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[Material World x Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab] Chemical Peel For Dry Skin, Found – Tan Lili

Want to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin but aren’t a fan of chemical peels? A relatively new non-invasive exfoliating procedure known as Aqua Peel Facial might just be the ideal treatment for you. Read Tan Lili’s review to find out more.

In case you haven’t had enough of my whinging, allow me to yet again express my utter dismay at my drier-than-average skin. In my line of work, it’s pretty often that I get a chance to have my skin analysed. And each time, the skincare therapist would reaffirm my greatest beauty woe – that my skin is dehydrated.

My recent visit to Renaza’s Medical Aesthetics Spa at Palais Renaissance was no exception. Before deciding on the type of Customised Aesthetics Facial I’d be getting, the therapist gave my skin a thorough cleanse so she could get a better look at it and design a treatment for me.

“Hmmm … your skin is dry and it looks very dull.” Yep, she sure isn’t one to mince her words. “You shall try our new Aqua Peel Facial!”

My response was a rather violent upward jerk.

You see, I did a chemical peel before, and it took my skin one full week to stop shedding. But my patient therapist assured me the 90-minute Aqua Peel Facial is no chemical peel. In fact, it was probably created for apprehensive people with dry skin like me.

So, What Is The Aqua Peel Facial?

How my makeup-free skin looked the morning after.

How my makeup-free skin looked the morning after.

The Aqua Peel Facial is a relatively new non-invasive exfoliating procedure that works like a chemical peel, minus the discomfort as well as dry and flaky appearance after. My therapist likens it to an advanced diamond peel, which also employs microdermabrasion. But what makes this facial especially great for those with dehydrated skin is that it comes with the infusion of saline. The microdermabrasion step and infusion work hand in hand to safely and painlessly exfoliate the skin while hydrating it.

Somewhat appeased, I left my fragile skin to the hands of my therapist.

The microdermabrasion was, as promised, pain-free, and the saline infusion had a reinvigorating effect on my skin. The quick strokes of my therapist also worked to relax me further, making the procedure refreshingly comfortable – something you’d never experience with a chemical peel.

Next up is the extraction, followed by a soothing 20-minute mask. The Aqua Peel Facial includes a neck-and-shoulder massage as well.

After the facial, my skin looked a little raw (it’s a peel, after all) but otherwise noticeably brighter and more radiant. To my great relief, unlike my previous bad chemical-peel experience, my skin did not flake at all the next day. Consider me sold!

Great hair in less than an hour!

Great hair in less than an hour!

For An Amazing Head Massage

The Aqua Peel Facial wasn’t the only treat I received from Renaza that day. Before the facial, I had a Hair Wash & Blow at Renaza’s Telok Ayer Street outlet.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the part I look forward to the most during a blowout session is the hair wash, and Renaza sure doesn’t disappoint. For a good 10 minutes, I was treated to quite possibly the best head massage I’ve ever experienced, thanks to my stylist’s skillful fingerwork.

Birthday Deals For You!

As part of their 8th birthday celebration, Renaza will be rolling out a whole lot of great promotions over a period of two months. The Customised Aesthetics Facial (U.P. $250) will be going at $38, while the Hair Wash & Blow (U.P. $23-$30) will be priced at just $8.

Other signature treatments include Gua Sha Eye Massage at $38 (U.P. $200), and Beautiful Lips Treatment + Anti-Aging Pearl at $88 (U.P. $158).

Renaza’s 8th anniversary promotions, from August – September 2014, are available at all outlets. (Click here for outlet locations.) For the full list of treatments, please refer to the image below.


Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab worked with Material World for this post to review the Aqua Peel Facial and Hair Wash & Blow treatments. All opinions are the author’s own and have not been vetted by the client. Read our advertising policy here.

About The Author: A founder of Material World, Tan Lili has previously worked in magazines The Singapore Women’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Singapore, as well as (now, the online counterpart of Her World). She is now a freelance writer who works on this website full-time. Lili hopes to travel the world, work with wild animals, and discover more awesome Twilight fan-fiction. Follow her on Twitter @TanLiliTweets.

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The Multi-Functional Oil You Have To Try – Matthew Fam

We’ve all heard of oils that beautify your complexion and give you shiny locks of hair, but Matthew Fam has found one that you can actually eat for a nutrition boost while ticking all the beauty boxes for great skin and hair! Here’s why he’s going loco for the coco(nut oil).

o-BENEFITS-OF-COCONUT-OIL-facebookIt’s a nutrition must-have!

Uhm… Logically speaking, isn’t eating oil unhealthy? Well, not this one. Coconut oil is a rich source of saturated fat that aids in weight loss. What’s different is its chemical structure of medium-chain triglycerides that allows the body to digest it more rapidly, thus using up more energy.

In fact, 15 to 30 grams of such fat can increase 24-hour energy expenditure by 5% (that’s about an extra 120 calories burnt a day!) Its high lauric acid content also bolsters your immune system by fending off viruses such as the common flu, for instance.

You can cook it with rice, use it as dressing for salads, or just ingest it as it is. What I usually do is to add a tablespoon of the oil into my breakfast of soy milk, seeds and oats- and it totally ends up tasting like CHENDOL. Mind. Blown.

Plus, it’s easy to find a jar of this multi-functional oil from your local supermarket. You can even purchase a jar and have it home-delivered from health food websites like these.

2269941It gives you beautiful skin and hair!

Coconut oil works as a great moisturiser too. The luxuriously nourishing oil turns into a paste-like consistency below temperatures of 24 degrees celsius, so I leave a jar of it in the fridge. This way, it’s less messy for me to scoop the solidified, fluffy substance to spread on skin.

I have dry skin on my legs, so this beauty fix was perfect for an overnight moisturising treatment. The oil is absorbed well by skin, and you don’t have to worry about staining your bedsheets. I was surprised at how applying a dollop of coconut oil left a mild, fragrant scent that wasn’t overpowering at all. In addition, my legs definitely felt smoother the next morning!

If the thought of smearing food on your skin or scalp grosses you out, there are plenty of coconut oil-infused products out there for you to reap its benefits, without the potential ‘ick’ factor. Try Organix Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo. It’s non-SLS formula (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, a drying detergent ingredient in most shampoos) gives you shiny, silky strands.

cdentistryIt’s a major oral hygiene booster!

You’d be surprised to find out that the benefits of coconut oil even extend to oral health! The next time you get your hands on a jar of this miracle oil, try out oil swishing- an ancient Indian practice that dates back thousands of years.

What you need to do is gargle a table-spoonful of oil in your mouth, as you would with regular mouthwash, for 10 to 20 minutes. It is said to reduce bacteria and plague from your mouth, and gradually whiten teeth. When you expel the solution, the naturally transparent oil should now have a milky colour.

Sure, it shouldn’t replace regular brushing and flossing; but who doesn’t want a gorgeous smile, right?

