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10 X-Men Inspired Beauty Looks For Non-Mutants – Matthew Fam

Are superhuman abilities out of reach for us non-mutants? Not a chance! The ladies of X-Men may have fire-wielding and shapeshifting tricks aplenty, but you can have super beauty with these 10 X-Men inspired beauty looks.

Relax- it's not her blue body paint we're talking about.

Relax- it’s not her blue body paint we’re talking about.

1. Mystique
This shapeshifting babe has got the smoking beauty trend you HAVE to follow (hint: it’s not her blue skin). Slicked back hair is neat and amazingly chic, especially when contrasted with a bold lip.

Hold the style in place using hair mousse. For bobbed hair lengths, dispense mousse the size of a lemon; for long hair, a baseball-sized mound would suffice. Apply on damp hair that is 60% dry, then style behind ears and blowdry.

2. Kitty Pryde
You may not phase through walls, but Kitty’s ‘no-makeup’ makeup can take you from work to weekend brunch without a beauty hitch.

Instead of creating an artificial mask of foundation, use a stippling brush (it distributes product evenly without streaks) to apply makeup only on problem areas. Dab on lip and cheek stain for a subtle pinch of colour. Now, with a face that pretty, you’ll be able to snag your very own Iceman.

Short crops = world domination.

Short crops = world domination.


3. Storm
Storm may have the power to manipulate the weather, but you can heat things up too- with a sexy short crop, that is! Having shorter crops doesn’t mean that you can’t look feminine. A smooth, pixie cut a la Anne Hathaway can be demure-looking as well.

When creating texture, the key is to use hair wax sparingly. Rub a ten-cent coin sized dollop between palms and rake fingers through hair. Add extra for a windswept ‘do. But remember not to go overboard- the weight of excess product will flatten your mane.


Bold brows FTW! (Not quite sure about face tats, though…)

4. Callisto
Joining forces with Magneto’s brotherhood of mutants in X-Men: The Last Stand, Callisto expresses her superhuman strength through her bold brows and face tats. Okay, so face tattoos aren’t exactly office friendly, but these strong-woman brows are a must!

Using a brow pencil, swipe upwards in diagonal, feather-like strokes. It’s all about looking fierce and fabulous, daaahling.



5. Emma Frost
She may have diamond-tough skin but Emma’s look is hardcore beauty. A pale colour palette is essential for achieving this pristine, icy look. Keep eyeshadows simple, and stick to neutral lip shades.

For fairer complexions, opt for pink-based nudes; darker complexions should try caramel tones instead. Blend highlighter along the top of cheekbones and dot the inside corner of eyes.

tumblr_mcz8m37J9b1r8g7kno1_500 26.Lady Deathstrike
Do adamantium claws and leather cat suits a femme fatale make? Not on our watch. Deathstrike’s sensous eye and a dark lip gives her an edge above the rest. To channel this foxy fighter, a luscious coating of mascara is what you need. Coat the tips of your lashes with brown mascara to create the illusion of larger eyes.

Mocha magic.

Mocha magic.

7. Angel Salvadore
Want Angel’s mocha-toned skin, but afraid of the skin-damaging effects of the Sun? A cream self tanner can solve your problems. For an even wash of bronze, exfoliate and moisturise skin before application- dry patches of skin grab onto too much colour and create a blotchy tan. (Watch out for knees and elbows!)


rogue_hulk8. Rogue
She has the power to absorb memories and you don’t. But what you can steal is everyone’s attention with your sexy, silky tresses. *Cue shampoo-commercial dramatic hair flip*

Rogue’s silky standards are no superhuman feat: the trick lies in misting hair with a heat-activated straightening spray so hair is frizz-free. Follow this with the use of a hair iron. Then slick a pump of hair oil from mid-shaft to tips for glossy, lustrous strands.

9. Blink
A recent addition to the X-Men film franchise, Blink gives us major punk with her stark orchid highlights, and crazy plum pout. For a temporary streak of colour, use hair chalks.

Thinking of upping the ante? Try a graphic, bold eye like Blink’s.

It's not just the wind machine that's making her look so fabulous.

It’s not just the wind machine that’s making her look so fabulous.



10. Phoenix (Jean Grey)
When she’s not going batsh*t crazy annihilating everything in her path, Phoenix rocks those auburn tresses even without a wind machine.

If you’re thinking of penciling in a salon dye job, avoid conditioning hair before your visit. Red dye pigments have a large molecule size. This means that any prior conditioning would seal the cuticle and block pigment from penetrating the hair shaft, producing a less-saturated colour.

A botched dye job is a huge no-no. After all, who else is going to save the world if you don’t look fabulous??


So, which of these X-Men inspired beauty looks is your favourite? Share with us in the comments section below! 

About the Author: Matthew Fam is a contributing writer of Material World, and has worked at Cosmopolitan Singapore as an intern and Contributing Beauty Assistant. He writes, teaches, and performs for the stage. Matthew enjoys museum visits, Singaporean Theatre, and spends too much of his undergraduate allowance on magazines.

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