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Food Review: Cuisine Master Hotpot – Deborah Tan

I can’t believe I almost missed out on the food tasting for Cuisine Master! Founder Denise got invited to the tasting and she totally didn’t tell me until I asked her if she was interested in going to JPot for dinner. She said, “Oh, I’ll be eating steamboat on Tuesday already.”

“Huh? How come?” I expressed my astonishment because she hates cooking her own food.

“Oh. Got a tasting at this new hot-pot place at Boat Quay,” came a super lukewarm reply.

“TAKE ME WITH YOU!” She really didn’t have much say in the matter.

Mushroom Soup and Golden Broth - a match made in hot-pot heaven

Mushroom Soup and Golden Broth – a match made in hot-pot heaven

Located along Boat Quay, Cuisine Master Hotpot hails from Beijing where Master Chef Zhong Li Wen perfected the art of making super-divine hot-pot broth. Soup-lovers will love both the signature Golden Broth, a creamy-smooth concoction made by slow-cooking “old hen” and “old duck” for over 1o hours, and the clear Mushroom Soup, made from over 5 types of imported exotic mushrooms. The soups do not contain additives and MSG.

Because Chef Zhong is so proud of his soups, before the start of your hot-pot session, you’ll be served a bowl of the soups in their original state to allow you to fully savour the flavours.

The Golden Broth was rich and bursting with the full, hearty flavours of the chicken and duck. Every sip warmed and comforted every cell in my body. It was sweet without being cloying, rich without being greasy. So wonderful was this broth, I was almost tempted to just ask for a bowl of white rice to go with it and give the rest of the hot-pot meal a miss. The Mushroom Soup was almost black in colour but do not be put off by it. The earthy, briney flavours of the exotic mushrooms have an almost palate-cleansing effect and the soup gives whatever food cooked in it a flavour-boost.

Each table has its own dedicated server who will cook the food for you (a plus point in Denise’s book) and explain the benefits of each ingredient.

Super fresh seafood cooked perfectly!

Super fresh seafood cooked perfectly!

For those of you who get a kick out of cooking your own food, know that the servers are all specially trained to cook each ingredient perfectly and the dining sequence of each menu is designed for optimum digestion and health.

Another marvel of Cuisine Master Hot Pot is the high-tech system it uses to suck the “cooking smell” away from the diners. Each hot-pot rests within a “ding” (a sunken copper well of sorts modeled after what emperors in ancient China used when they had hot-pots). The “ding” has ventilation side-grills that pull away the smoke as it rises so your hair and clothes will remain “smell-free”.

So if you’re craving hot-pots for lunch, you can rest assured you won’t be returning to the office smelling like chicken soup.

The ingredients used are top notch and super fresh. We had geoduck, abalone, sea cucumber, and fish maw. I’m usually a meat-person but even I had to admit the freshness of the seafood was flawless. Divine broths, fresh ingredients perfectly cooked, and a highly personalised service. Cuisine Master Hotpot has really taken the hot-pot experience to another level.

I really am looking forward to my next visit. The thought of tasting the Golden Broth again is enough to make me swoon in hunger.

This is one of the must-eats you have to experience.

Cuisine Master Hotpot is located at 68 Boat Quay. Tel: 6438 9979

The author was invited to a media tasting at Cuisine Master Hot Pot, all opinions are her own.

About The Author: Deborah Tan is a founder of Material World. After 10 years of working in magazines Cleo and Cosmopolitan Singapore, she is now a freelance writer/editor who works on this website full-time. She likes liquid eyeliners, bright red lipsticks, tattoos, rock & roll, Mad Men, Suits, and loves soups as much as any Cantonese even though she’s Hokkien … Follow her on Twitter @DebTanTweets.

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