With these all-encompassing benefits that ensure a healthier, more beautiful you, I am officially hooked on coconut oil!

About the Author: Matthew Fam is a contributing writer of Material World, and has worked at Cosmopolitan Singapore as an intern and Contributing Beauty Assistant. He writes, teaches, and performs for the stage. Matthew enjoys museum visits, Singaporean Theatre, and spends too much of his undergraduate allowance on magazines. Follow him on Instagram @mattjfam.


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How To Get Date-Ready In Under 5 Minutes – Vanessa Tai

So your crush suddenly hits you up for dinner and drinks tonight, or your boyfriend finally gets time off work and asks to meet. Vanessa Tai picks out four products that will get you from office-blah to date-hot, stat. 

Call me dramatic, but sometimes it feels like the universe is doing everything it can to get in the way of you hightailing it out of the office to meet your date. Your boss hands you a project with an urgent deadline at 5pm, the printer goes wonky just as you’re printing out slides for tomorrow’s client meeting, you’re trying to finish up an important proposal but can’t seem to concentrate, and so on. Add that to the stress of wanting to look your best before your date and you have a recipe for a potential meltdown. I get it, I’ve been there!

Don’t worry, with these easy tips, you can look (and smell) as fresh as you would if you had spent hours prepping at home. Here’s how:


After an entire day of being in an air-conditioned environment, your skin may appear dry or dehydrated. Plus, if you’re going to be drinking alcohol later in the evening, it could cause your complexion to appear dull. Revive tired skin with The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet. It contains over two million Aqua Spheres, as well as wheatgerm oil, shea butter, and soya oil to deliver a burst of hydration to your skin. With your skin looking so dewy fresh, you can even skip applying foundation.

material world_vit_e_aqua_boost_sorbet_product_img-3

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, $32.90

Make Up Store LED Lipgloss in Sparkle, $35

Make Up Store LED Lipgloss in Sparkle, $35


Here are some easy makeup tricks to look perked up, instantly. If your eyes are looking a little bloodshot or tired, use a flesh-toned eye pencil to line the inner rims of your eyes. It will offset the redness and make your eyes appear brighter. Another way to brighten up your features in a flash would be to add a swipe of lipstick. While you probably can’t go wrong with a bold red lippie, I think there’s something surprisingly alluring about a hot pink lipstick. It’s not as muted as a nude lip and not as in-your-face sexy as a red one. Right now, I’m crushing on Make Up Store’s LED Lip Gloss in Sparkle. I love the glittery, jewel-like effect and the LED light is particularly helpful for touching up in darker rooms (say, a club bathroom).

Such a pretty  shade, yes?

Such a pretty shade, yes?


So your hair is looking a little lank after a day of being hard at work. Bring your tresses back to life with Tsubaki Head Spa Sparkling Serum. This is an in-scalp essence that literally crackles and pops when you spray it onto your hair. Don’t worry though; it’s just the sparkling bubbles working its way into your scalp. Just a couple of spritzes should leave your hair looking and feeling softer and more luxuriant. Plus, the soothing scent of Camellia Oil and Camellia Flower Extract will calm any jittery pre-date nerves.

Tsubaki Head Spa Sparkling Serum, $18.90

Tsubaki Head Spa Sparkling Serum, $18.90


Now, I know fragrances are a very personal choice and you should wear whatever makes you feel the most confident. However, I’m not sure if you read my recent review of Elizabeth Arden’s UNTOLD Eau Légère but there was something about the warm muskiness of the fragrance that was a real confidence booster … and it was a hit with my date too! Anyway, here’s a tip on how to wear your scent strategically – since you’re probably going to be holding hands that night, mist your fragrance on your palms so that your touch will release small amounts of scent throughout the night.

UNTOLD Eau Légère, $117 for 100ml

UNTOLD Eau Légère, $117 for 100ml

There you have it – my secrets to looking fab in under 5 minutes! Share with me your own pre-date beauty secrets in the Comments section below.

About The Author: Vanessa Tai is a founder of Material World who has previously worked on magazines Simply Her and Cosmopolitan Singapore. Now a freelance writer and a full-time contributor to this website, the 27-year-old dreams of attending every single major music festival before she turns 30. Follow her on Twitter @VannTaiTweets.

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26 Things To Put On Your July Watchlist

Are you ready to embrace the second-half of 2014? We’re still recovering from the whirlwind that was the first-half of the year, to be honest. But with so many cool places to see, products to try and activities to check out in July, we’re all set to enter yet another whirlwind of new experiences!

A is for Anti-Ageing



Youthful skin isn’t just wrinkle-free; it’s also free from pigmentation, and glowing with youth and radiance. A two-step, in-home peel, the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel aims to rejuvenate skin by resurfacing and replenishing skin with peptides and vitamin C for smoother and more radiant skin. Best of all, results are evident after just one use, and the whole process takes less than 10 minutes!

Philosophy is at B2-03 Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City; and #01-16 Bugis Junction.

B is for Becasse 

Becasse has launched its first full format dining concept at Dempsey Hill and it promises to spoil you silly with a wide menu consisting of French- and European-inspired dishes, a seafood bar and fresh hand-made pastries made on-site daily. Fans of brunch will love the Croque Madame with a truffle baked egg and the fluffy but oh-so-sinful sticky date pancakes.

Becasse is located at Blk 10 Dempsey Hill #01-21. Tel: 6479 8119.

C is for Cats of the World Photo Exhibition

One of the entries from Japan!

One of the entries from Japan!

Love cats? Then this annual exhibition is one you can’t miss! In its eighth season this year, the non-profit Cats of the World Photo Exhibition features photos of adorable furballs, taken by aspiring and professional photographers around the world. This year, look out for one-off cat-inspired creations by artists such as David Chan, Ginette Chittick, Wyn-Lyn Tan and Puffingmuffin; each artwork will be sold for $100 to raise funds for Cat Welfare Society. Of course, you can also look forward to the exhibition’s feline-themed flea market. From postcards and notebooks to accessories and even toys for cats, the Saturday Purrzaar Market has been a crowd favourite since it was launched in 2011.

Cats of the World Photo Exhibition will take place from July 2-28 at The Arts House. The Saturday Purrzaar Market, also held at The Arts House, will take place on July 5, 12 and 19, from 11am to 6pm.

D is for District 10 Brunch 


Mothers looking for a place where the kids can play while they tuck into their scrambled eggs can check out District 10 at The Star Vista. On Sundays, the restaurant installs a full-size bouncy castle to keep the kids occupied while their parents grab a bite. If you like food with a local twist, the pandan pancakes with gula melaka syrup will hit all the right spot.

District 10 is located at The Star Vista, #01-42/K3 (next to the taxi stand). Tel: 6694 2884. Email: .

