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[Material World x Ioma] The Skin Analysis Test EVERY Woman Needs To Try – Denise Li

Recently, Denise Li did a skin analysis test that changed her life. Here’s why she recommends you do it too.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, DL,” Deborah interrupts herself mid-sentence as we were discussing work-related matters last week. “But I feel I have to tell you that your pores are getting bigger.”

I guess if there’s one thing you can never accuse the Material World team of, it’s mincing our words.

She was partially right: My pores ARE getting very visible. But it wasn’t the only skincare woe I had to worry about.

Lately it seems like my skin’s in revolt. Breakouts every month in addition to the shine and oil I have to battle on a daily basis. This is despite the fact that I’ve tried all sorts of products to keep sebum production under control, and been diligent about exfoliating and masking weekly.

As someone who gets to be legit obsessed about her skin condition – all in the name of work – I thought I was the best authority about what my skin needed.

Trying out the Ioma Sphere ... all smiles before the sobering news

Trying out the Ioma Sphere … all smiles before the sobering news

I Thought I Knew My Skin … I Was Dead Wrong

The Ioma Sphere

The Ioma Sphere

That was, at least, until I attended the Ioma media session last week. At the event, we were invited to do a skin analysis test via the Ioma Sphere. The Ioma Sphere is a high-tech device that helps takes five photographs of your skin to reveal imperfections invisible to the naked eye. At its heart is MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology – commonly used in planes and space probes – which are micro-sensors to help analyse the condition of your skin, down to its smallest details.

The Ioma Sphere provides details of 12 types of skin conditions: Hydration, desquamation (the level of dead skin cells present on your skin’s surface), fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, redness, UV damage, bacterial activity, clogged pores, bags and eyelids, dark circles, fine lines around your eyes.

Each of these conditions is measured on a scale of 1 – 15, with level 1 being the best, and the ideal condition you want your skin to be at.

What shocked me: With 15 being the Sahara Desert level of dryness (I’m exaggerating, but probably only slightly), I was at level 13. My skin was SEVERELY dehydrated and in dire need of intervention.

Suddenly, EVERYTHING makes sense. My dehydrated skin condition probably came about because I’ve been using one too many oil-control products. As a result, my skin overcompensates by producing even more oil … but because of its lack of water content, sebum dries and hardens, leading to clogged pores (also causing them to look even more enlarged and visible).

I also found out that bacterial levels on my skin were high (13 again) – which explains the monthly breakouts, and discovered that fine lines under my eyes (level 7) were something I needed to do something about, STAT.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though: Sagging, redness, UV damage were at level 1, so it was probably only my hydration levels and fine lines under eyes that I have to take care of, for now.

Lesson Learnt

Beauty advisers at counters usually advise you on products to buy based on your self-diagnosis, or what they observe, but often, what we know about our skin condition is guesstimation at best. Why leave things to chance when SCIENCE takes so much of the guesswork out?

This is why I recommend every woman to take the skincare analysis test using the Ioma Sphere. What you’ll find out may just surprise you.


You’re cordially invited to take the Ioma skin analysis test, as well as try the Ioma Cell Protector SPF50+ PA+++ suncreen for yourself. Enjoy canapes and mocktails with the Material World team this Friday evening at Isetan Scotts!

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Date: July 18, 2014, Friday

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 *Thank you for your overwhelming interest in the Material World x Ioma event! We are fully subscribed for the event and are therefore unable to accommodate anymore RSVPs.