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There Is Beauty In Stillness – Tan Lili

The impermanent nature of life means everything is fleeting and nothing lasts forever. We are always moving, as is the planet we call home. But at the heart of this constant stream of changes lies a refuge you can seek to achieve the ultimate peace of mind – and it’s up to you and you alone to find it.

How do you find stillness in a not-so-still world?

How do you find stillness in a not-so-still world?

“I’m so busy, I’m going to die!!!” I complained to a good friend recently.

She looked at me with an oddly calm expression that, to be honest, was more disconcerting than anything else. “Find your stillness,” she said simply. “You used to be good at finding it.”

Huh. Was I? So what happened?

I suppose my friend can now read minds as well. “You’ve let noise dictate the way you live your life. You need to find your stillness again. It’s your inner peace; everyone has it.”

What started as a catch-up session turned into casual psychoanalytic therapy. Before, I was usually the picture of calm, handling whatever stress that came my way with quiet confidence. While I still maintain my composure (for the most part) in times of stress, the blinding panic now resides in my mind, manifesting itself in the way I don’t take care of myself. The noise is always there. It gets so deafening at times, I can only wish in vain for absolute silence.

Well, at least that was what my part-time psychotherapist/full-time IT sales manager told me.

It all makes sense, though. I’ve been trying so hard to hear through the noise that I’ve neglected my ability to see. Amidst the craziness of everyday life, there is a stillness that holds everything in place. And when you see it, it really is a beautiful thing. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that stillness is so easy to find because it is everywhere. It’s the beauty that permeates everything around you – you just have to open your eyes. Here are some examples.

Tune out the noise
Rather than bemoaning about the terrible squeeze during your daily commute, see traveling time as a treasured hour of respite from whatever is troubling you. Earphones are one of the world’s greatest inventions – use them, play your favourite music, and shut out the world.

Simple love
Call me idealistic, but I do believe true love is forever. It doesn’t necessarily have to come from having a romantic interest; love can be found in your family, your friends, your passion. Circumstances around you will change unexpectedly, but this kind of love that stems from a place so deep and pure will not.

Freedom of the mind
There is no limit to what we can learn as long as we open our minds; we have the right to freedom of thought – this freedom is stillness in one of its finest forms.

There are countless ways to find stillness. Wherever you find it, appreciate its beauty and allow it to offer you peace of mind. As neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, PhD, puts it, “It’s a relief from the noise and bustle, a source of clarity and peace. Give yourself the space, the permission, to be still – at least in your mind – amidst those who are busy.”

The two words that best sum this up: Just breathe.

The two words that best sum this up: Just breathe.

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