E is for Exciting Fashion News

material world_zalora material girl

We may call ourselves the Material Girls, but we all know who the original Material Girl is. Apart from being the reigning Queen of Pop, Madonna also dabbles in fashion. She and daughter Lola have a popular fashion label, Material Girl, which was previously only available in department stores in the US, Australia, and Canada. But not anymore! You can now get your hands on the label’s trendy peplum tops, printed pencil skirts, bodycon dresses, and more on Zalora! The Spring collection is now available for purchase at

F is for Football Fever

So not everyone’s inclined to sit down to spend 90 minutes watching The Beautiful Game, especially when it’s screening at unearthly hours, but we’re pretty sure that practically everyone will fall in love with the Breadzil 2014 collection that Breadtalk has released to celebrate The World Cup. Our favourite? The Dillopillo, a spicy sambal chicken bun inspired by the armadillo mascot. It looks cute, and tastes even better.

For a full listing of Breadtalk stores, visit this link.

G is for Great Skin


If hot and humid weather is causing your zits to come out and party, now may be the time to switch to a BB cream that not only provides coverage but also controls shine and fights blemishes. Powered by Community Fair Trade tea tree from Kenya, The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream blends seamlessly into the skin to give you a great-looking complexion. At just $29.90 per tube, it’s a summer beauty must-have!

Available at all The Body Shop islandwide from 7 July 2014.

H is for Healthy Tresses

HWe’ve all resorted to trimming our own tresses at home to get rid of split ends, but now there’s an easier way to repair damaged hair. Enter the L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Emergency Care Split End Sealer. Powered by active ingredient LAK1000, it promises to penetrate deep into the hair to reinforce damaged hair structure and strengthen hair fibre. Up to 6,500 strands of hair will be repaired with just one use!

Available at Watsons and Guardian pharmacies. 

I is for Instant Laksa

There’s something strangely comforting about a bowl of instant noodles, especially after a long day of work or after a night of partying. Now, MAGGI ups the ante with MAGGI SENSES Laksa, with a special wet paste made with fresh galangal, spicy red chilli, and ginger. Combined with MAGGI’s signature springy noodles, this is a slurp-worthy bowl of deliciousness.

MAGGI® SENSES™ Laksa is available at $7.95 for a pack of 4x141g at all leading super/hypermarkets and convenience stores.

J is for Jermyn Street


The trend of high-end grooming stores for men seems to be taking off in Singapore and more’s the better, we say! Jermyn Street is the new kid on the block. The decor is inspired by the 1930s style, and it offers a comprehensive suite of services including a luxury hotel towel straight razor shave, haircuts, shampoos, manicures and pedicures, eyebrow grooming and much more. Something to treat your man to on his birthday, we think.

Jermyn Street is located at 108 Amoy Street. For more information, visit

K is for Kiehl’s 

One of our all-time favourite beauty brands is celebrating its 10th year in Singapore! Kiehl’s turns 10 this July and to mark this momentous event, it is sending out Ultra Generous Trucks across 21 destinations across the island to hand out samples and treats! So keep a lookout for these trucks – there is a selfie contest too! Details in the latest issue of Kiehl’s Times at all Kiehl’s stores islandwide.

L is for Laneige


After 20 years of research (you know they mean business when they spent two decades researching on moisture), Laneige has introduced the new and improved Water Bank range, which claims to deliver eight times more moisture into the skin. Through their research, they found that Asian skin is more susceptible to moisture loss. To tackle this problem, the reformulated Water Bank range features the exclusive Moisturizing Biogene Technology and Hydro Ion Mineral Water to restore the Asian skin’s natural ability to generate and retain moisture – even under dry conditions. The Water Bank range consists of Water Bank Essence_EX ($60), Water Bank Eye Gel ($49), Water Bank Gel Cream_EX ($52), Water Bank Moisture Cream_EX ($52), and Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask (5 sheets, $34).

The Water Bank range is available at all Laneige boutiques and counters islandwide.

M is for Melissa


Brazilian shoe brand Melissa collaborates with some of the biggest names in fashion – Karl Lagerfeld, Jason Wu, Gareth Pugh, and J Maskrey – to roll out even more fantastic pieces for its Fall/Winter 2014 collections. These pieces will be available from July 2014 at the new MDreams Boutique at One Raffles Place, as well as its existing store at Wheelock Place.

MDreams is at #01-11/12 1 Raffles Place, and B2-03 Wheelock Place.

N is for “No” to Shark Fin

Kudos to Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and Singapore Airlines (SIA) Cargo for saying “No” to shark’s fin! Starting last month, MBS is no longer serving shark’s fin in restaurants it owns and operates, as well as in MICE events at Sands Expo and Convention Centre; from August 1, SIA Cargo will no longer carry shark’s fin on its cargo flights. The two bigwigs are the latest to join the growing list of companies that have pledged to protect the environment and play a part in shark conservation.

O is for Oleosome Technology

A sunscreen is a sunscreen is a sunscreen, right? Not so, with Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50. This sunscreen is made with the new Oleosome Technology, which is a type of technique that slowly releases sunscreen directly to your skin surface over time. This increases the UV protection minus any additional chemicals or emulsifiers. Even better, this formulation comes with botanical extracts like Licorice, Orange Peel, and Ylang Ylang to soothe and nourish your skin.

Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50 is available for $75 at all AsterSpring Centres and selected Dermalogica-authorised skin treatment centres.

P is for Pretty Homeware Collection


Racking your brain for a housewarming gift for a vintage-lovin’ friend? Cath Kidston’s High Summer collection has her name on it! Featuring a botanical theme inspired by the ’50s, the Painterly Rose baking collection includes baking ware and accessories such as a ceramic cake stand, rolling pin and adjustable apron.

Cath Kidston’s High Summer collection is available at Cath Kidston outlets islandwide.

Q is for Qi Mantra

If you’re after flawless, radiant skin for that special occasion, be sure to book yourself in for the Miracle Facial, $350, at Qi Mantra. It’s a 90-minute non-invasive treatment that marries advanced VPL (Variable Pulse Light) and revolutionary stem cell technology to stimulate collagen production and significantly improve signs of ageing. Best of all, there’s no downtime!

For a full listing of Qi Mantra outlets, click on this link.

R is for Ramen 


Sake + Ramen = one deliciously addictive bowl of noodles! The sake broth at Shin-Sapporo Ramen takes a minimum of 8 hours to produce and you can taste the potent flavor of the sake with every bite. The noodles are made fresh daily in the shop and the pork broth is painstakingly prepared by boiling the bones over high heat for 15 hours. For a taste of this awesome ramen, make your way to Shin-Sapporo Ramen at Orchard Gateway today.

Shin-Sapporo Ramen is located at B2-04A/05. Tel: 6702 4906.

S is for Summer Beauty


Founder Lili sporting Priscilla lip gloss

Founder Lili sporting Priscilla Lip Gloss in Shocking Pink.

