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No Appetite? 10 Women Who Will Change Your Mind – Deborah Tan

One of Deborah Tan’s business partners is annoying the crap out of her. Why? Because she has abandoned her healthy appetite and left it at Fort Canning Hill. If found, please return ASAP. There will be a hearty reward.

Dear Person Who Kidnapped My Lunch Buddy,

My long-time lunch buddy has been casting me aside three times a week to go for personal training at Fort Canning. That these sessions take place at high noon is just one crazy aspect of it. In a bid to help her reach her goal, her personal trainer has worked out a healthy eating meal plan for her too. NOW, it’s the latter that is totally driving me insane. Her once healthy appetite is now the size of a pea. She’d take two sips of soup and say, “I’m full.” I’m not advocating that everyone should stuff their faces with 10 different dishes at every meal but TWO SIPS OF SOUP?!?!?

It doesn’t help that I’m the sort whose idea of a balanced meal is steak and fries. So imagine my mortification when my lunch buddy is now just somebody that I used to know. It’s tragic.

In a bid to get her to change her mind (highly unlikely given that she is now a lithe sexy nymph), I’m going to attempt to explain why it is so damn important that she returns my lunch buddy to me:

1. Because friends who eat together are often also friends who get drunk together:

2. Because food = love. Dieticians and personal trainers be damned!

3. Because it’s cute when people don’t look at food like it is the spawn of Satan!

4. Because IT IS possible to enjoy food and still look beautiful:

5. Because anyone who can bear saying NO to good food is just no fun to be around lah!

6. Because many of human race’s biggest discoveries came from eating:

7. Because many of our favourite girls on TV love burgers:

8. Because our favourite Friend, Monica, looks so cute fretting over her Kit-Kats:

9. Because Mindy has a chocolate fountain on her desk. That can’t be a bad idea:

10. Because that’s what I want to be do with my friends – EAT WITH THEM:

For me, eating is always a nice way to bond with friends. Over a good meal (with a couple of beers thrown in), we can talk about everything and anything. Now, just me eating alone is too boring and, all I can think of is, why are my friends not eating chicken rice anymore?!?!?!? So dear Lunch Buddy, please come back and eat with me again!!!!!



About The Author: Deborah Tan is a founder of Material World. After 10 years of working in magazines Cleo and Cosmopolitan Singapore, she is now a freelance writer/editor who works on this website full-time. She takes her meal-times very seriously and gets very annoyed when people don’t want to eat with her. Follow her on Twitter @DebTanTweets.