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[Material World x Collection Cosmetics] How To Contour Like a Pro – Denise Li

With the right products, tools and a little know-how, contouring is actually a lot less complicated than it sounds.

I love makeup. There, I said it. I may not be your typical girly-girl, and I don’t feel the need to wear it every day, but I do love that a perk of my job is getting to try out some of the newest products that hit the market every month.

Lately, I’ve found myself stepping out of my makeup comfort zone. I used to only use foundation, blusher, and liquid eyeliner, but I’ve been experimenting with stronger looks. I’ve swapped my trusty liquid eyeliner for a pencil to create a subtle smoky eye, have started lining my lower lashline, and take every opportunity I can to wear bright lips.

But since I started wearing makeup at 18, there’s one territory I haven’t dared venture into: Contouring. Until recently, I wouldn’t touch bronzer with a ten-foot pole, simply because the margin for error is just too large. I didn’t know how or where to start applying it, and had resigned myself to the fact that contouring was something only professional makeup artists would be able to achieve.

So when the invite to Collection Cosmetics’ session on contouring came along, I jumped at the opportunity to attend, as I was curious to see if it really was possible for an amateur like myself would be able to recreate the look at home.

Makeup artists Fynn and Rei from The Make Up Room were on hand to demonstrate some contouring tips and tricks on a volunteer. Let me be the first to say it: It seemed like a really complicated process. Here, the steps:

1. Use Collection Primed and Ready Primer to mattify skin.

2. Using a brush, apply Collection Bright & Glow Brightening BB Cream. Rather than spreading it all over your face, you should only use it on your T-zone and the area under your eyes till where your cheekbones begin. This will help conceal dullness and make skin glow.

Collection Bright & Glow Brightening BB Cream, $16.90

Collection Bright & Glow Brightening BB Cream, $16.90

3. Blur out imperfections with Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer using a small flat brush, concentrating on areas like the sides of your nose and around your lips to neutralise redness and discolouration. You can also use it to further brighten up the under-eye area.

Lasting Perfection Concealer, $14.90

Lasting Perfection Concealer, $14.90

4. To make your cheekbones stand out, go for a foundation two shades darker than your skin tone (I used shade 6 of Collection’s Cover & Go Foundation and Concealer Duo). Brush it downwards from the side of your face close to the hollows of your cheeks, as well as along the jawline; this will shape your face to make it look slimmer. When applying it on your jawline, be sure to blend it downwards towards your neck so the colour contrast doesn’t look so stark.

Collection Cover & Go Foundation & Concealer Duo, $16.90

Collection Cover & Go Foundation & Concealer Duo, $16.90

5. Dust on a compact powder such as Collection Bright & Glow Brightening Compact Foundation on your T-zone to soak up excess sebum if you have oily skin.

Collection Bright  Glow Brightening Compact Foundation, $18.90

Collection Bright Glow Brightening Compact Foundation, $18.90

6. As an optional step, you can lightly brush some bronzer at the hollows of your cheeks for even more definition.

Gulp. That’s a lot of steps … was I going to be able to recreate this look for myself? Rei helped me along by recreating the look on the right side of my face, and I attempted to do it myself on the left.

Whaddaya know? It was actually less daunting than I thought it would be. I think the results of my efforts came pretty close to Rei’s! Sure, it did take quite a bit of time, though I think I’ll be able to halve the amount of time needed to do it with a little practice. You’ll also need a basic brush set at the ready because it’s just not possible to contour with your fingers. The effort, however, was worth it as I felt it gave my features a more 3D effect.

Before: no base makeup

Before: no base makeup

After: The magic of contouring - my face looks so much sharper!

After: The magic of contouring. My face looks so much sharper, and check out that glow! (We adjusted the white balance, but otherwise, this picture was not in any way retouched)

I like the fact that contouring had everything to do with knowing where on your face to apply the respective products, rather than piling on many base layers.

As it is pretty time-consuming, I’ll realistically only do it at home if I have a little bit of time to play with. But the one product I see myself using on a daily basis is the Bright & Glow Brightening BB cream. It made my skin look radiant, yet had a natural finish for that “no makeup” look. And, because it has hydrating properties (thanks to vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate) I’d feel confident to pass on the moisturiser on days that I’m in a rush to get to work.

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