Synonymous with poolside and beach parties, summer is all about having a splashing good time and sexy, bold appearances. Complete the sun-kissed look with Nars Summer 2014 collection, whose palette is a striking mix of pop and sultry the collection. We love Priscilla Lip Gloss in Shocking Pink ($37) – it is eye-catching and amazingly wearable! Other makeup products from the collection include Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow in Neon Lemon Lime and Icy Lavender ($50); Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow in Golden Pewter and Lilac Snow ($50); Malacca Single Eyeshadow in Iridescent Peacock ($38); and Hot Sand Illuminator in Peach Champagne ($45).

Nars Summer 2014 collection is available at Nars counters islandwide.

T is for Tempting Cocktails

At a recent media tasting at Ding Dong, we were blown away by the lethally delicious cocktails. One of our favourites was The Golden Mile, which is a blend of Thai herb-infused Ketel One vodka, blue ginger gomme, and citrus. The best way we can describe is like a refreshing alcoholic beverage with nuances of Tom Yam. Sounds strange but it’s surprisingly delectable. Another drink we enjoyed was the Fujiyama, which is made with Yoghurt sake, elderflower liqueur, fresh strawberries, and yuzu liqueur. Because of the sweet flavours, this is a deceptively easy drink to down. It’s only when the buzz hits you that you realise how potent the drink really is.

Ding Dong is located at 23 Ann Siang Road, Tel: 6557 0189

U is for Ujong


The chef who brought you Wok & Barrel is back with even more tantalising treats at the newly-opened Ujong. Chef Shen has a knack for putting a gourmet spin on humble local dishes and elevating them to something amazing. And now you can enjoy her signature dishes such as Claypot Rice with Five Spice Pork, Har Zi Meen, and Hae Bee Hiam Mentaiko Capellini with a side of Col di Salici Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore. This is a zesty, dry Prosecco sparkling wine with fruity notes that pairs beautifully with the rich flavours of Chef Shen’s dishes.

Ujong is located at #01-10, 328 North Bridge Road, Raffles Hotel Arcade, Tel: 6635 6502

V is for Von Trapp


The delightful Von Trapp family comes to town! The Sound of Music, arguably the world’s most iconic musical, comes to the MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands this July, all the way from London’s West End. Based on the original 1959 Broadway production, this is one show everyone in the whole family will enjoy! Get your tickets here.

W is for Whiff of Fabric Fragrance

Downy’s latest range of fabric softeners features an innovative technology known as the Scent Switcher Technology – and, yes, it apparently does what its name implies. The new Downy Parfum Collection is formulated with two types of Downy’s signature perfume microcapsules, which will be deposited onto the clothes during washing. Through the rubbing, moving and wearing of the fabric, the Scent Switcher Technology is activated, during which the two microcapsules are released at varying amounts. We can’t be sure exactly how and whether that works, but it sure sounds interesting!

Downy Parfum Collection, from $6, is available at all leading supermarkets.

X is for X-cellent Deals

If you have a Mastercard debit/credit card, now’s the time to put it to work. Why? Cos it’s partnered with Borderfree to give you free shipping for orders above USD100 at nine US online merchants. The merchants are: Aeropostale, Adriana Goldschmied, Bloomingdale’s, Eileem Fisher, Elie Tahari, Jos A. Bank, Lands’ End, Lane Bryant and MotoSport. Simply key in the code MCSHOP when paying with your Mastercard card. Promotion is on from now till July 14, 2014.

Y is for The Fountain of Youth 


Looking perfect at every age is now almost possible with Shiseido’s new Vital-Perfection skincare series! Combining whitening and anti-aging benefits, this skincare line brings you impossibly bright and firm skin with the revolutionary ingredient VP8. This ingredient shuts off the creation of aged proteins, which are the root cause of wrinkles, sagging, dullness and yellowish skin. Results can be seen in as little as 1 week.

Shiseido Vital-Perfection skincare series is now available at Shiseido counters islandwide.

Z is for Zero Percent Worries On Spots 


SK-II’s new Whitening Spots Care series claims to give you 0% worries when it comes pigmentation and skin damage. For a targeted solution, the Ultimate Spots Corrector boasts a dual approach, breaking the vicious cycle of spot formation and helping repair existing skin damage to prevent new ones.

SK-II is available at department stores islandwide.

Beauty & Shopping, Hair, Makeup

10 X-Men Inspired Beauty Looks For Non-Mutants – Matthew Fam

Are superhuman abilities out of reach for us non-mutants? Not a chance! The ladies of X-Men may have fire-wielding and shapeshifting tricks aplenty, but you can have super beauty with these 10 X-Men inspired beauty looks.

Relax- it's not her blue body paint we're talking about.

Relax- it’s not her blue body paint we’re talking about.

1. Mystique
This shapeshifting babe has got the smoking beauty trend you HAVE to follow (hint: it’s not her blue skin). Slicked back hair is neat and amazingly chic, especially when contrasted with a bold lip.

Hold the style in place using hair mousse. For bobbed hair lengths, dispense mousse the size of a lemon; for long hair, a baseball-sized mound would suffice. Apply on damp hair that is 60% dry, then style behind ears and blowdry.

2. Kitty Pryde
You may not phase through walls, but Kitty’s ‘no-makeup’ makeup can take you from work to weekend brunch without a beauty hitch.

Instead of creating an artificial mask of foundation, use a stippling brush (it distributes product evenly without streaks) to apply makeup only on problem areas. Dab on lip and cheek stain for a subtle pinch of colour. Now, with a face that pretty, you’ll be able to snag your very own Iceman.

Short crops = world domination.

Short crops = world domination.


3. Storm
Storm may have the power to manipulate the weather, but you can heat things up too- with a sexy short crop, that is! Having shorter crops doesn’t mean that you can’t look feminine. A smooth, pixie cut a la Anne Hathaway can be demure-looking as well.

When creating texture, the key is to use hair wax sparingly. Rub a ten-cent coin sized dollop between palms and rake fingers through hair. Add extra for a windswept ‘do. But remember not to go overboard- the weight of excess product will flatten your mane.


Bold brows FTW! (Not quite sure about face tats, though…)

4. Callisto
Joining forces with Magneto’s brotherhood of mutants in X-Men: The Last Stand, Callisto expresses her superhuman strength through her bold brows and face tats. Okay, so face tattoos aren’t exactly office friendly, but these strong-woman brows are a must!

Using a brow pencil, swipe upwards in diagonal, feather-like strokes. It’s all about looking fierce and fabulous, daaahling.



5. Emma Frost
She may have diamond-tough skin but Emma’s look is hardcore beauty. A pale colour palette is essential for achieving this pristine, icy look. Keep eyeshadows simple, and stick to neutral lip shades.

For fairer complexions, opt for pink-based nudes; darker complexions should try caramel tones instead. Blend highlighter along the top of cheekbones and dot the inside corner of eyes.

tumblr_mcz8m37J9b1r8g7kno1_500 26.Lady Deathstrike
Do adamantium claws and leather cat suits a femme fatale make? Not on our watch. Deathstrike’s sensous eye and a dark lip gives her an edge above the rest. To channel this foxy fighter, a luscious coating of mascara is what you need. Coat the tips of your lashes with brown mascara to create the illusion of larger eyes.

