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[Guest Star] Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner – Rubina Tiyu

Our guest writer this week is wedding planner Rubina Tiyu. She’s the founder and principal planner of Inside the Knot, and she’s had six years of experience in planning weddings. What keeps her going is the 30 seconds she takes at each wedding to savour how everything has come together and says that the wonderful experience of working with each happy couple is something money can’t buy. For more information, email her at 

[Pictures in this post showcase some of the weddings Rubina has planned]


Every couple who is about to walk down the aisle should consider hiring a wedding planner, be it a wedding for 20 or 1000 guests. However, the benefits of a wedding planner is still quite a bit of a mystery to many people.

 The obvious reasons for hiring one is to save time for the busy couple and to get someone to share the stressful burden. But here are some other reasons that maybe you have never considered …

 We Have Walked Down The Aisle Many Times66077_516093678449078_346870557_n

For me, every time I plan  a wedding, it’s another aisle I have to walk down with the couple. We see the possibilities, the opportunities, the plan B should something go wrong. We can anticipate problems because we have dealt with them many times before, and can come up with a solution at the tips of our fingers. Not only that, we know the best people to work with, as well as the most cost-efficient way to make things work. To me, nothing’s impossible or too crazy.

We Are Detail-Oriented

Everyone wants their dream wedding and that’s what I hope to give to each couple that I work with. The big picture is yours to envision, but to paint that picture, the wedding planner can help you with the colours, the brushes and the strokes that makes it uniquely yours. We make sure every single detail is sorted, whether it’s the mask you use the night before for radiant skin in the morning or to arrange for the cake you might missed at the reception to be delivered to your suite for your supper … We have considered every minute detail; even that extra black pen for your marriage certificate. Just in case!

We Can Help You Save Money

Even a few of my friends think it’s ridiculous when I say we help couples save money. And it’s true that most people see hiring a wedding planner as an extra cost. Nothing can be further from the truth. Hiring a wedding planner will go a long way in saving you money … How? 

Well, we’ll advise you not to buy that ridiculously expensive metal tree for your well wisher’ cards. Instead, rent them for your florist or decorator. It’s not just cheaper, but you also won’t be stuck with an item you’ll never use again after your wedding. We will also be able to advise you on what IS worth investing in … from the right photographer, down to the hand bouquet. That way, you’ll save time and money and are able to focus on what’s truly important – like buying a house and the cost of raising a family. After all, your wedding day is just the first day of the rest of your life.



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