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Beauty Review: Philosophy Total Matteness Range – Denise Li

Combination skin is such a drag to care for, isn’t it? Use products too moisturising and you might end up clogging your pores. On the other hand, if you use mattifying products, you run the risk of your skin overcompensating and producing even more sebum as a result. Still, I find myself leaning towards the latter because starting off with a matte base means I have a far easier time applying makeup right after my skincare.

The problem with a lot of the mattifying skincare products I’ve tried in the past is that their effects never seem to last for long, and I usually have to pull out my blotters by lunch time. Will the Philosophy Total Matteness range prove to the gamechanger? I was curious to find out, so I solely used its range of three products day and night for 10 days straight.

The range consists of three products, Pore-Minimizing & Mattifying Cleanser + Mask, Oil-free Mattifying Pore Refiner (a lotion), and Oil-free Mattifying Pore Eraser. Let’s go through the range by each skincare step.

Step 1: Cleansing with Pore-Minimizing Cleanser + Mask, $45

philosophy cleanser

Despite my semi-oily skin, I usually stay away from cleansers FOR oily skin as I find these extremely drying. Every time I use one of those, I feel like I’ve just scrubbed my face with floor cleaner or some equally harsh detergent, so it was with caution that I approached this cleanser/mask. The texture and consistency is similar to that of a typical clay mask – no surprises there as its main ingredient is glacial clay. So I was surprised when I saw it foam – just a little to help you easily spread it across your face. I was VERY surprised at how my face felt after I’d washed it off, as there was no tightness or dryness at all despite it cleansing very well. Many cleansers claim to leave your complexion looking brighter post-cleanse, but this is one of the few that actually delivers on that promise. I also used it as a mask once a week and it worked just as you would expect a clay mask to. It dries quickly with a “skin tightening” sensation and washes off quickly and easily.

Step 2: Toning with Oil-free, Mattifying Pore Refiner, $45

philosophy pore refiner

This has lentil seed extract, which is supposed to strengthen the walls of your pores to keep them clear and minimise their appearance. But what I like about this is that it leaves my skin feeling soothed and hydrated, prepping it for the next step, which is …

Step 3: Applying the Oil-free, Mattifying Pore Eraser, $65

philosophy pore eraser

Just like the Pore Refiner, this has lentil seed extract. But it also has bamboo extract to absorb excess oil, as well as salicylic acid to remove the buildup of dead skin cells around the pore wall to brighten its darkened appearance. I was quite stunned when the first time I used this … probably because I was more used to more hydrating anti-ageing and whitening serums. This product, on the other hand, disappears into your skin the moment it touches it. Skin was indeed left super matte, to the point that the drier areas of my face – my cheeks – felt uncomfortably tight. I initially used this twice a day for 10 days but switched to applying it only on my T-zone during the day, and a more hydrating night routine. My skin needs the moisture as I sleep in an air-conditioned environment. Still, despite how it felt on my skin, I couldn’t deny the results. After 10 days, the blackheads on my nose seemed to have decreased in number, and the pores, less visible.

Before using the Philosophy Total Mattness range: How much oil my skin the blotter has absorbed by 5pm.

Before using the Philosophy Total Mattness range: How much oil my skin the blotter has absorbed by 5pm.

After using Philosophy Total Matteness for 10 days. A significant reduction in oil.

After using Philosophy Total Matteness for 10 days. A significant reduction in oil.

Verdict: My favourite product in the range has to be the cleanser/mask because it’s such an effective multi-tasker. The Pore Eraser is great but at $65, it might be a better for those with oily – rather than combination – skin, as those with combination skin might just end up using on half their face.

Philosophy products can be found at the Philosophy store at #01-16 Bugis Junction, Level 1 Tangs Orchard, and all Sephora outlets.

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