Mocha magic.

Mocha magic.

7. Angel Salvadore
Want Angel’s mocha-toned skin, but afraid of the skin-damaging effects of the Sun? A cream self tanner can solve your problems. For an even wash of bronze, exfoliate and moisturise skin before application- dry patches of skin grab onto too much colour and create a blotchy tan. (Watch out for knees and elbows!)


rogue_hulk8. Rogue
She has the power to absorb memories and you don’t. But what you can steal is everyone’s attention with your sexy, silky tresses. *Cue shampoo-commercial dramatic hair flip*

Rogue’s silky standards are no superhuman feat: the trick lies in misting hair with a heat-activated straightening spray so hair is frizz-free. Follow this with the use of a hair iron. Then slick a pump of hair oil from mid-shaft to tips for glossy, lustrous strands.

9. Blink
A recent addition to the X-Men film franchise, Blink gives us major punk with her stark orchid highlights, and crazy plum pout. For a temporary streak of colour, use hair chalks.

Thinking of upping the ante? Try a graphic, bold eye like Blink’s.

It's not just the wind machine that's making her look so fabulous.

It’s not just the wind machine that’s making her look so fabulous.



10. Phoenix (Jean Grey)
When she’s not going batsh*t crazy annihilating everything in her path, Phoenix rocks those auburn tresses even without a wind machine.

If you’re thinking of penciling in a salon dye job, avoid conditioning hair before your visit. Red dye pigments have a large molecule size. This means that any prior conditioning would seal the cuticle and block pigment from penetrating the hair shaft, producing a less-saturated colour.

A botched dye job is a huge no-no. After all, who else is going to save the world if you don’t look fabulous??


So, which of these X-Men inspired beauty looks is your favourite? Share with us in the comments section below! 

About the Author: Matthew Fam is a contributing writer of Material World, and has worked at Cosmopolitan Singapore as an intern and Contributing Beauty Assistant. He writes, teaches, and performs for the stage. Matthew enjoys museum visits, Singaporean Theatre, and spends too much of his undergraduate allowance on magazines.

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The Hair Q&A You’ve Got To Read – Tan Lili

What is the one important haircare trick you should do before you shampoo your hair? Does washing your hair every day strip your scalp of healthy oils? A hair expert from Shiseido Professional answers those, and more.


You know those stray wiry Maggie-Mee hair strands that stand out like a sore thumb? Confession: I used to pluck them out. The sight of such strands would – and still does – irk me; ignoring them was simply not an option.

That is, until my chat with Shiseido Professional’s Tien Goh, Senior Educator, Salon Business Division. I told her about my nasty habit, to which she exclaimed, “NO! You should never do that! What were you thinking!?” Oops. Below, Tien corrects other common hair mistakes we unknowingly make.

How do I get rid of wiry flyaway hair? Can I pluck it out?

girl pull hirIn one word: No!

A follicle has 25 cycles throughout its life; a strand of hair has an average life cycle of three to seven years. To put it simply, one follicle is able to “give birth” to 25 strands of hair before it closes and “dies”.

The wiry hair that looks like it is sprouting out, is actually your new hair growth. If you keep plucking it out you are shortening the lifespan of its follicle. I know of someone who kept plucking that one strand of white hair around the hairline but, turned out, that strand of white hair was in fact a cluster of white hair. After two years of plucking and terminating the follicles, it resulted in a tiny bald patch.

The solution? Apply hair serums for shine. Or, use a soft wax (created for long hair) which has light holding control to tame the flyaways while leaving behind a healthy shine. If you prefer an oil-free appearance, spritz on hair spray onto your palm then smooth it on your hair.

Should I comb my hair before shampooing?

Yes. During the shampooing process, the hair will get tangled, so combing it before will reduce the likelihood of badly tangled hair. Also, it helps brush away dust and dirt.

I don’t have a full head of luscious hair. How can I make it appear more voluminous without backcombing or using damaging styling products?

A powder-based product will help if blowdrying it daily is not your cup of tea. While the trend is to sprinkle powder onto the hair to create a fluffy appearance, some people experience difficulties in applying the power and feel it sometimes clumps up the hair.

Try using Powder shake from Shiseido Professional. Rather than being powder-based, this innovative spray-on product has got powder particles infused into its water-based formulation. It is able to create voluminous hair on any length, is easy to apply, and washes off easily. Probably the best feature about it is that it is anti-humidity, which makes it long-lasting – perfect for our weather!

Child girl with shampoo on her hair looks back in bathtubIs it true that washing our hair every day will strip our scalp of healthy oils?

Yes and no. The answer really depends on an individual’s scalp condition. It is advisable and okay to shampoo our hair daily due to our hot and humid weather, especially for those who sweat a lot or have a normal to oily scalp.

For some whose scalp is on the dry side where the sebaceous gland is not producing enough natural sebum to protect the skin, daily washing might be too drying. One symptom of a dry scalp include fine and powdery flake that falls off easily. If you have dry scalp, try Fuente Forte Scalp Care Shampoo and Scalp Conditioner from Shiseido Professional The Hair Care range; it is specially formulated for dry, sensitive scalps.

Please note that a dandruff shampoo will not solve the problem of a dry, flaky scalp as it will only further dry the scalp, resulting in more flakes. Dandruff is normally caused by insufficient shampooing or not shampooing daily for oily, sweaty scalps, which results in the growth of excess microorganisms, triggering a reaction in the scalp and making it irritated. A telltale symptom of dandruff is the appearance of oily, sticky, and yellowish clusters of flakes that stick on the scalp. For this, you will need to use a dandruff shampoo with an antibacterial formula to kill the microorganisms.

I have short hair. Is it necessary for me to use a conditioner after shampooing?

For hair to grow from the scalp to slightly over the shoulders, it takes about three years. In other words, three years of daily shampooing means the ends of your long hair would have gone through 365×3 times of washing. So, yes, it is necessary to use a conditioner after shampooing to seal and protect your hair cuticles against dryness (from the daily wash).

Choosing a scalp conditioner / light conditioner for short hair is advisable. Try Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Adenovital Scalp Treatment for light conditioning; it can be massaged into the scalp to promote healthy blood circulation.

Can massaging my scalp really stimulate hair growth?

Yes. Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to promote cell growth for all parts of our human body, therefore massaging your scalp does help maintain its health. But in the case of thinning hair, our lab has noticed a decrease and shrinking of blood vessels, so rather than solely relying on scalp massage, you might want to consider using a specially formulated hair product against hair loss.

Can I go to bed with wet hair?

Technically, the answer is no. If you often go to bed with wet hair, it doesn’t pose any direct health risks but, over time, your pillow will become a breeding ground for fungal spores, which can lead to problems especially for those with mould allergies and asthma.

