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[Scent Your Love] Shiseido Zen Sun

Christmas is next month and over at Material World, we are all about making your life easier. This month, we are giving 12 lucky readers a chance to please their closest and dearest. We have up for grabs 12 bottles of the most sensational fragrances. If you win it, you can give a friend this fabulous gift as a Christmas present!

A fragrance makes for a great gift because of the intimacy it invokes – everybody has their personal favourites when it comes to scents. What better way to show your BFF how well you know her by selecting a fragrance that best represents her personality and preferences?

Today’s giveaway is Shiseido Zen Sun EDT, a fresh floral scent for the free-spirited woman.


Notes of Shiseido Zen sun
Top Notes:
 Bergamot, grapefruit, mango, peach blackcurrant, citron, lemon
Middle Notes: Blue rose, gardenia, cherry blossom, lotus, lily-of-the-valley
Base Notes: Amber, raspberry, sandalwood

Our take on Shiseido Zen Sun

1. It’s a surprisingly fresh take on the original Zen, which is a lot heavier and creamier.
2. It is rather complex for a fresh scent. Sniff your wrist every half an hour to uncover new notes!
3. Uplifting and cheery, one spritz of this is enough to lift heavy spiritz.
4. The bottle’s rather sharp, masculine lines offer a nice contrast to this feminine scent.

Most suited for:
The girl who loves backpacking around the world. This perfume will make the perfect companion for her on all her travels to exotic locations.

 So win this bottle of Shiseido Zen Sun for your friend!

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