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[Material Moms] Can This Relieve My Baby’s Dry Skin? – Selena Quah

Babies are so delicate, it’s no surprise mothers are particular about what goes onto their skin. Material Mom Selena Quah reviews Innisfree Pure Green Baby Line on her newest bundle of joy, her verdict, below.

I had noticed that my third baby had skin that was particularly dry and scaly. Even the pediatrician commented on her exceptionally dry skin and recommended we apply more moisturizer on her. So when Material World asked if I would like to give Innifree Pure Green Baby Line a shot, I agreed and was curious to see if its products would work on my baby.

Before: My baby's skin was dry and flaky.

Before: My baby’s skin was dry and flaky.

Its Claims
The Pure Green Baby line is aimed at addressing the growing need among parents for safe products for their children. Innisfree’s Pure Green Baby Line is formulated with organic Jeju Green Tea that has been proven to be mild and suitable even for infants. It is an ingredient that is featured in all seven of their Pure Green Baby products.

I tried the Pure Green Baby Mom’s Touch Milk Oil, Pure Green Baby Lotion, and Pure Green Baby Cream. All three moisturizing products are fall under Innisfree’s 9- or 10-Free System, which means that they are free of 1,4-doixane, animal ingredients, mineral oil, colorants, parabens, artificial fragrance, formaldehyde, benzophenone, acrylamide and silicon (with silicon being the difference between 9 and 10).

However, being an obsessive label reader, I noticed that the ingredient list contains many other synthetic substances. So it’s good to check the label first if you are particular about the ingredients used in your baby’s products. It may be touted as being a ‘safe product’ but it is not 100% natural nor completely free of synthetic substances, so if you are looking for a completely natural product, this may not be it.

Thumbs up from the baby!

Thumbs up from the baby!

Of the three, my favorite product is the Pure Green Baby Mom’s Touch Milk Oil. It is recommended for use in a massage after the baby’s bath, and indeed it is perfect for that purpose. With my two older children I had tried baby oils, which I found were too oily and messy, and moisturizers, which were often too thick to be used for a massage. This is appropriately named Milk Oil because the solution is white and creamy, yet thin enough to easily be spread all over baby’s skin just like a massage oil. It is quickly absorbed by the baby’s skin and I love that it does not leave an oily feel on my hands after application. As I generally do not like baby products that have strong fragrances, I appreciate that the Milk Oil has just a mild, fresh, almost floral scent that you only catch a whiff of.

The Pure Green Baby Mom’s Touch Milk Oil has now become a part of my baby’s bath time routine, and I wish this product had been available years ago so I could have used it with my older kids when they were babies.

The Milk Oil helped moisturize her skin overall, but her legs were still scaly and needed more attention. I used the Pure Green Baby Lotion and Cream on baby’s legs to compare their effectiveness over time. Like an experiment, I put the Baby Lotion only on her right leg, and Baby Cream only on her left. I found that both worked equally well to hydrate the dry scaly skin on her legs. Only after a couple of weeks of application she now has beautifully smooth skin to show off when wearing her onesies.

Smooth, well-hydrated legs she can finally show off!

Smooth, well-hydrated legs she can finally show off!

Although the Baby Cream is supposed to be more intense and for use as deep hydration, I found the difference between the Lotion and the Cream to be minimal. Choosing which to use depends on the texture you prefer. Both the Baby Lotion and Baby Cream are much thicker in texture compared to the Milk Oil, and I find they leave a filmy layer on my hands after application. Between them, the Cream is slightly thicker than the Lotion.

Probably because our climate is humid, and as I do not switch on the air-conditioning at home, I felt that while the Baby Cream and Baby Lotion both effectively addressed the problem of baby’s dry skin, they would not be the moisturizers I would use on daily basis as they feel too rich for the baby’s skin. It would work well for spot treatment on problem dry areas, but probably not as a regular whole-body application.

Using the Pure Green Baby Mom’s Touch Milk Oil on a daily basis should be sufficient to keep your baby’s skin nicely hydrated. However, if there are some particularly dry patches, targeting the area with Pure Green Baby Lotion or Baby Cream would help to effectively moisturize your baby’s delicate skin.

And the perk of all this is that you get to moisturize your hands with each application too. Happy mummy, happy baby!

Innisfree is available at Takashimaya S.C (#B2-34) and Plaza Singapura (#01-63/64).

The 3 moisturizers I reviewed for this story.

The 3 moisturizers I reviewed for this story.

Innisfree Pure Green Baby line was given to Material World for review purposes. All opinions are the author’s own. This post is neither paid for nor advised by the brand. Please read our advertising policy here.

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