Does exposing my hair to sunlight cause it to lighten over time?

Yes, the combination of UV rays, humidity and oxygen in the hair will result in natural oxidation, which leads to the lightening of the melanin in our hair. It is like a car parked outdoors; after a period of rain and sun, it will result in rust and oxidation.

About The Author: A founder of Material World, Tan Lili has previously worked in magazines The Singapore Women’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Singapore, as well as (now, the online counterpart of Her World). She is now a freelance writer who works on this website full-time. Lili hopes to travel the world, work with wild animals, and discover more awesome Twilight fan-fiction. Follow her on Twitter @TanLiliTweets.

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[Material World x Panasonic] Beautiful Blowouts, Every Day – Vanessa Tai

This Mother’s Day, let Mummy Dearest enjoy a sleek blowout every day, with this hair dryer from Panasonic.

Scores of people have commented that my mother and I look alike, so I guess it must be true. Apart from our facial features though, my mum and I share one other similar trait – our hair. Both of us have incredibly thick hair, which may sound like a blessing, but it can get coarse and unruly without proper maintenance. Whenever we’re too busy to visit a salon, our hair has been likened to everything from “a lion’s mane” to “a landmark” (because you can spot our poofy hair from afar).

In an ideal world, my mum and I would visit the salon every other day to get a professional blowout, but of course that would be impractical. The next best thing? Panasonic Nanocare Hair Dryer EH-NA45. This innovative new hair dryer doesn’t just dry your hair – it emits nanoe ions to deliver moisture to your strands, and platinum ions to curb damage from UV rays.

Panasonic Nanocare Hair Dryer EH-NA45, $169

Panasonic Nanocare Hair Dryer EH-NA45, $169

But first, what is the difference between ionic hair dryers and regular hair dryers? Here’s the thing: when your hair is dry and frizzy, it’s charged with positive ions. An ionic dryer emits negatively charged ions that break down water molecules so that they’re able to penetrate your hair shaft and hydrate your hair from the inside out. Panasonic takes this one step further with its nanoe technology – the nanoe ions’ moisture content is approximately 1,000 times greater than that of negative ions – delivering moisture deep into your hair shaft. Platinum ions work by coating your hair surface and tightening the cuticle, which creates a glossier and sleeker appearance.

Also, unlike other ionic hair dryers, Panasonic separates the outlet for negative ions and nanoe particles from the outlet for hot air. That’s because nanoe and negative ions tend to lose some of their moisture to the hot air, so this helps to maximise the hydrating effect.

My thoughts:

The first thing I noticed about this hair dryer is how the air isn’t as hot as other hair dryers I’ve used. Instead of jets of hot air, this produces a more steady stream of warm air. However, it still dries my hair as quickly as my regular hair dryer. Also, because I know my scalp is regularly being assaulted by UV rays and other environmental stresses, I took comfort in the fact that each time I dried my hair, the nanoe technology was working to keep my scalp hydrated and healthy.

What really impressed me, however, was how easily my hair fell into place after one blowout. Typically, I would still need to brush out my hair and apply a variety of hair serums to create that smooth, frizz-free look. However, with this hair dryer, I just needed to run my fingers through my hair after using the dryer and it created this (almost) professional blowout look. Check out the pictures below (taken on two separate occasions):

material world_panasonic

Pictures have not been Photoshopped or digitally altered in any way.

While I’ve been using this hair dryer as part of this review, I’m tempted to buy one for my mum just so I can use it for myself. If you’re still racking your brains as to what to get your mum for Mother’s Day, look no further!

Panasonic Nanocare Hair Dryer EH-NA45 is available for $169 at Best Denki, selected Courts and Harvey Norman outlets, Isetan Scotts, OG, Takashimaya DS., Tangs Orchard and other authorised Panasonic dealers. 

Panasonic worked with Material World for this post to review its Nanocare Hair Dryer EH-NA45. All opinions are the author’s own and have not been vetted by the client. Read our advertising policy here.

About The Author: Vanessa Tai is a founder of Material World who has previously worked on magazines Simply Her and Cosmopolitan Singapore. Now a freelance writer and a full-time contributor to this website, the 26-year-old dreams of attending every single major music festival before she turns 30. 

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7 Ways To Rock Pantone’s Colour Of The Year- Matthew Fam

Guilty of revisiting the same old cycle of clothes and makeup to work? Enter Pantone for a major intervention. Its 2014 colour of the year, Radiant Orchid- a mixture of fuschia, purple and pink undertones- will add a flash of drama to your ailing ensemble. Here is your fashion and beauty remedy with the 7 ways to rock this delicious hue. 

1. Hair: A Radiant Head of Orchid
Oh, do you not already know of the trend that takes tresses from Plain Jane to candy-coloured gorgeousness? Now try it with Radiant Orchid. Should you decide to colour your hair in this lush shade, your strands first need to undergo multiple rounds of bleaching. These sessions are spread out with several weeks in between them, before the final coating of fuschia-infused dye can be applied onto your hair. Tip: To prevent this stark hue from losing its saturation quickly, avoid rinsing hair with hot water and minimise direct Sun exposure.

We love Kelly's orchid hued tresses!

We love Kelly’s pale orchid tresses!

2. Hair: Subtle Yet Sexy
Alternatively, if a full head of orchid sounds daunting, try a lighter, more elegant hue like Kelly Osbourne’s, or go for an ombre effect.

Hair chalks are a great option too if you require a temporary sampling of how this shade would suit your skin tone. Just press a one-inch thick swatch of hair against the chalk pigment and drag downwards. It’s perfect for a fresh, new look over the weekend! Plus, it’s washable so you can conquer this Pantone pick without committing to it for months on end.

Try hints of orchid in graphic nail art.

Try hints of orchid in graphic nail art.

3. Nails: Graphics Galore
So you’re convinced that anything remotely purple on your body makes you look like Barney the Dinosaur. To overcome your purple phobia, begin by incorporating small splashes of this cheery hue on your nails instead.

Bored of plain coats? Play with various shades of orchid, ranging from pale lilac to a deeper violet. Segment these colours into graphic blocks for nail art that take your digits to legit fashion frontrunner. The trick in painting clean-edged sections of colour is to use sticky tape as a stencil. If you’re up for a quicker fix, opt for patterned nail stickers.

4. Lips
Move over, reds and pinks! The orchid lip is an unexpected twist to your standard fare pouts. Part flirty, part edgy, Radiant Orchid warms up sallow complexions for a healthy glow. As a rule of thumb, lighter skin tones suit warmer undertones of purple, and darker skin tones with cooler ones. For a strong, saturated lip, first ensure that your pretty puckers are moisturised. Then, dab on a thin layer of concealer- this primes your lip so the colour stands out more. Dab on your first layer of colour before gliding lipstick over once more.

Orchid overdose.

Orchid overdose much.

