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Magnum P.I – Which Magnum Tastes The Best? – Deborah Tan

They are everywhere.

Every day, as I drive home, Magnum teases me with its ads of its two new ice cream flavours, Pink Marc De Champagne and Black Espresso. For an ice cream that isn’t gourmet or “designer”, Magnum does a pretty good job selling them at a price higher than the average cone. Its use of supposedly premium ingredients and large portion seem to justify the price tag. Magnum is really what people call, “Affordable luxury”. You can eat it every day and you won’t burn a hole in your pocket … though you might have to change your jeans to a bigger size after a while.

But which Magnum tastes the best? Out of curiosity, we at Material World decided to conduct a taste test of all the Magnum flavours we can find at the supermarket. Our selection included the two newest flavours along with (1) Magnum Classic, (2) Magnum Almond, and the strangely titled (3) Magnum Gold?! (yes, the punctuation marks are part of the name). Each ice cream bar was rated according to three criteria: shell, ice cream, and both eaten together.


Material World plays Magnum P.I

Magnum Black emerged the winner of this taste test, garnering two votes as the Favourite out of four. Magnum Gold was the grand loser of this test, garnering two votes as the Least Favourite Flavour.

Below the comments by each of the tasters:

Magnum Classic
Smooth vanilla bean ice cream covered in thick Belgian chocolate shell

Magnum Classic

Voted “Favourite” by Lili

Denise: “The shell tastes intensely chocolatey! But I like the vanilla ice cream best – tastes smooth and ‘premium’.”

Lili: “The contrast between the shell and the ice cream makes this a really nice dessert. Not too overwhelming. Just right.”

Vanessa: “The shell is too sweet and the ice cream tastes slightly bitter. I find this very flat and unexciting.”

Deborah: “Too plain and simple an ice cream to waste calories on.”

Magnum Gold?!
Smooth vanilla bean ice cream with sea salt caramel swirls and a Belgian chocolate shell coloured gold. Okay, can someone from Magnum please explain what’s with the “?!”

Voted "Favourite" by Vanessa Voted "Least Favourite" by Lili and Deborah

Voted “Favourite” by Vanessa
Voted “Least Favourite” by Lili and Deborah

Denise: “This is my second favourite. I think the caramel taste comes out strongly – a good thing for me. Shell and ice cream complement each other very well!”

Lili: “Too sweet!”

Vanessa: “The sweetness is just right and I like that the caramel isn’t too overpowering. It’s subtle and nice.”

Deborah: “Too cloying! Everything just tastes like burnt sugar inside my mouth. The ‘sea salt’ bit of the ‘sea salt caramel’ is totally missing from this.”

Magnum Pink Marc De Champagne
An extremely pink ice cream bar (gender marketing, anyone?) with swirls of Marc de Champagne inside ice cream of the same flavour. Marc de Champagne is not Champagne. It’s the solid remains of grapes after the juice is pressed from the fruit. These remains are also used to produce pomace brandy

Voted "Least Favourite" by Denise

Voted “Least Favourite” by Denise

Denise: “Taste artificial, like fake strawberries.”

Lili: “Refreshing on the palate because of the berry flavour. The alcohol taste is barely discernible.”

Vanessa: “I guess because of its alcoholic nature, it’d be great for dinner parties with adults …” [Note: The three of us gave her a “Whaaaaa…” look]

Deborah: “It’s just too pink for me. You do get that whole alcohol bubbling into your nose feeling but it hardly tastes like Champagne, or any fine beverages. It could be beer for all I know.”

Magnum Almond
Like the Classic, except this one has crunchy almond bits embedded into the shell


Denise: “I don’t like nuts.”

Lili: “I don’t like nuts with my ice cream, makes it too tiring to eat.”

Vanessa: “This is my second favourite! Love the almonds! It’s like having toppings with your ice cream.”

Deborah: “The contrast in textures is a big plus for me. I love mixing crunchy and creamy together. My second favourite.”

Magnum Black Espresso
Swirls of espresso coffee in smooth vanilla bean ice cream covered in a dark chocolate shell

Voted "Favourite" by Denise and Deborah Voted "Least Favourite" by Vanessa

Voted “Favourite” by Denise and Deborah
Voted “Least Favourite” by Vanessa

Denise: “The shell is intensely flavoured and the coffee flavour comes out powerfully. I’m not usually a fan of coffee ice cream but this one works.”

Lili: “This is my second favourite. I like the shell and the swirls of espresso in the ice cream.”

Vanessa: “The ice cream is too sweet. Overall, too many strong flavours fighting each other. You don’t know which one to focus on.”

Deborah: “This is love at first bite! Great way to eat my coffee and get my caffeine fix. Could be psychological but I do feel more alert immediately after eating this!”

The Magnum ice creams featured were paid for by Material World and this taste test was conducted at no one’s request. All opinions are our own. Magnum ice creams are available at supermarkets and 7-Elevens islandwide.

About The Author: Deborah Tan is a founder of Material World. After 10 years of working in magazines Cleo and Cosmopolitan Singapore, she is now a freelance writer/editor who works on this website full-time. She likes liquid eyeliners, bright red lipsticks, tattoos, rock & roll, Mad Men, Suits, and hopes to see more flavours of Magnum hitting Singapore soon. Follow her on Twitter @DebTanTweets.

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