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Food Review: Platters Bistro & Wine Bar with Jeremy Nguee – Deborah Tan

Preparazzi is basically a chef-on-call service where you can engage Jeremy Nguee’s team to provide excellent F&B for your private dinner parties or your events. Preparazzi also does a “gourmet tingkat (tiffin meals)” service for those who want to eat well and healthily but have no time to bother with the shopping and the cooking. And if splashing out on an awesome caterer isn’t in your books, don’t fret; you can sample food by Jeremy at Platters Bistro & Wine Bar. Located on Club Street, Platters is centered on the concept of communal dining, where people share and eat off a platter of food.

Every four months, the restaurant will collaborate with a chef from Singapore to design 6 platters. From now till end of February 2014, chef Jeremy Nguee’s creations for Platters will be available at the restaurant.

Material World was invited two weeks ago to sample Jeremy’s creations and here’s what we have to say:

Thunder Thighs & Crackpot Rice
A platter of French frog legs, soft shell crab, crab roe rice with butter & bacon, and Tobiko & Hollandaise.

Thunder Thighs & Crackpot Rice, from $38

Thunder Thighs & Crackpot Rice, from $38

We found the frog legs tender (Jeremy first soaks the legs in milk) and the rice, an indulgent creation that uses pork lard and topped off with crab roe sauce, extremely addictive. Although this platter’s two “main” things – the frog legs and the soft shell crab – are both deep fried, you will not get the “oily”, “heavy” feel usually associated with, say, a basket of fried seafood. The bacon bits may have added a “sinful” touch but we found them unnecessary given that the Tobiko & Hollandaise already provided a nice brine-y complement to the platter. Still, this is not something we would order because it is kind of like fancy fried pub grub.

The Maniac Meat Main Course
A platter of grilled Angus sirloin, truffle roast spring chicken, home-made foie gras terrine with buah keluak butter, maple candied bacon, fat potatoes, grape jelly and charcoal crumbs.

The Maniac Meat Main Course, from $48

The Maniac Meat Main Course, from $48

Now, you will understand why we won’t order the above platter once you see this one. We would have liked to sum it all up in one word because describing it while you are hungry is just pure torture. But here goes … the buah keluak (a traditional Nonya dish) shell is stuffed with butter mixed with smoky buah keluak paste. Social dining etiquette demands you should share it but really, if you can get hold of one entire thing, just shove your fork in and scoop the wondrous creation into your mouth before anyone says, “Share leh.” At the tasting, the kitchen had to bring out EXTRA buah keluak butter because we simply could not get enough of it.

But enough of the “side dish”. The mains are just as awesome. Chef Jeremy has the kitchen make the terrine from scratch. It’s not some bottled paste you can from a supplier, this is made fresh. The steak is juicy, cooked to the right done-ness. Even though chicken is hardly my favourite meat, I found myself asking for a second piece.

Meat-lovers, you will love this platter. Trust us on that. Perhaps what the chef can consider is serving a basket of freshly baked warm bread with it so we can have one more conduit to deliver the heavenly buah keluak butter into our mouths.

The one word we would use to describe this platter? AWESOME.

Coffee Caramel Delight
A dessert platter of caramel fondant, coffee jelly, vanilla ice cream, chili chocolate crumb and peanut brittle. 

Coffee Caramel Delight, $16

Coffee Caramel Delight, $16

There is another dessert platter you can order but we prefer this one way more. It’s the kind of dessert platter you feel you don’t want to share. Really. If you want to leave Platters with your friendship intact, we strongly recommend you each get one. There is no need to pretend that you want to “sample” each element to fully savour the flavours. Best way to eat this is to combine a little bit of everything onto a spoon, put it inside your mouth, and wait for the orgasmic explosion of bitter, sweet, smoky, crunchy, nutty, soft, and creamy, to happen.

The peanut brittle leaves the most distinctive impression with its texture while the coffee jelly makes this platter an “adult” dessert with its roasted bitter note. Overall, this is definitely something one person can handle easily … oh, we said that already?

This Platters menu by Jeremy Nguee will run till end February 2014. Platters Bistro & Wine Bar is located at 42 Club Street (Tel: 6223 8048). It is closed on Sundays. Material World was invited to a food tasting by the restaurant. All opinions are the author’s own.

About The Author: Deborah Tan is a founder of Material World. After 10 years of working in magazines Cleo and Cosmopolitan Singapore, she is now a freelance writer/editor who works on this website full-time. She likes liquid eyeliners, bright red lipsticks, tattoos, rock & roll, Mad Men, and Suits. She is craving for some steak for breakfast. Follow her on Twitter @DebTanTweets.

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