5. Statement Piece
Having bold hues in an outfit is always a highly contentious issue. Too little of an addition, and you’re not taking enough fashion risks. Go overboard orchid-on-orchid, and you’ll end up looking like an air stewardess.

When putting together an ensemble, stick to one focal point of the outfit that immediately draws your eyes. This could be anything from a dress to a statement necklace. Also, try dabbling with various shades of orchid within an outfit. But remember to limit yourself to three tints- you don’t want to be mistaken for a circus tent.

6. Spectacles
With us having one of the highest rates of Myopia in the world, chances are you’d be wearing prescription glasses. Don’t count this humble accessory out: a shot of orchid in your spectacle frames can enliven a drab, all-black outfit. It’s a dream for practical, simple dressers!

Retro-themed frames, in particular, are all the rage. Their thicker frames allow for more dramatic displays of colour. And if you don’t use prescription glasses, avoid ruling yourself out of this fashion clique. Simply use zero-degree lenses and you’ll be one of the gang.

You can never go wrong with suede.

You can never go wrong with suede.

7. Heel
Find your wardrobe in multiple shades of black, black, and black? Break free from the humdrum of monochromatism with a sliver of orchid in the form of a well-timed heel.

Experiment with different shoe materials too: suede lends an air of sophistication, while glossy-finished leather screams siren. Contrast a subtle, greyscale outfit with a dramatic heel to achieve superstar shoe status.

So, how do YOU incorporate Radiant Orchid in your look and wardrobe? Tell us!

About the Author: Matthew Fam is a contributing writer of Material World, and has worked at Cosmopolitan Singapore as an intern and freelancer. He writes, performs for the stage, and teaches drama at secondary schools. Matthew enjoys museum visits, origami, and is passionate about Singaporean Theatre.


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Beauty Review: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ultimate Remedy – Extreme Restoration – Tan Lili

Have you ever been compared to a silky terrier? Well, I have, no thanks to my faded brown-dyed hair and growing roots. Not my finest look, I assure you.

Since I was badly in need of a hair colour makeover before the holiday season, I decided to grab a DIY dye kit. I was wary at first as I’d never done DIY hair colouring before, but I was super pleased with the results. The downside? My hair is most certainly not silky anymore. Instead, it now resembles and feels like horsetail. (In case you haven’t seen or touched horsetail before, it’s very stiff and rough.)

So when Deborah asked who wanted to review the new Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ultimate Remedy – Extreme Restoration, I shot my hands out for the package before Denise and Vanessa could even lift their heads. This range includes a serum – a first in Shu Uemura Art of Hair – and is fortified with ceramide to repair ultra-damaged locks. Yep, it’s got my name written all over the package.

Ultimate Remedy – Extreme Restoration consists of a shampoo, conditioner, treatment and duo-serum. The entire range is infused with ceramide, a type of naturally occurring lipid found in the hair fibre. Widely known for its reconstructing and repairing benefits, ceramide penetrates the hair fibre to repair and strengthen from within. Ultimate Remedy – Extreme Restoration also contains lotus extracts, which boast moisturising and softening properties.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ultimate Remedy - Extreme Restoration full range

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ultimate Remedy – Extreme Restoration full range

So, did the range work to tame my horsetail? YES. And I do mean the entire range. Usually, there’d be one or two blah products within a range, but not Ultimate Remedy – Extreme Restoration. Post-shampoo, my hair feels instantly softer and more manageable. There were even a couple of times I had to ask myself whether I’d applied conditioner – my hair feels that soft! Because of that, I apply just a tiny amount of conditioner, which is more than enough to nourish my locks. Twice a week, I use the treatment to further strengthen and repair my hair, as well as to leave it looking shinier and healthier. The duo-serum, which proudly sits on my work desk, is a combination of ceramide and a serum rich in lotus infusion. Just a couple of pumps are all I need to tame frizz and flyaways.

Before (left) and after I applied the duo-serum.

Before (left) and after I applied the duo-serum.

Another thing I love about Ultimate Remedy – Extreme Restoration: the lovely scent. It has a delicate floral centre with a hint of musk, and it leaves my hair smelling great all day!

Bottom line: I’d definitely recommend Ultimate Remedy – Extreme Restoration to those with severely damaged locks. It’s a range I wouldn’t mind investing in once the existing one is used up – this, coming from someone who doesn’t believe in splurging on hair products!

This post is in no way paid for or advised by Shu Uemura. The writer was given the range for review purposes. You may read our advertising policy here. Shampoo, $59; conditioner, $69; treatment, $89; duo-serum, $69. Shu Uemura Art of Hair Ultimate Remedy – Extreme Restoration is available at all Shu Uemura Art of Hair partner salons.

About The Author: A founder of Material World, Tan Lili has previously worked in magazines The Singapore Women’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Singapore, as well as (now, the online counterpart of Her World). She is now a freelance writer who works on this website full-time. Lili hopes to travel the world, work with wild animals, and discover more awesome Twilight fan-fiction. Follow her on Twitter @TanLiliTweets.

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World’s Largest Guardian Store in Singapore – Tan Lili

Is it just me, or does anyone else here find joy in browsing the shelves of personal care stores? Back when I worked near a shopping centre, an ex-colleague and I would spend at least 15 minutes of our lunch break wandering around health and beauty pharmacies, even if we didn’t have anything specific to buy in mind.

Okay, so that may sound a bit excessive, but there must be some truth to it because Guardian has recently opened the doors to its biggest store yet in Singapore, at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Called Guardian Plus, the flagship store spans 8,500 square feet, carries around 20,000 health and beauty products, boasts interactive features, and includes in-house health and beauty specialists to make for an all-encompassing shopping experience.

The new Guardian Plus at Takashimaya Shopping Centre

The new Guardian Plus at Takashimaya Shopping Centre

One of the first-in-Singapore and exclusive brands at Guardian Plus is Boots, which includes the highly popular No7 skincare range. Other brands include Botanics, Mark Hill, Champneys, Rodial, Skincode, and Dr. Jart+.

Since Guardian Plus was designed for the modern-day working woman, you can expect plenty of interactive features and services, such as in-store tablets and a product testing area. A team of four in-house specialists – made up of a nutritionist, a health adviser, a beauty adviser, and a pharmacist – will also be on hand to offer their expertise. All these are FOC, of course!

While you’re browsing the huge store, be sure to check out Guardian’s new Christmas gift sets too. There’s something for every friend – from the girly girl to gym bunny. Happy shopping!

Play For Her Bath Travel Set, $9.90

Play For Her Bath Travel Set, $9.90

Delicieux Lipgloss Set, $2.90

Delicieux Lipgloss Set, $2.90

Joie Hand Care Set, $9.90

Joie Hand Care Set, $9.90

Secrets Plush Set, $9.90

Secrets Plush Set, $9.90

About The Author: A founder of Material World, Tan Lili has previously worked in magazines The Singapore Women’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Singapore, as well as (now, the online counterpart of Her World). She is now a freelance writer who works on this website full-time. Lili hopes to travel the world, work with wild animals, and discover more awesome Twilight fan-fiction. Follow her on Twitter @TanLiliTweets.

