong Bahru Bar, and Fiji Water for making Sunday Sizzle happen!

Thank you Paco Rabanne, Simon Pink, and Tiong Bahru Bar for making Sunday Sizzle happen!

Whew, what an exciting Sunday morning! We’re glad the participants enjoyed themselves, and we are definitely looking forward to our next Sunday Sizzle. Watch this space for updates!

Paco Rabanne Invictus and Lady Million are available at Paco Rabanne counters at Tangs Orchard and Robinsons (The Centrepoint and Raffles City Shopping Centre).

Tiong Bahru Bar is located at 3 Seng Poh Road, Tel: 6438 4360.

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One Crazy Thing Couples Do For A Hotter Relationship – Deborah Tan

“So …” the boyfriend said, “Terry and Lili participate in runs together?”

“Yeeessss,” I replied with a wary tone in my voice, already aware what he was trying to get at.

“Ahhhh!” he exclaimed. “Isn’t that nice of Lili? So supportive! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do the same too!”

And this would be my cue to give him my most Stop-It-I-Know-A-Hint-When-I-See-One look.

The boyfriend – much like Lili’s boyfriend – is an avid runner. For much of this year, he has been training to run a 100-mile race (160km). Often, he would disappear at the crack of dawn on Sunday, only to return soaking wet in perspiration at about 11am. “I ran 40km today,” he would declare proudly. Good. Continue what you are doing. It’s great. Just. Stop. Trying. To. Get. Me. To. Join. You.

Sometimes, when we encounter a couple jogging, he would wistfully go, “So nice when couples run together …” And, when all the hinting and whining fail to move me, he would adopt the bullying-tactic and go, “If you don’t come and run with me, I will sit my sweaty ass on your face when I get back.”


What he has failed to notice is that whenever we spot a couple jogging, the guy is always running at a reasonable speed – a speed that allows his wife/girlfriend to keep up. When we go running, what happens is Mr Speedy Gonzales himself would zoom off into the horizon, leaving me to play catch-up. How is this “running together”?


How to get a hotter boyfriend

Once, at about 9.30 at night, we decided to run through Bukit Batok Nature Reserve. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the place after dark but it’s CREEPY. Being left on your own to run after a boyfriend who may or may not hear you if something does happen to you was … NOT VERY HABIT-REINFORCING.

But as much as I whine and complain about my boyfriend’s attempt to get us to work out together, I must admit that it does wonders for the relationship and, for my fitness level. How?

1. The Mobile Phone Gets Put Aside
Everyone knows my phone is all but surgically attached to my hand. Out of 24 hours in a day, I am on my phone for at least 16 hours. Working out makes it hard to use the phone and forces me to be “present” and to “focus” on us for an hour or two. And since I’m not on my phone, I forget about work for a while and that kinda helps de-stress me a little.

2. I Work Out Just A Little Harder
Even if he doesn’t force me to run at his pace, I often find myself running a little faster out of the sheer fear that I’d be left too far behind. It also helps that he is a trainer and doesn’t get affected by my fake cries of help. “Take the 6kg kettlebell,” he’d say. And when I pick up the 4kg, he would go, “NO. Take the 6kg. TAKE IT. TAKE IT!!!”

3. It Takes Us Away From The Living Room
Like a child growing up, it is not healthy for a relationship when all a couple does is fester in front of the TV. Whether it’s climbing Bukit Timah Hill, kayaking at MacRitchie, or cycling at Pulau Ubin, working out together takes us away from the apartment and forces us to spend time together, without the TV as a distraction.

Have you or your boyfriend been thinking about embarking on an exercise regime together? If so, here’s an opportunity for the both of you:



20 guys and girls will have a chance to spend Sunday morning sweating it out with bootcamp trainer Simon Pink (he usually charges $30 per hour per person!). Every participant will receive a goodie bag worth over $20, containing a Paco Rabanne Invictus miniature (for men) OR a Paco Rabanne Lady Million miniature (for women). Details:

DATE: November 17 2013, Sunday
MEETING POINT: Running Track at Evans Road Stadium (it’s near Botanic Gardens)

*The registration fee will be spent solely on covering the cost of transporting equipment and logistics. Material World, Paco Rabanne and the trainer will not be profiting from this event.

UPDATE: All participants will be fed brunch by Tiong Bahru Bar! Wanna know what you’ll be eating? Click here now!

Booking Deadline: November 11 2013, Monday

To sign up, simply fill in the form below and we’ll advise you on the payment method. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT. Only by bank transfer or cheque. All payment must be made by the Booking Deadline. Your spot will only be confirmed when we receive your payment.

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Receive these useful fragrance miniatures!

Receive these useful fragrance miniatures!