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Beauty Review: Timotei Shine Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner – Tan Lili

If you are born in the ’80s and have an amazing memory, you’d probably remember this TV commercial:

Gotta love that random guy on a horse.

I definitely remember the brand name and the bottle packaging – when I was little, my sisters often raved about Timotei because of its lovely floral scent. But, like that random horse-guy, this hair care brand disappeared as unexpectedly as it galloped into the beauty scene.

Turns out, Timotei hasn’t left at all; it’s always been around, only at smaller supermarkets and department stores like Mustafa Centre (though there’s nothing small about this mall). But now, after nearly two decades, Timotei is making a mainstream revival with its new range of shampoos and conditioners, the Jericho Rose range.

Jericho rose is renowned for its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as provide hydration and anti-ageing benefits. Used as an active ingredient in Timotei’s range of shampoos and conditioners, Jericho rose is said to leave your hair soft and manageable.

Timotei’s full range of hair care products includes Shine Recharge (shampoo and conditioner), Intense Repair (shampoo and conditioner), 2-In-1 Delicate Shampoo, and 2-In-1 Intense Shampoo. I got to try Shine Recharge, which is formulated with natural sesame seed oil extracts.


First, the shampoo lathers extremely well, and even seems to detangle my hair during the shampooing. The conditioner works to soften hair, but doesn’t leave it feeling as nourished as I’d hoped. But then again, my dry hair probably requires the richer Intense Repair, instead of Shine Recharge. The floral scent is a winner, though – it stays on for hours on end, even after a day out in the sweltering heat!

Paraben-free and mild enough for everyday use, Timotei prides itself on using 100-percent natural extracts and 100-percent PET recyclable packaging that is made from 25-percent recycled material.

Each bottle from the range costs $6.90. Timotei is available exclusively at selected Guardian stores: Ion Orchard, Paragon, Plaza Singapura, 313@Somerset, Tanglin Mall, Suntec City, VIvoCity, Serangoon NEX, and Jurong Point.

Timotei Shine Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner were given to Material World for review purposes. All opinions are the author’s own.

About The Author: A founder of Material World, Tan Lili has previously worked in magazines The Singapore Women’s Weekly and Cosmopolitan Singapore, as well as (now, the online counterpart of Her World). She is now a freelance writer who works on this website full-time. Lili hopes to travel the world, work with wild animals, and discover more awesome Twilight fan-fiction. Follow her on Twitter @TanLiliTweets.

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Beauty Review: Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair – Deborah Tan

One of the things I hate doing the most is washing my hair. No one believes me when I tell them this. All they see is someone with freshly blown tresses day in day out. But you know what? Getting my hair to look the way it does is a chore. The shampooing and the blow-drying take forever to complete (in all, I spend 45 minutes!), and let’s not even talk about the number of precious strands I lose every day.

It’s not that I don’t know why.

1. My hair takes forever to get washed because …

… it is tangled. It may look like it is keeping its shape and bounces really well but what I’ve got is a head of hair that tangles mid-length, no thanks to heat damage. If you run your fingers through my hair, you’ll see it gets “trapped” halfway down. Every shampoo session is tedious because it is close to impossible getting the strands to separate.

2. Blow-drying is a necessary evil

Don’t blow-dry my hair? Well, then be prepared for a long, arduous wait. Without blow-drying, my hair takes close to two hours to dry. I’m not exaggerating. And after it dries, it’s even frizzier than if I had put it through the hair-dryer. It takes 15 – 25 minutes to blow-dry my hair because damaged hair holds on to water. Healthy hair is hydrophobic (waterproof) and therefore takes less time to dry. Damaged hair not only stays wet for longer, it breaks more easily because the hair shaft swells a lot more when it comes into contact with water.

So when I was introduced to Dove Hair Therapy’s new Intense Repair range of hair products, I was more than ready to give them a try.

Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair range

Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair range

The Science:
Briefly put, this entire range repairs your hair on the cellular level. This is because hair suffers not just physical damage but also internal damage. The former is caused by things like exposure to heat and physical stress like combing, the latter is caused by things like lipid loss and fluctuating pH levels. Intense Repair has a patented Keratin Repair Actives to replenish the lost lipids and stabilise the protein structure to prevent further damage.

There are a total of 6 products in the Intense Repair range. My favourites are:

#3: Intense Repair Treatment Mask, $10.90


I know it’s awkward standing inside the shower while waiting the five minutes for a hair mask to work its magic. But if you have the habit of blow-drying your hair or colouring your hair, a hair mask is habit you need to get started on asap. Used once a week, a mask provides your hair with a more intense bout of benefits and hydration your conditioner cannot. Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair Treatment Mask left my hair a lot softer and smoother, without being too greasy or heavy. It rinses off extremely well and quickly – a bonus for impatient people like me.

#2: Intense Repair Conditioner, $7.70 for 350ml 


In the conditioners of this new range is a new technology called Microsheets. Conditioning ingredients are deposited along the hair shaft in “sheet-like” shapes rather than circular particles. This ensures a more even coating of the conditioner and makes rinsing less abrasive. I’ve tried this for two weeks now and I can tell you the amount of hair on my bathroom drain trap has more than halved. I’m losing less hair during my daily wash. Pretty amazing when you can see that a hair monster is no longer growing on your drain trap.

#1: Intense Repair All Day Repair Cream, $7.05  


My absolute favourite! After my first time trying this, I was irrevocably hooked! After towelling my hair, I would squeeze a 20-cent dollop of this cream, flipped my head towards the ground so my hair tumbles down in front of my face, and gently spread this cream on every strand. Applying the cream like this prevents you from putting it on your scalp. Unlike most creams/serums I’ve tried, this one significantly reduces the amount of time I spend blow-drying my hair. TRUE STORY. It takes me less time to blow-dry my hair and it keeps its shape and bounce throughout the day without tangling up. It also contains a UV blocker – great for those who’s out and about in the sun.

Overall, I’m in love with this range of hair products – great scent, great texture, and most importantly, great results. I actually don’t dread washing my hair so much these days. If you don’t want to splurge on an entire range at once, I recommend you try the conditioner first.

This new range from Dove Hair Therapy is available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

The Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair range was given to Material World at the media launch. All opinions are the author’s own. You may read our advertising policy here.

About The Author: Deborah Tan is a founder of Material World. After 10 years of working in magazines Cleo and Cosmopolitan Singapore, she is now a freelance writer/editor who works on this website full-time. She likes liquid eyeliners, bright red lipsticks, tattoos, rock & roll, Mad Men, Suits, and hates it when people try to pluck out her grey hair. You’ve been warned. Follow her on Twitter @DebTanTweets.